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  • A Hunter's vendetta
    15.4K 562 8

    (male betrayed Captain turned bloodborne hunter x Honkai Impact 3rd) this is more of an experiment book. may make it a real book. (no promises tho) ???: Y/N L/N... ???: A name... That I once knew. ???: He was a great captain, a great friend, he was someone you could count on, someone you could trust, someone who would...

  • The Blood God In Chaldea
    28.7K 886 17

    A Dsmp x Fgo crossover They came from legends. First starting from ww2, then the fall of l'manburg... now they are one. As a Servant of Chaldea, they hold power that could save or destroy the planet. I wanted to write this a long time ago but I couldn't really do it until I heard about techno's death and I wanted to d...

  • A Masters Word (Fate/Stay Night x Male Reader)
    205K 3.8K 15

    The Holy Grail wars. An intense battle to defeat other masters with your own servants. This Story centres around one human in particular. Y/n L/n. A relatively normal young man who gets thrown into the Holy Grail war against his will. I don't own the Fate Series or any of the pics used. All rights go to their respect...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ultimate Fright
    33.8K 469 12

    William Nightfall. A boy who commands some of the most terrifying creatures ever to roam the planet: The Horrors. William took himself and his monsters to the country of Japan, to find a new, more relaxing life. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, he will soon have to face the Heroes and Villains that...

  • A Foreigner Servant | Fgo x Dream Smp
    26K 701 11

    Dream died alone in solitary confinement. He wanted to die in peace but of course, he doesn't get his way. Now, I an unknown location. He stares at a orange haired girl in a room that he doesn't know. Had he became a servant? (I am still new the fate series but I will try my best to write the characters.)

  • RWBY x Corrupting male reader
    2.3K 44 5

    The world of Remnant lives in peace. while Salem and Ozpin continue to fight their war. not knowing that an old enemy has returned. I own nothing all right and art go to their respective creators all credit goes to them. this story will have mature moments, limes, lemons, gore and mind control don't read if you don't...

  • {Dream SMP} <•>The True Final Battle<•>
    55.9K 2.7K 44

    ~When Techno broke Dream out of prison, he swore the The SMP that they'll pay for everything they had done.~ ~The SMP members were already dealing with The Egg and with Dream escaping, they believe that this may be the worst time of their life.~ ~But, after Dream escaped prison, Ranboo decides to befriend Dream to fin...

  • S.C.P: Miraculous
    44.6K 786 62

    So... I had a thought: 'What if the scp foundation was in the MLB universe and got their hands on Marinette post-season 3?' This is a product of that thought! This is not a story, but a collection of headcanons and possible one-shots. feel free to suggest any scp or doctor you want Marinette to interact with! Note: th...

  • Roses and Knives
    42.7K 983 37

    A dangerous figure is coming to Paris bringing about a change that no one expected. (Marinette x Male OC)

  • Masque of the Red Rose
    8.9K 184 6

    You were as old as time and at one point you taught a bunch of people at a party in a castle about how death comes no matter the age, race, religion and many other factors before you went into hiding to rest in your cape. Centuries later, while you were sleeping, the wind took your sleeping form floating around. Meanw...

  • The Grimm's Wrath (Grimm Team RWBY X Male Reader)
    16.7K 390 6

    What happens when Ozpin sends team rwby on a suicide mission, knowing that they found out about his plans. What happens after they are revived by the enemy they sworn to defeat? Revenge? Destruction? I don't own anything but plot!

  • Rose's Dragon Twins (RWBY X Dragon Reader X Yugioh)
    1.4K 14 4

    I'm only using a few thing from Yugioh but over all this might be an easy one I'm doing it because Its been in my head for the Longest plus my mind migrates to things I like so I'm doing this if you don't like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but im going to do it anyways I also dont own Yugioh Or RWBY

  • Beacon's Bull ( RWBY X Adam Reader Harem )
    4.4K 92 4

    What if Adam went to Beacon instead of Blake and Blake stayed with the white fang. let's find out

  • Weaponized Love(Male Human Crescent Rose Reader X Harem)
    85.7K 1K 36

    Thanks To An Experiment Gone Wrong,Ruby's Scythe Crescent Rose Became Human And Views Ruby As His Mother And Only Team RWBY and JNPR Along With Ironwood,Penny,Ozpin,Glynda,Ruby and Yang's Father Are the Only Ones Who Know But as For Everyone Else..............They were Told He Is A New Student Named (Y/N)(L/N) Aka YOU...

  • worlds collide (abused male rose reader x BNHA) hiatus
    6.6K 151 29

    after getting out of an abusive house Y/N unlocks his semblance and ends up in a world of hero's vs villains but how long till the past catches up

  • rwby grimmverse x gamer male reader ( UP FOR ADOPTION)
    1.2K 13 3

    this story falls on our favorite real waif bang you power male reader will he be able to escape this world or made to serve the overlord of remnant.

  • Darkened Rose
    42.4K 524 22

    (Y/N) Rose had a normal life until his 5th birthday that's when everything went wrong... "Every villain is a hero in his own mind" -Tom Hiddleston

  • Power of the Wolf MLB Fanfic
    536 14 7

    Many have heard rumors. When the full moon rises, an unusual power rises as well. That power came from a lunar wolf. And that wolf lurks in the shadows. Even in the daylight, it roams around. Watching every living being move around, going here, going there and going everywhere. What if that power came from a mask. A m...

  • The Titan who was once a Rose (Male Godzilla Reader x RWBY)
    75.7K 1K 39

    Inspired by "From Rose to Monster" by Sansofdestruction (with permission of course) The son of Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose is lost in an attack by a mysterious creature, or so they thought (A/N): hey guys, if you're reading this then i thank you, any way i will try to update this story once or twice a day anywa...

  • A Rose's Literal Demon: RWBY x God Male Reader
    41.5K 868 16

    At first glance, Ruby Rose sounds like a pretty normal girl. In fact, she is. She has good friends, a loving family, and is on her way to be one of the best huntresses at Beacon Academy. However... there's one thing no one else knows about: She worships someone she calls her 'God'. And that God, is you.

  • Radio Demon (Alastor Male Reader x RWBY)
    23.3K 323 7

    One day a son of a famous huntsmen group was killed. He was reborn hundreds of years in the past within Hell. Now he is back and he cause some Chaos. Will his smile be the last thing the group see or will the demon's heart be tame? Stay Tuned.

  • hail to the king
    26K 317 4

    Y/n ruled all of the grimm,yes even before Salem. He was called the Grimm king. One night a group of sliver eyed warriors fought the king. All but one warrior survived but was bleeding to death. The king whatch in satisfaction as the warrior was bleeding to death.As a last resort, the warrior used the power of the sli...

  • RWBY Watches Grimm May Cry
    464K 5.1K 86

    After the events of Volume 1 of RWBY, a mysterious force that in no way was caused by Yang breaking a form of rare dust ends up spitting Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren, out into the downstairs living room of a Wattpad writer who's been rather lackluster as of late, and a Devil May Cry fan. Deciding to...

  • A Spider in Paris Season 2
    155K 5.5K 38

    Miraculous Ladybug x Male Reader Second Season The adventures continue in the city of Paris! Perhaps new friends along the way? . . . New mentors? ________________________________________________ Y/N- your name L/N- last name *I do not own Miraculous Ladybug. They are owned and produced by Zagtoon Studios & Method A...

  • Grandson of evil a RWBY story
    155K 2.1K 30

    A child of a dusty crow and the daughter of salem has a child and they want to seal his powers away like his mother. Problem is that the seal must be applied willingly. An idea was reached. Neglect him for a few years until he begs for family and make a deal with him. Seal his powers away and in exchange get the famil...

  • The True Rose ( RWBY X Male Ruby Reader )
    2.1K 40 2

    What if I told you Ruby Rose the Daughter of Summer Rose was nothing but a Nobody

  • male .exe reader x Ruby. need a savior
    9.4K 116 6

    When your mind is gone. you need someone to get it back for you

  • The Grim Reaper has a heart
    1.7K 41 10

    Death, when humanity was created a entity was created with them and this was death. He travels the earth reaping the souls of those who pass on and because of this has grown quite the reputation, a bad one. Anyone who has seen the grim reaper in his pure black cloak with skull mask run away or spout curses and he does...

  • Humans Are The True Monsters (Cheater RWBY X Astalos Male Reader X Pyrrha)
    329K 5.6K 45

    I tried. I tried to work under for my queen. Fatalis. I worked undercover for her. All for information if we could trust the humans. Th humans. The dominant species that ruled the planet of Remnant. Then inevitably I learn that they are the monsters they so call us.

    Completed   Mature