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  • Gate: Thus Line Ark Fought There
    6.2K 97 8

    Reuploaded from my account at, cover art by MISSLE228

  • Quirk: Aerial Supremacy
    38.5K 855 9

    Some quirks are ment to rule the skies. Izumi Midoriya has been blessed with one such quirk, this is her story of her journey to become an Ace Hero

  • Azur Lane a FanFic
    83.2K 1.2K 43

    The story revolves around a naval commander, who valiantly gave up his life to protect his sailors and his country, ending a war that could have spread to a nuclear level. With no regret in his heart he submits himself to the unknown deep. Little did he know he was about to uncover the truth of death. The first thing...

  • Midway (An Ent1610's Fanfiction) [Slow Update]
    41.3K 430 14

    USS Midway and USS Franklin. D. Roosevelt (F.D.R) was on their way to Scapa Flow when they were sunk by the Sirens and transported to Azur Lane. What lies ahead on their journey in this new world?

  • Magnetic Martyr (Texas x OC) (Arknights)
    386 11 2

    Kaleb, better known as Operator Spark, is a sniper for Karlan Commercial. When his boss, SilverAsh, tells him he's got a new contract with the Rhode Island pharmaceutical company. Kaleb never expected to find love in a world devoid of hope, but a certain Lupo girl he met ended up changing his life for the better. I o...

  • The Clemenceau (Reader x Azur Lane)
    33.1K 461 13

    The Clemenceau was a ship who was designed to become the succesor of the battleship Richelieu-Class. He was created but instead of being a shipgirl, it was a shipboy. But Iris Orthodoxy keep him and he was powerful. He is the brother of the two Richelieu-class, Richelieu and Jean Bart. But the nation split into two ot...

  • Until It Is Done: Highschool DxD x Male Reader [COMPLETED]
    220K 3.7K 23

    Many years ago, one man stood against the hordes And those who knew the bite of his blade Named him, the Doom Slayer. But he disappeared And now, it's time for him to come back.

  • Doom Slayer Male Reader x High School DxD
    325K 3.7K 32

    After being betrayed by Dr Samuel Hayden (y/n) finds them self in a universe without Argent without Demons but this new world has Devils

    Completed   Mature
  • Tier X ( World Of Warship x Azur Lane)
    10.7K 138 6

    The shipgirls, the creation of the humanity to counter the Sirens. The humanity thought the ship could be only girls so one day when they created 7 powerful battleship, they were shock to see, they were boys instead of girls. Be different of the others bring them closer and the girls of each factions get love with the...

  • The 8th Servant (Fate UBW x Male Reader)
    20.8K 372 6

    When a mysterious 8th servant appears in the Holy Grail War, something that shouldn't be possible, things are bound to change. What will happen to y/n and how will he affect the story? Read to find out. I don't own anything.

  • Sinnoh Shenanigans! (Pokémon x Male Reader)
    125K 2K 22

    I got bored and decided to make a Pokémon story. Obviously it's in the Sinnoh Region, because that's where ya boi started! Oh and if you guys want, once this book's finished, we can move onto different Regions.

  • To Change the Fate ( Fate : Grand Order x Male!Reader )
    17.3K 301 5

    Summoned as a Servant means a Holy Grail War but not this time. A young mage from Chaldea has to stop the end of humanity by moving back in time and stopping catastrophies that suddenly occured in them. However, she can't do it alone and has to summon Servants in order to aid her in her quest of salvation. Unknown to...

  • Fate zero x male child reader (discontinued)
    67.2K 1.3K 16

    Y/N is the child of kiritsugu and irisviel. Born with a special phenomenon where he gains the powers of a hero he works with his parents to fight in the holy grail. In this story he'll go through pain and suffering as he sees what the holy really causes (This is the first book that will have Y/N, I'm planning to keep...

  • Fate/Grand Shenanigans: Orleans Antics
    88.3K 2.2K 11

    Y/n L/n is back and better than ever. In the aftermath of the Fifth holy grail war, he was injured by an explosion and taken to a hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma. Now He's awakened in a strange place. Chaldea. How will he react to his surroundings? And how will he handle his new adventures...

    Completed   Mature
  • Got Isekai, which is great. (Reader X Azur Lane)
    24.8K 416 20

    Just another innocent young guy got Isekai. Into Azur Lane world, one of his favorite game.

  • The Roaring Falcon male reader x azur lane
    22.5K 229 15

    you are the first male ship to exist created by the eagle union to help protect humans from sirens with your advancements in planes and weapons you will protect those people in need a/n if you couldn't already tell from most of my stories I like anime (I only like watching mostly I have a few games like DBL and dokka...

  • Azur Lane: An Inventor going to Another World
    17.1K 300 10

    Jutsu (or Y/N) is a inventor that works for a living back in his old world. But what happens when one of his inventions he is working one gives him a shocking experience, killing him, and getting a chance to reincarnate in another world? My first ever fan fiction here. I have seen lots of Azur Lane fanfics, got inspir...

  • Storm Fortress Class (Azur Lane x Male reader)
    25.9K 405 13

    5 years before the Split. The Leaders had a Meeting. They plan on building a Ship capable of finishing this war. The Royal Navy volunteered to build it, supplied by resources from all around the world. Even though the construction was stopped, He disappeared. The Sirens took advantage of the Conflict and took him. And...

  • Sunk But Not Killed (Azur Lane Fanfic)
    16K 211 7

    A carrier from a different parallel universe gets teleported into the Azur Lane universe, will he join the forces of Good? Or will he join the forces of Evil?

  • Azur lane X OP Male reader
    149K 1.7K 44

    (Y/N) was the second subbattlecarrier to ever build in the world by the Philippines Author note: this is my first ever book so please be gentle with me also I'm using a phone so be gentle

    Completed   Mature
  • Kestrel's Journey
    35.8K 410 26

    After the sunk of the OFS Kestrel. He was given a second chance to revive in the world of Azur Lane. What will he do? Can he save all the ship girls, even from both sides? Find out by reading this story. Note: All pictures that I do not own them. It was owned by Azur Lane and Project Aces.

  • The two floating giants travels to Azur lane (Cancelled)
    30.4K 353 10

    In the year of 2022 The two most powerful nations in the world The United States of America and The Republic of the Philippines decided to work together in building their first nuclear powered battlecarriers, BRP Cebu and USS Montana will be the first batch of creating the world's most strongest, the most powerful and...

  • Fate/Stay Mamono
    31.6K 614 13

    Let's just say.... Zelretch is the one to blame. Test fic

  • Phantasmal Quintuplets
    5.9K 175 2

    Zelretch paid me.

    12.1K 203 10

    ***NON-CANON FICTION STORY FROM BOTH STORIES*** A story of a man who has amnesia has to become a Doctor who will lead a group of infected people to fight for a better world.

  • A Veteran's Affair
    9.4K 193 13

    A veteran gets recalled to service but instead of going to the frontlines again, he gets employed by the International Tankery Association for unknown reasons.

  • A Dog's Senshado Tale
    6.8K 96 11

    My name is Achilles, I am a seven year old German Shepherd who is retired from the United States Marine Corps. This is my story with my new adopted family at Ooarai High. I don't own Girls und Panzer, all rights reserved.

  • Coming Out of Her Shell (Darjeeling, Girls und Panzer)
    25.8K 299 8

    A close friend causes Darjeeling to question whether or not she should act so proper... FYI this is a Darjeeling and reader story.