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  • The Wine in Your Thoughts
    52.2K 486 100

    A compilation of contemporary poetry book with a mix of random thoughts and scenarios. Enjoy reading. All written in this book is product of my imagination and feelings. Any similarities might be just coincidence. Any part of this work and as a whole cannot be copied or reproduce in any form without the permission...

  • Where memories live
    32.9K 936 83

    Do our memories even exist? We make them but it doesn't last forever. Where do our memories go? Is there a certain place where they can live forever and never forgotten? Our mind and heart are connected to each other. We love to remember things, the best and even the worst memories, it is undeniable. We express ou...

  • From My Mind To Yours
    1.5K 244 82

    WARNING DO NOT READ IF YOU BECOME EASILY SAD These are depressing poems. I advise you to not read them if you are young or your heart strings can be easily pulled.

  • Things I Wish I Could Tell You (Poetry and Prose)
    28.2K 977 25

    I look at you with empty eyes from across the crowdy room. I never spoke when I was with you, and for a long time I hid from that quiet disguise. Little did you know I cried under the rain, and I sang with our song. When I'm alone I think of you, I think of the thoughts I wanted to tell you, the words that twisted my...

  • A Graveyard Of Words
    85.1K 4.1K 58

    A poetry collection ------------------- My words will just die without having been read My voice will only be swallowed by the cavern of thoughts without leaving an echo My stories will cease to exist. COMPLETED. ©bil garcia/ flightywords

  • To him, the waves (Poetry and Prose)
    11.7K 421 20

    May the sea bring us back. Book 3 of my first poetry series For more books like this, follow @Licornesses.

  • Poetic archives
    12.5K 636 65

    THE WINNER OF #ZODIACAWARDS2020 IN CATEGORY "POETRY" "But have you ever thought what makes you feel alive? That gentle ache when we are happy It makes us human beings." Hi everyone! Here you can see some of my art. These writings help me learn my inner self and the world around me. So I hope you'll enjoy it🖤