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  • The Crystal Dog
    226 69 17

    A girl gets a dog that has a secret. And together they protect Mezelea!

  • Impossible - KOTLC Fanfiction
    19.3K 1.2K 56

    PLEASE NOTE - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THE KOLTC BOOKS; THIS CAN BE READ ALONE. But, of course, there will be spoilers but I WILL try to limit it. ------------------------- *I've tried to keep this book as close as it can to the real Keeper books, but I am not Shannon Messenger, but, hey, I tried* Following the sixth...

  • The Golden Cove || ✔
    91 11 1

    ━ Completed ✔ A very interesting fairytale, don't you think?

  • Querencia || Inactive
    159 39 9

    Querencia || Inactive [kɛˈrɛnθɪə,Spanish keˈrenθja,keˈrensja/] (n.) ❝a place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self ❞

  • Gemstone Graphics 1# || ✔
    4.1K 954 150

    ❝ Artists are simple people with a complex mind, ❞ ━ Completed ✔ ━ A graphic portfolio ━ First book ━ A place where I showcase my amateur graphics ━ Requests are closed here ♡

  • Teenage Werewolf
    1.8K 240 24

    Britney Gayle was the most popular girl on the block. She used to rule the halls of her high school, Westday High. At least, she used to. Ever since the day she found out she had dog ears, everyone started calling her 'Dog Girl' and teased the former Queen Bee non stop. But then Britney finds out that those hideous e...

  • My Diary
    76 2 6

    Tasha's diary of a teenage girl's life. ( place names are real but people are fake )

  • The Dragon
    90 7 6

    About a girl who befriended a dragon and persuaded her dreams.

  • Year 6062
    339 57 18

    *I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WROTE THE BOOK* Two girls on a rescue mission, risking everything. Alexa Squddiligus will do anything to save all the aliens. Sophie Mc.Cragger will do anything to foil her father's plans. In the end, both of them are made for each other, or are they? *THIS BOOK HAS A LITTLE KOTLC INSIDE...

  • Avia Academy [Year One]
    8K 710 16

    ☾Water shapes us. ✩Air moves us. ☼Fire tests us. ❀Earth heals us. 《The Elemei Saga. Year One, COMPLETE. Year Two, REWRITE SOON.》 FEATURED: Quick Reads Reading List @Fantasy

  • Robinson Hills
    943 137 25

    *I am not the only one who wrote this* (Also by @jadetwinkle24 and @SilverSwan_676!) -------------------------------- As first-formers Laura Jones and Bridget Watsons settle in to their new school, they uncover some of the school's deepest secrets. Could Robinson Hills really be magical? But as things get more comp...