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  • The Only Girl In Boys Campus
    1.5M 60K 94

    Laurent International School, isang iskuwelahan kung saan hiwalay ang campus ng babae at lalaki. Si Jules Lenard Laurent, Isa sa mga sikat na istudyante sa LIS at ang pamilya nya ang nagmamay-ari ng LIS, kasama din sya sa section F kung saan basagulero o pwede din natin tawaging mga gangsters ang mga nasa section na i...

  • The Cold Gangster Queen.(slow Update)
    605K 16.1K 76

    'My story was ready to start but I never knew that the beginning was already the ending' - Alexa Davis Highest Rank in Action what's Hot #4 *************** ⓒ2015 by:mezmerixer

  • I am a Mafia Boss ❄(Complete)❄
    2M 35.1K 56

    " She's the first Mafia Boss, My Wife and My Queen " Ciel Kleign Copy right (2014) CREDITS TO @MizzyFantasia for the beautiful cover

  • Threatened By A Gangster [Under Revision]
    653K 17.5K 61

    [WARNING: Contains cringey stuff hihih Will edit soon] Her name is Alexandra Sophia Samaniego. At the age of 6, her parents died leaving her with her evil Aunt and cousins. At a young age, she faced problems that a normal kid can't handle but despite all that she grew up with a kind heart. Sa pagpasok nya sa Empire Ac...

  • Section E (New Generation) [COMPLETED ✔]
    1.2M 47.8K 79

    She's kind but at the same time cool, She's brave but at the same time cold, She's gorgeous but at the same time exquisite, She's special but at the same time different, She's different because she is the only one, Daniela Alvarez... The only girl among Section E What will happen? Who knows? -- You can read th...

  • Thieves of Harmony
    751K 40K 64

    COMPLETED | "She who was literally born as a mystery." Melizabeth de Vera has been cruel to the world. She was a murderer, an assassin, a thief, but no one knew about it. She was disguised. Perhaps, only the Gods knew about her. She knew that even if she's cruel, strong, and fast. She can never beat the Gods, and that...

  • [HOLD] Enchanted: The Accursed Daughter
    769K 24K 59

    ENCHANTED: The Accursed Daughter By: EmpressWinteroo #Wattys2016 Trailblazer Winner Simula noong bata pa ay nakatira na si Irine sa isang ampunan. Wala siyang ideya kung saan nga ba siya nanggaling o sino ang kanyang mga magulang. Ang matingkad at bughaw na kanang mata niya na lamang ang mistulang pinanghahawakan niya...

  • Perfect Badass Queen
    1.1M 28.8K 88

    COMPLETED Story Description: Accused and condemned as the murderer of Keizer's death, her late boyfriend, Denniese Imee Earl, who was considered as nothing but pure disappointment was sent to the States for bringing deep disgrace to her family's pride and honor. After three years of being locked in the States, as pri...

  • I Am Demon Queen
    558K 13.6K 52

    Alam kong masama ako. Pero hindi ko akalain na magagawa niya sa akin yun. Nagawa niya akong traydurin at paglaruan. Hindi ako makapaniwala na sa lahat ng ta-traydor sa akin ay siya pa. Kaya pala ganun siya umasta sa harap ko. May ibang kahulugan na pala ang lahat ng yon. Pero hindi ko hahayaang magtagumpay siya sa pi...

  • World Of Magic 1: The Mask Mistress
    208K 5.2K 68

    World made by mind, written through ideas and publish for you. Your writer, Dyl ::::::::::: Especial thanks to Amemiruko for my cover photo. Beautiful!

  • Canther Academy: Unveil The Demon
    272K 8K 45

    Have you ever tried asking youself questions that doesn't have any answers? I don't know why I keep on losing those whom I love so dearly. I don't know why I'm still here but all of them are all gone. For how long will I keep on running and fighting? What is my purpose? When will this stop? My life is a whole big mys...

  • A Night With A Mafia Boss (Season 1): The Lost Heiress
    961K 4.5K 17

    Asher Kyle Yeager | Maiccah Antarah Parker

  • Chasing in the Wild (University Series #3)
    117M 3.3M 44

    University Series #3. Sevi, the team captain of Growling Tigers, never expected to fall in love again after his first heartbreak with his bestfriend.. until he met Elyse, the spoiled cheerleader from La Salle.

    Completed   Mature
  • Class 4-6 - Book 1 (PUBLISHED ON POP FICTION 2018)
    20.4M 408K 94

    What if mapunta ka sa 'worst section' ng bagong school mo, at ang malupit .. IKAW LANG ang BABAE sa section mo! At hindi lang basta-basta ordinary section ka napunta, napunta ka sa tinatawag nilang "HELL CLASS", ang CLASS 4-6. At hindi lang yon, makikilala mo pa ang CLASS PRESIDENT nilang UBOD NG GWAPO (oo! Kahi...

  • The Beauty is an Amazon
    1.1M 21K 68

    She thinks she is not good enough for him... but he says how can she say what is good for him if she is the best for him? How can you make someone stay? If she keeps on thinking that you are better off without her? But one thing is certain... a beast needs his beauty.

  • Nerdy Delinquency
    896K 36.1K 69

    Queen Helena Cruz is a delinquent and a bully. Ang katagang pasaway, basagulera, matigas ang ulo, rebelde ay di sasapat bilang deskripsyon sa kanya. She's a devil spawn from hell---untamed, unashamed and unruly. She's living life freely on her own in America pero gulat nalang niya ng pauwiin siya ng magulang niya sa...

  • The Badass Quadruplets
    2M 54K 71

    "We don't need to be good cause we're happy to be badass. We don't need to pretend cause we are born to be the leaders of Yeoun Clan. We are the so called Demon Quadruplets. So don't you ever try to mess up with us or you will experience the HELL in your life." - Yeoun Siblings "A BAD GIRL is only as bad as the world...

  • Lost Academy
    12.8M 362K 116

    Exle Asper Rij is a 17-year old straight A student in her high school. Her grades and attitude towards studying allowed her to be accepted in an international school for her Senior High. Having the acceptance letter at hand, she plotted her dreams in the future. However, things changed when the supposed international...

  • The Heiress (WATTYS 2017 PANALO) [COMPLETED]
    132K 2K 32

    [COMPLETED] Hatred. Love. Lies. Acceptance. STARTED: 03/13/17 FIN: 04/10/18

  • Taming The Beast (Ruthless Series #1)
    737K 9.8K 51

    Leviathan Agatha Rivas, the girl who loves her self so much. She believe that she can tame anyone and no one can resist her charm. Simula noong araw na iyon ipinangako nya sa sarili nya na kahit kailan hindi na nya hahayaan ang mga lalaki na saktan sya. She will tame every boy and make them kneel over her. Binago ny...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cold Wife (Finished)
    7.2M 111K 45

    (Finished) It's been three years since we're married, but she's still cold. She says that she won't love me until I die. I tried everything but... I'm starting to get tired. I love my wife and I don't know anymore. Cover by: @mariawhyyy

  • The Possessive Boss [DELETED]
    832K 4.9K 14

    [Stand Alone Novel] I unpublished the rest of the chapter and won't update this one anymore. It is as it is. Credits to the real owner of the photo used in the cover.

  • You're Mine
    3.4M 6.7K 6

    "Yes, I got jealous. Yes I got possessive. Why? Because what's mine is mine and sometimes I think someone might steal you forever. You are only mine. " -Prince Black Walton -- Highest Hashtag Rankings Achieved: ✔#1 teen romance ✔#1 popfiction ✔#1 interesting ✔#7 po...

  • Ang Huling Binukot (The Last Princess)
    1.7M 126K 85

    Aswang, kapre, engkanto, diwata, at mga anito, ang akala ni Arki ay kathang isip lang ang lahat ng mga kinwento sa kanya noon ni Lola Bangs. Wala siyang kamalay-malay na isa pala siyang binukot o prinsesa noong ika-16 siglo na dinala sa kasalukuyang panahon. Handa na nga kaya si Arki na tanggapin ang propesiya na siy...

  • When The Childish Falls Inlove (Series # 1) [COMPLETED]
    48.6K 1.2K 17

    "Do you need anything from me?" tanong nito sakin ng makalapit ako. Tinanggal ko muna ang lollipop ko. Bumuntong hininga at sinabing, "I want to be your girlfriend, Carter!" nakangiti kong sambit at agad na inilagay ang lollipop sa bibig nito na bahagyang nakabukas dahil sa gulat. Genre: Short story/ Humor/ Teen-ficti...