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  • The Glow Up Guide
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    Self love, and Self Care. Self-explanatory title. Original work.

  • 𝔾𝕚𝕣𝕝'𝕤 𝔾𝕦𝕚𝕕𝕖 🌻🦋
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    💎 Lifestyle advice 💎 How-tos 💎 Beauty tips 💎 Mental health advice 💎 Self-care advice

  • 🌿💕 Girl tips/things 💕🌿
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    Tips, tricks and things to do ❤️ Includes: •Mixed Angels Series •Every Day December •Quotes •Recipes •Starbucks Orders •DIYs •Phone Wallpapers

  • How To Be The Baddest Bitch
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    This book is just gonna be tips and advice on everything you need to know to become a baddie. If you want me to write about anything leave it in the comments below. Thanks, x

  • Glow Up Guide
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    This book will consist of life advice, health, fashion, glow up tips, quotes, self care, and more. I hope you, the reader, enjoy this book. Let's spread love and positivity, girls! We are always bringing each other down, it's time we lift each other up! Also this book will contain my OPINIONS and my thoughts so yeah.

  • glow up
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    hey guyss today am going to tell you how to glow up • • • • hope you enjoyy!! • • • please vote and follow mee!!

  • GLOW UP!
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    a guide to life chapters on how to get your life together, self care, self love, adulting and spirituality - enjoy!

  • African Girl Guide
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    Melanin Natural hair Self care And all the things you beautiful ladies love to talk about This guide is uniquely for you /////////////////// There's a new version of this book. It's called 'Black is Beautiful'. You can find it on my profile and this is the link:

  • Melanin ( Self Care, glo, self love )
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    So I know a lot of us black womans out there looking for some skin care products or tip. I've looked so many places on wattpad and couldn't find what I liked so I decided to create my own. This are some products and tips for you skin oily, dry, sensitive all types for my ladies

  • A Girl's Guide To Pretty Much Everything
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    Here is the Girl's Guide To Pretty Much Everything. Here is how to feel strong, powerful, clean, beautiful, and confident. Also to get heathy, glo up, and just have a great life! My beautiful cover was made by: @Strip_That_Down A lot of these I found from different stories, Pinterest, and online. But a few are my...