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  • Euphoria || Bunny
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    (A Spin off To My Creek Fanfic : Astounded ) It's been a year since the reckless souls of South Park graduated. Everyone has gone off to college. Whether its a few cities away or a few states away. Everyone has a new beginning. Except two blonde teens. Butters, a warmhearted nineteen year old who is trapped in his fam...

  • Genderbent Southpark! (Request Open)
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  • If lies could be read
    1.5K 149 15

    Clyde Donovan knows what he is no one else does people think he is a fuck boy, a popular kid a bit of a trouble maker but no..... he knows he is a crybaby. He always has been but he hides it he has every reason to cry to be emotional but he can't open up how could he? There are certain rules to being the it boy he d...

  • Out and about (Tyde) South Park
    1.8K 44 3

    This is just some tyde in high school Im assuming everyone knows but just to make sure: These Are Not My Characters, They Are Owned by South Park

  • butters x jimmy shit because this is smut, UVE BEEN WARNED
    254 3 1

    this shit was for my gf because she was sad that there was no jitters smut on the internet and I'm guessing shes like horny as fuck so let's fucking go! WOO!!!

  • To Treat a Friend
    404 36 4

    It was 9 years ago i met them all.. When i met him. It's been a few weeks since we moved here, and only been a few hours since the incident. And for some reason.. they're all i can think of. This story is based on my South Park comic AU!! Drawing everything has been getting exhausting and I know I write better then dr...

  • A Group Of Misfits (South Park Twenny)
    754 43 3

    When Tweek and Craig broke up, it left Tweek in a lonely place for a while. What happens when two certain dark haired fellows come and befriend him? 2/? Chapters completed. THIS IS NOT A CREEK BOOK BTW. ITS TWENNY. Go ahead and read. :)

  • One Huggable Guy
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    --Part Two to One Lovable Guy-- Being a teenager is awful in its self, but being with your lover makes it so much better! Especially when your bae gives you lots of hugs. That is unless your lover seems to be in another life...

  • Fuck You and Your Little Pussy Friends RE-MAKE
    3.2K 115 4

    you already know the description and I'm lazy

  • Tyde (Token x Clyde) - An Awkward Encounter
    753 40 3

    What does it feel like to fall in love with a straight boy? Devastating, Heart-breaking, Utter turmoil. It's even worse when his eyes are stars that pierce through your heart. (REWRITE!!!)

  • Please, notice me (ON HOLD) (WendyxBebe){B3 in the sp highschool series}
    4.3K 258 17

    -third book from the sp high school series- Wendy has brought her feelings for Bebe to the surface. she has admitted to herself that this is more then a crush. she wants Bebe to notice her. but Bebe is straight, right?

  • The Light At The End Of The Tunnel- Tyde(DISCONTINUED)
    14.4K 358 11

    Clyde is an absolute mess. He has problems at home, eating problems, and is a big crybaby to everyone. Token is the complete opposite. He has straight A's and his whole future planned out. What'll the two do when they realize they've fallen quite hard for each other? Warning: Abuse and eating disorders

  • The Act of Healing: A South Park Fanfiction
    2.3K 36 4

    Because of how he was treated by his family and friends in his childhood, Butters committed suicide before the end of eighth grade. In his note he cited four people that contributed most to his suicide: Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny. The town was never the same. Two-and-a-half years later, Mr. Garrison’s fourth gra...

  • Wrong Number || Creek ✔
    169K 5K 70

    An unknown number and a few messages later = true love... There seems to be a few steps missing but we will get there, read the story to find out TOP RANKINGS: 1# Creek 1# SouthPark

    Completed   Mature
  • Clyde X Taco
    118 12 1

    I don't even know anymore. This was just a random idea in my head. DON'T QUESTION ME PLEASE ;w; The cover is not mine, it's by MyooM on DA :3 I don't own South Park, Clyde, or his taco (Or any other characters referenced here)

  • All Our Little Secrets {Completed/Being Edited}
    228K 11.3K 32

    While on a field trip, South Park High School's school bus skids on some ice and falls into the deep caves of the Colorado rockies. With no way out and the driver dead they lose all hope of every finding a way out or getting found. No food, No water, just all of the students are their own little tales as they all acce...

  • No Homo (Stan x Kyle)- South Park
    124 4 1

    "no homo tho right?" "it's not gay if you're wearing socks." This fanfiction will including foul language, LGBT+ stuff, some sexual reference (though nothing too detailed) and some dark topics, but this should be a normal thing for a South Park fan. Super Best Friends, but is that really true? Is that all Stan and Kyl...

  • I Kissed A Girl - Bendy (Bebe x Wendy)
    12 2 1

    My head feels so confused...

  • I hate to love you...
    102 3 1

    Clyde and Bebe have finally broken up. Feeling bad for his long time friend, Craig tries to cheer him up. But, as time goes by, their feelings for eachother become more noticeable

  • The Arts of being a Groom
    12.4K 340 12

    The marriage of Kenny McCormick and Butters Scotch is on the way. This is the day that Butters been waiting for. Nothing can possibly ruin it...right? ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ •Possible bad grammar •Late on updates •BOY X BOY •Lots of sex and possibly violence Basically if you're a grammar naxi, DON'T READ! If you don't like la...

  • Choices (South Park) {Craig Tucker}
    1.6K 88 3

    In which Craig Tucker has newly arrived in South Park, is newly attending South Park's only high school and is ready for a very mundane few years. Or, is he? A story told in only Craig's perspective, in which you decide how his new life in a new town plays out. Will it be boring? Perhaps. Will it be exciting? It's up...

  • The Arts of being a Run Away ✔️
    23.5K 796 13

    The continuing story of the pimp and his brave boyfriend, running away from Colorado and into Missouri. Safe from Cartman, the police, and hurtful eyes. Or at least they think they are. Will Cartman kill Butters like he planned, or will Cartman get what he deserves? ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ •Possible bad grammar •Late on updates...

  • South Park Group Chat
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    Cover is not mine

  • The Arts of being a Prostitute ✔️
    73.8K 2.1K 20

    Kenny McCormick needed a new girl for his prostitution business. Once "Marjorine" comes into the picture, his life was changed. Butters Scotch was bullied in high school for wearing high heels or dresses. But the only person that supported him was Kenny McCormick. Once he sees that the love of his life since high sch...

  • Imperfection
    54 6 2

    Cartman was happy. He was happy to have someone who cared about him as much as he cared about himself. And Kyle was happy too, at least, he was happy to have Cartman in his life. He wasn't happy, however with himself. He hated the way he looked. He hated his flabby arms, bulging stomach and thunder thighs. The truth w...

  • That Fluttering Feeling [South Park - Cryde {Craig x Clyde)]
    315 9 1

    The first time Craig knew he was in love with Clyde was when they went to a water park together. Craig was not having a good time. Craig really hated the waterslides, but Clyde was determined to get him to go down one.

  • Bully~Tweek x Craig (creek)
    608K 17.4K 21

    Craig was always the bully. Tweek was always the victim. What will happen if these two get paired in a project? (They are 16 in this fanfic!!)

  • Astounded || Creek ✓
    11.3K 338 15

    Tweek, a 4.0 student-athlete. All honors, a part of ASB, even in varsity cheer. He walks down the hall with his high-waisted pleated skirts and his oversized cardigans with his boyfriend. Craig, a 2.0 range GPA. Hardly in class, a part of baseball. Baseball season was the only time he would actually try his best in s...

  • Tweek x Butters: You're not alone
    3.9K 79 7

    When Tweek is left feeling like his life has no meaning, he finds comfort from a very strange source.... will one night change his life for ever? Or even for the better? Read to find out more! In this they are both 17 years of age. Tweek is older and taller than the younger and much smaller blonde. expect a lot... wel...

  • Tyde (Clyde x Token) Pics
    19.3K 365 8

    Cute Tyde (Clyde x Token) pics. I don't own any of these pictures.