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    Arnav is rakishly handsome and a world famous cricketer, the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team,and Khushi is an indian girl next door from Cape Town, who is fighting her way through the adversities of life, after the fateful plane crash that killed her family and turned her world upside down. In the gameboard of...

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    Arnav Singh Raizada is 27 years of age rakishly handsome, and the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Cricket is His Life and he puts his heart and soul into it , each day, ever since he started playing for the country since the age of 17. Khushi Gupta is 20 years of age, strikingly beautiful , but her ability to Hit...

  • Woven - an Arshi TS
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    Khushi had witnessed the gentle side of Arnav once again when he helped the little girl at the temple. She couldn't help but wonder how many layers are hiding his real self. But when she goes to Shantivan, like every other day, she is greeted with a shocking revelation. All that she can do now is mourn over it. ~ H...

  • The Arshi Reviews
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    Status: Open Hey Arshians!! If you want an honest and constructive review of your book on Arshi Fandom, then this is the place for you. ⭐Fill out the form and get your book reviewed.⭐

  • The Arshi Community
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    Welcome all Arshians!! We are here to provide a platform for all Arshi Fans to interact with each other. Wanna be a part of our community, then fill the form now. All the Arshi writers and Readers are invited here. Status : Hiring

  • THE FAN FICTION AWARDS 2020 [ closed]
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    A best opportunity for the fan fiction authors to get their book under the limelight! Cover by @Potterhead_Niki Banners by @Drabblelove

  • Love Trouble Spell (Hinglish)
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    This story is purely ficitional and no part it is real the characters created are my imagination and i sloley own them I am big fan of arshi

    Completed   Mature
  • D 4 Destiny! ✓
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    Is destiny something you can control? A short and beautiful journey through the lives of Kevin and Jennifer. Jen is a simple girl who falls in love with Kevin , a charming young boy who is a heart patient. Will they overcome all the hurdles that come their way or will their love be the victim of their cruel destiny?

  • Celeb Love...Loving an Actor! ✓
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    Celeb Love...loving an Actor! is the sequel to to Celeb Love... In Love with a Cricketer! Please do read that before you start this. That is the only way you'll get to know Samar. If you haven't guessed it yet, this story revolves around Samar Khan. He is the hero and his past is well known to us from the first book...

  • Time Heals Everything...Almost ✓
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    "I need you the most now. We only have each other. Please talk to me Amit." She pleaded. Her cries seemed to fall on deaf ears. He had distanced himself from her after the huge loss they had recently endured. How could fate be so cruel to her? First, she lost her son and now her husband started behaving as if she did...

  • Celeb Love... In love with a Cricketer! ✓
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    Before you start... this book needs to be edited. Read at your own risk. :| This is about Natasha Malhotra, a girl who is obsessed with the cricketer Vihaan Kapoor. She is so crazy about him that she wouldn't even care about anything if a match is going on. He is the man of her dreams. So what will happen when she...