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  • Robinson Hills
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    *I am not the only one who wrote this* (Also by @jadetwinkle24 and @SilverSwan_676!) -------------------------------- As first-formers Laura Jones and Bridget Watsons settle in to their new school, they uncover some of the school's deepest secrets. Could Robinson Hills really be magical? But as things get more comp...

  • Year 6062
    339 57 18

    *I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WROTE THE BOOK* Two girls on a rescue mission, risking everything. Alexa Squddiligus will do anything to save all the aliens. Sophie Mc.Cragger will do anything to foil her father's plans. In the end, both of them are made for each other, or are they? *THIS BOOK HAS A LITTLE KOTLC INSIDE...

  • Teenage Werewolf
    1.7K 240 24

    Britney Gayle was the most popular girl on the block. She used to rule the halls of her high school, Westday High. At least, she used to. Ever since the day she found out she had dog ears, everyone started calling her 'Dog Girl' and teased the former Queen Bee non stop. But then Britney finds out that those hideous e...

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    Results out! Go and see!

  • Secretly Witch
    2.4K 425 25

    Alana Winters knew she was different. But when she is kidnapped and brought to a secret school for witches and wizards, she knows her life is changed forever. Alana finds that she is the most powerful witch in history, and though she has no idea what she is doing, she finds herself at the top of the witching rankings...