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    An unlikely pair come together to live out their dreams.

  • Living Dat Thug Life
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    Description on the first page

  • A Troubled Hood Chick (An Urban Fiction) [EDITING]
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    Nothing but a troubled 18 year old, hood girl. Fighting girls, stripping and failing in school. With an drugged out, alcoholic mother and a dead beat daddy. Who does Quanti have to lean on? Trying her best to be a good mother figure to her younger sister Neveah and doing anything for them to eat and afford to pay the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing [Still need Corrections]
    362K 15.9K 51

    Zanobia Palmer was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia.Coming from an abusive family she really didn't know much about love so when Alexander Boswell came into her path and wine and dined her with luxury gifts and dates she thought he was her night and shinning armor but as the relationship grew and after her having th...

    6.2M 196K 37

    This Is Book Two The Continuation of The Housekeeper Desire Monroe went from being The Housekeeper to being Augusts lady, thanks to her Grandma Sylvia. All hell breaks loose soon after the two get together but 'Yung' strikes back after Desire was hurt and their child was lost. People end up dead and more secrets are b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dirty Red
    10.4K 234 16

    Growing Up Without A Mom Can't Be Bad Right? Wrong, Having A Father That Is Never There Showing No Love & A Mother Who Left Her Alone. Could That Be The Reason Her Father Distance Himself Away From His Own Daughter. Or How About Having A Best Friend That Works For Her Father & Runs The Biggest Drug Ring In Miami, Risk...

  • Mysterious A
    245K 9.4K 30

    Aalea Harriss is rude and gorgeous, with her constant pushing and mean remarks, one would think Amare Jordan would take a hint and keep it pushing. But this lovesick, young fellow cant seem to keep himself from Miss. Mysterious. Look into this romance novel, and read as it proves, opposite do attract!

  • Nymphomaniac
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    Nymphomaniac nym·pho·ma·ni·ac \-nē-ˌak\ noun abnormal and uncontrollable desire by a woman for sexual intercourse. Kyla Kies was defiantly a nymphomaniac. Being call a sex addict wasn't good enough, it wasn't complicated enough, and that is exactly what Kyla was. Craving sex on a daily basis was just what s...

  • Ghetto
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    August is just a rich boy that lives in the hood, temporarily. He has a hard time fitting in since all he ever known was expensive. What happens when his mom hires a maid to clean the house and the maid is a ghetto hood chick from August's school? Blue is the definition of a hustler. She has to raise her sister alone...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Can Sex You Like Me?
    3.3M 71K 28

    (Completed) Being the perfect daughter to becoming a big disappointment! Melodi is the perfect daddy's girl. Being under her parents wing at the age of twenty-one Melodi isn't able to explore the world. Until one day Melodi is forced to have a babysitter while her parents are out of town. Melodi gets a taste of the s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lorrie's Christmas Fantasy
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    Copyright © 2012 Readinbooks2 Meet Lorrie Tucker... A lonely young woman who just wants a lonely holiday get-a-way with some warm cookies, eggnog, and holiday music. What happens when she unintentionally wishes for a man? Will she get him? Or will she get freaked out? Read on, a short erotic story. *****WARNING: SEXUA...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy I Want It
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    "Daddy I want you inside of me, please I'm begging you. It feels so good." "Wait baby, give me time and then you can have all of me, Okay?" "No baby I want you now." I growled while I pushed him off me and push him on the bed. He looked at me and growled and flipped me over so I was under him. He looked in my eyes...

  • Thug With Benefits
    1.2M 23K 43

    Reyna is just a young girl stuck in the life of an average adolescent who lives in "the hood". Her whole life seems to spin out of control after she meets King. Introduced to a world unbeknownst to her, she unravels some pretty interesting secrets. Lust, Drugs, Crime, Betrayal. Dealing with thugs had some enticing ben...

  • King (Urban)
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    King isn't your average 25 year old. He happens to be the man in charge. Being the biggest drug lord in Louisiana puts him in a category of his own. He has everything he want, from his mini mansion, cars, clothes,and legit business. He was only missing one thing, a woman. He felt like his daughter Keara was the only f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loyal To My Sister's Thug (Book I) Complete
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    Completed   Mature
  • Just A Taste
    670K 15.4K 12

    Brandy Nelson and Taylor Ashford have been best friends since middle school and the friendship has lasted into their adulthood. While Taylor is weak Brandy is strong and while Brandy is crazy Taylor is calm. If you ask anybody the two are complete opposites but could easily benefit from what other has to offer. Brandy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chica Star
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    Gaia was just an ordinary girl before she got fucked over by the world. China Star don't play no games. Chica Star runs shit.

  • Eye Candy
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    Just a short story of mine (: Hopefully you'll enjoy. -Miss_Hoodnificent

    Completed   Mature
  • That Sweet Hood Love
    83.5K 2.8K 9

    Why not a short story about the thug couple, Varo and Sweet Cheeks from my "Thug Love Series". Follow the short insight of their relationship and how they go about their lives together. (Read The Thug Love Series First)

    Completed   Mature
  • Married To My Sister's Thug (Book II) Complete
    692K 30.4K 38

    Completed   Mature
  • Exotic Dancer
    203K 6.5K 17

    Diamond a young stripper stripping at Magic City. Diamond was different form all the stripper's there she wasn't there trying to fuck everybody. She had her bestfriend on her side Rico he was also a kingpin in Atlanta. Although he could have anybody he wanted he wanted Diamond although she was a stripper. He was well...

  • My baby daddy a thug
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    Completed   Mature
  • HighSchool Thuggin & Lovin '
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    There's this girl name Layla and she just moved to California and she's going Sane Bay High. The title kind of says It all. COMPLETED!!

    Completed   Mature
  • My Husband's A Thug
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    Book 2 (:

  • Thug Affairs
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    Growing Up in Streets Of South Compton Wasn't The Easy Everyday Somebody Gets Killed, Everyday Somebody Getting Locked Up And Everyday A Girl End Up Pregnant But You See Me Myself I'm Just Doing What I Have To Do To Survive In These Streets All You Got Is Your Self Nobody Is Your Friend You Can't Trust No One Not E...

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    "Wait!" Bird yelled out He looked at his daughter then back at David."She fresh, virgin. Sell her, make money. Just please don't kill my baby girl." Tiffany eyes widened but she kept quite and watched a sinister smile spread across David's face. "Bird, you just sold me you me your Daughter. Let's just hope she's as g...

  • My Thugly Love
    1.4M 36.6K 26

    A'Keeyla is an 18 year old. Her brother is the biggest drug lord in New Orleans. What happens when King finds out that Kee' secretly has a crush on his best friend/homie/partner 'Jay' ? Read to find out. ⇨ツ♥ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright © 2014 @Keebayee <><><><><> Instagram: _Keejayee

  • Facing My Past (Revised)
    50K 1.3K 20

    Trish, the full figured law student and her best friend, the beautiful Jayla Marie, have been through a lot.The two have endured lies deceit, betrayal, heart break. The list goes on. But when there past comes knocking, will they be able to face the consequences? Will one night bring back all the terrible memories the...