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  • The Choir Nerd
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    Camila Cabello has been in her school's choir ever since middle school. Now, in high school, she's one of the best singers around. She isn't close friends with anyone other than her best friend, Ally, but everyone knows her as none other than, The Choir Nerd. She's kinda shy, and not many people even know her name...

  • Instagram (Camren)
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    It happened like magic

  • Wrong - Camren
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    Unknown - Hey daddy ;) You - WHAT?

  • green ➸ camren
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    THIRD BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES By now, Camila and Lauren both know to expect the unexpected. But you can never be prepared, especially when their lives take a turn in a completely different direction. The couple finds themselves faced with challenges they never thought they'd encounter. Growing up is hard to do. High...

  • blue ➸ camren
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    SECOND BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES After a long and lengthy journey, Lauren finally believes she and Camila have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. But when the past comes back to haunt them, they find themselves in a completely new playing field. Change suddenly begins to overtake them, in more ways than one. ...

  • yellow ➸ camren
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    FIRST BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren's private texts in front of the whole cafeteria, forcing her out of the closet. Lauren left for New York with her three best friends the day she graduated, thi...

  • exploring sexuality | camren
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    two friends- camila and lauren begin noticing things about each other. things that are wrong, but also, things that are right. they get curious. cover by @SLOTHTATO

  • If I Were A Boy (camren)
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    Lauren Jauregui has had a crush on her fellow band member, Camila Cabello for a while now. Still friends, they have gradually grown very distant. One night, Lauren is up late playing a casual game of Truth or Dare; until one dare sends her life completely out of control. © copyright, 2014

  • omegle {camren}
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    You and a stranger are now talking. Say hi!

  • LJ10
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    Sequel to CC7

  • CC7
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    Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

  • Daddy's Little Girl
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    Camila Cabello: rich, popular, and a daddy's girl, well in front of her parents she is. To everyone else she's the hot leabian that flirts with every girl, especially with the captain of the girls basketball team.

  • My Brother's Girlfriend (Camren)
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    Lauren is known in her town as the 'cool lesbian'. Her friends and family all except her, but Chris is a bit iffy about it. Ever since Lauren came out, Lauren has managed to scare off or even "woo" Chris' dates and sometimes even his girlfriends with her flirtatious ways. Summer is coming up and Chris wants nothing mo...

  • The Cabello Twins ||CAMREN
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    I don't want to think. Everybody is thinking about school, grades or the next test, but I'm here thinking about the future, being lonely and suicide. I can't find the right words for my emotions. I just don't like my fucking mind, it's stacking problems up, that are so unnecessary. Why is this fucking world so confus...

  • WTF (kik camren fic)
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    in which Camila randomly messages someone to help her with her anxiety - rankings: #1 in #camren 6/30/19 #1 in #dinahjane 3/13/19 #1 in #normanikordei 4/15/19 #1 in #caminah 9/8/19 #1 in #camcy 5/5/19