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  • glaciershipping the prince
    2.3K 31 8

    I do not own any of the characters this is also my first story hope you like it. Will take forever to read. Writing schedule? What is that.

  • Love At First Sight
    37.4K 1.7K 44

    ~ Hi this is kittykat1065 (Savannah M.). This is my first time writing a book on Wattpad so please do not hate. thank you~ A seventeen year old boy named Zane Julian lives in the city of Ninjago. He lives with the ninjas Cole, Jay, Kai, and Lloyd. He also lives with Nya and Sensei Wu. What everyone did not know that Z...

  • Glacier Frost: A Glaciershipping Fanfiction
    20.2K 679 23

    This is set in season 2 and is an AU where like everything is the same but there are some important changes to some characters and plotlines. Also, Trigger Warning! This book has: Self Harm Suicidal Thoughts Self Doubt Hinted Nonconsensual Sex BTW if you don't know Glaciershipping is the ship of Cole and Zane from Nin...

  • The Creature Underneath|Glacier Story|
    22K 953 17

    |Collaboration Story| Cole was afraid. Afraid of what his teammates would think of him. He hides his wings in his hoodie or Ninja Gi everyday never getting free time to let them get some fresh air. {Odd Chapters are made by M_Star} {Even Chapters are made by AGlacierShipper}

  • Why Am I Like This?
    13.6K 367 14

    Adventure, Angst and fluff. Zane loves Cole and Cole loves Zane..... But Zane hates himself. Bottling up his feeling everyone starts to worry. The overlord is back and wait.... He has a secret!?!

  • please don't bite///Glacier
    1.9K 36 5

    Three part songfic about Glacier from my Ninjago Oneshots book

  • The End of All
    4.1K 128 13

    After Lord Garmadon's defeat, a new evil rises. Set after the first few parts-before Ninjago City. A re-write of an old fic, hopefully I'll complete it in this lifetime... Comments will help keep the motivation motor running.

  • Together Forever? (Glacier)
    2.2K 65 5

    What if Cole loses Zane? or Zane loses Cole. through devastating trials trying to keep them apart for together they are steonger and can bring light to this cruel world. (Zane being Human) Zane at first felt suicidal finding out his life was a lie. this brought the first trial as he seprated himself from the world cl...

  • Ninjago Cole x Zane (the Lego Ninjago movie)
    11K 170 23

    Zane is a new student at ninjago high, but when a boy named Cole meets him things change, Cole begins to have feelings for the boy, Will cole confess to Zane that he likes him or will things go south, just read and find out

  • Being Different
    2.8K 126 14

    *this story is under renovation!* ( previously titled Neko Zane) After a mission went wrong the ninja found out that Zane is a neko! Will Zane turn back to normal or he will stay as a neko forever? And there might be love in some chapters and some twists in the story! And it's better than the summary. Warning: early c...

  • Its Over Now
    1.8K 86 6

    Cole is running with this mysterious baby he found in the SOG HQ. (This was before he knew it was Wu)

    13.9K 413 15

    4k reads? Wot-- this story is garbage- HhHhHH there needs to be more Zane angst out there so now I shall yeet it into existence. This has glaciershipping because that is my life. Zane has been the one who helps the group. He helps Kai with his temper, he helps Jay with his anxiety attacks, he assists Lloyd whenever s...

  • I'll Be Here (Glaciershipping Comic)
    9.7K 404 10

    TW: This comic contains a major character death, and references 9/11. Please do not read if you are sensitive to these things. ~ Small glaciershipping comic based off the song I'll Be Here from Ordinary Days. If you haven't heard the song before, don't listen to it because it will spoil everything. And if you have hea...

  • Heart Beats: Glacier Ship (Cole x Zane) - Ninjago
    12.3K 307 7

    ⚠️WARNING!! CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE AND KISSES AND MOST LIKELY MAKEOUTS!! ⚠️ Wowowowwowow I'm making another one!?!?! Hi, sorry that I haven't updated the others. Reason being, I really, really hate them! I was reading them and I just, cringed at how bad it was, from the characters not being portrayed in the right ligh...

  • Darkness Returns
    1.6K 83 20

    A Heart Between Us 2: A dark cloud appears in Ninjago City casting deadly things to come for the Ninja. But Zane and Cole with their adopted daughter Kairi are on the run.

  • The gang leader......
    5K 128 9

    Hello. This is my first story so please don't hate. Cole is the leader of the most powerful gang besides the ninja. In this story Cole is not a ninja. But what if the strongest gang leader fel in love with on of the ninja? (This is a Glaciershipping story)

  • A Heart Between Us
    5.8K 272 17

    While busting a slavery auction Cole accidentally purchases a very young slave. Zane agrees that it would be best to take care of the young girl. They know what they're doing...what could possibly go wrong?

  • A Valentine's to Remember|Glaciershipping|ONESHOT|FINISHED
    1K 36 1

    VALENTINES SPECIAL It was almost Valentine's day and Cole had no idea what to get his perfect boyfriend Zane. Obviously Cole knew that Zane would be pleased with anything, but he didn't want to get Zane ANYTHING. Nya mentions something Cole might take to consideration.

  • Not Human {GlacierShipping}
    14.8K 497 9

    Ninjago High ---------- HS AU ---------- After everyone knew Lloyd Garmadon was the green ninja, The bullies of the school found a new target. After weeks of being pushed around, bullied and insulted by a new cheerleader, Chase, Zane has hidden from the others and kept to himself, worrying his friends. When...

  • Ninjago One Shots
    372 8 2

    Hi! Welcome to my book! The requests are open so please ask away. Sorry but no oc's or reader x character. Some ships that you will find in this book are... Plasmashipping (Kai x Jay) Jaya (Nya x Jay) Technoshipping (Jay x Zane) Glaciershipping (Cole x Zane) Oppositeshipping (Zane x Kai) Bruiseshipping (Jay x Cole) ...

  • Always Us (A Glaciershipping Fanfiction)
    9.1K 345 8

    In the beginning of their journeys of becoming ninja, it has always been Zane and Cole. They were the closest. They understood each other the most. They were always one. Cole guessed he always knew they were perfect for each other deep down, but love works in mysterious ways. #1 in glacier (November 20th, 2020) #4 in...

  • Glacier: Cole X Zane- Ninjago
    111K 2.4K 42

    Doing this for contest and I also really love this ship *WARNING MAY CONTAIN LEMONS AND LOTS OF NAUGHTY WORDS* This is not them as legos, it's them as humans and also ninjroids. Please don't comment "you misspelled Kai's name! " because I understand that I did. I was really young when I wrote this and I made a lot of...

  • Permanfrostic Heart Melter
    3.6K 93 11

    This book is about Cole x Zane. I'll do one of these with all of the ninja. I don't know for sure about Nya, but I'll see. This is the first one because I say the cutest fan art for these two. I'll put these on the chapters and if you made or know you made it, then please tell me and I'll give you/them credit.

  • Skating? NO WAY!
    801 37 2

    When Zane's partner, and girlfriend, Pixal, leaves and betrays him a few months before the International Skating Championships, Zane's left with only a few months to find a new partner, and create a new routine. But when he goes to the ice skating ring one late night, he finds someone skating by themselves, and he com...

  • I'm... Sorry... My... Fellow... Friends (A Ninjago story)
    17.7K 555 42

    Zane has anxiety and hides it from his friends! Nya finds out and gets worried! Will he ever tell the Ninja?

  • What's Wrong...|Cole x Zane|Glacier Ninjago|FINISHED
    42.3K 1K 32

    WARNING THIS IS AN OLD BOOK/FIRST BOOK. THE REMAKE IS ON MY ACCOUNT :D Cole paid a lot of attention to the quiet boy, Zane. He never talked often and was very secretive and artistic. What happens whenever the three boys find out something deep about Zane? How would it affect the insecure boy. And how would it end up...

  • Ignoring Zane for a Week|Glacier Short|FINISHED
    7.2K 270 5

    ZANE IS HUMAN The ninja were playing truth or dare, excluding Zane. Whenever Jay dares Cole to ignore his boyfriend for a week, Cole was quick to deny. Jay being Jay put a price on the line. Cole hesitated before agreeing to his terms. What will happen if Cole ignores Zane for a WHOLE WEEK?! |#1 In Glacier| |#1 In Gla...

  • World of Cryo-Terra (GlacierShipping)
    3.9K 118 12

    A frozen beach with icy waters. A dark secret kept from the humans. A new world to ocean folk. A prophecy for a child to defeat a slumbering darkness. Two beings from either world meet one day. One born of Earth. One born of Ice. The future they create with the Elemental Masters is Cryo-Terra. Follow their adventure a...

    3.4K 157 6

    What struck Cole was the broken look in his eyes. They looked so lost and helpless that it hurt him to look at them. He knew that he shouldn't meddle with others but he couldn't help himself. He made a silent vow that he would help the boy at all cost. He knew what it felt like after all.

  • Ninjago Dares and Ask with Zane and Cole
    3K 87 41

    Ask a Dare or ask them questions for Zane and Cole