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  • Second Ruination
    438 103 3

    [Flash Fiction] When people die, they are transported to the event that ultimately caused their death. For Maci, that is just a ridiculous belief, including reincarnation and life after death. One day, she was hit by a car and sent twelve years from the past. Making her unknowingly had the chance to live once over...

  • Imagination Station
    2.1K 1.2K 17

    [Compilation of One Shot Stories]

  • Lethal Denouement
    329 86 3

    [One Shot] Look for the words connected to "secretive", and it will surely fit her. Then look for the words connected to "solicitious", and it will surely fit him. But suddenly, the tables have been turned when he discovered her clandestine acts. Causing their love story to have a lethal denouement. . .

  • Singular Scenery | K.TH
    769 289 6

    [Kim Taehyung Fanfiction] He is a photographer who captures every remarkable moments. She is an illustrator who also draws portraits of noteworthy people to her life. They met and shared disparate encounters. Will their story becomes a magnificent scenery? Or will only end up to singularity?

  • Starts at the End
    6.6K 3.1K 66