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  • Symbiotic Love
    4.2K 139 3

    Kyoka Jiro has been betrayed by her friends and on her way to prison something happens that will change her life forever. Read too find out

  • Duo Leveling
    3.5K 74 4

    MHA X Solo Leveling, a story I have been wanting to write for a while. So first of all... you know what I won't explain anything you'll just have to read it to find out.

  • Green Warhammer (An Bnha x Aot Crossover) (Izujiro)
    876 19 3

    After All Might tells Izuku that he can't be a hero, he follows Bakugo's advice and falls into enternal darkness unknown to him after he falls an Lady wearing a black and white dress took him to her house that will change his life forever. (In my story To pass the power of the titans the previous shifter must put thei...

  • Broken body, full heart (izukyo)
    4.8K 142 3

    Howdy This is a collab with a friend of mine and their name is @Kyokajirochan aka Author-Chan What would you do if someone gave up on their dreams for your sake that is the question kyoka jiro is asking herself .

  • Thanks to You
    2K 49 1

    It's Midoriya's birthday and Jirou and Eri have a surprise for him. Oneshot. Art is not mine: Credits to the true owner