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  • The Demon You Freed (Betrayed/Cheated Male Reader X DXD Harem)
    95.7K 1K 8

    Y/n was a Second Rook of Rias Gremory, he was in a relationship with Rias and Akeno for a year. On his way to celebrate his anniversary with them with presents at his hands, he was in front of their door when he heard moaning of his girlfriends "Faster Issei~" "Hurry up and cum~ so I could have a turn~" With broken...

  • A Devil's Venom.
    36K 497 7

    Y/n or as known as Agent Venom has never failed on a mission set by S.H.I.E.L.D. And he became known as a vigilante in his home and now he is task of going to Japan and attend Kyouh High school. When he got there he and Venom knew for the he begginijg that this is not a normal task. I don't own Marvel and Highschool D...

  • The betrayed Berserker (betrayed Oc x high school dxd) on hold
    196K 1.6K 15

    I do not own high school dxd or fate grand order

  • Con la misma moneda(DekuxHarem)
    205K 10.4K 17

    Se me ocurrió en clase de matemática es mi primera historia Espero que la acepten :3

  • Ouroboros
    68K 993 12

    This is an Izuku Yagi story and the inspiration for this story is from @Hexcss Izuku Yagi is a boy born in a world ruled by females. This is because about 200 years ago females developed this special powers called quirks. These powers were able shift the balance of power completely. Men are now considered less than se...

  • The Demon Dragons Reign
    403K 6.8K 113

    Fairy Tail and Highschool DxD crossover. Natsu Dragneel a 19 year old high school student trying to live his everyday life as a regular human along with his little sister. Except he is everything but human. Natsu is a dragon slayer with the ability to slay dragons and have them at his mercy. But he also hides another...

  • Erza's Secret
    5.7K 120 1

    Every Valentine's Day, for the last 9 years, Erza always got this Valentine's Day card from someone. She knows who this anonymous person is for quite a long time. She no longer wants to keep it a secret. One Shot! And sorry for the lateness of this holiday, I had posted this in Fanfiction first.

  • Anime One-Shots 18+
    19.1K 113 8

    This story follows the premise of my Deku one, except this includes other anime and video games! I already have chapters with Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and even Food Wars! I take suggestions! So if you interested, please give it a read!

  • Me and the girls of 1-B
    67.8K 1.6K 9

    Izuku's room gets trashed due to an "accident" that Kaminari and Mineta caused and with Cemantoss on a 3-month vacation due to injury, His room won't be fixed. So Izuku had to move into the 1-B girl's Dorm house. 1 boy moves in with 7 girls. What could go wrong?

  • Dejado atrás
    1.8K 151 1

    ¿Qué pasa si Natsu y Mirajane se quedan atrás? El gremio se irá. Sólo hay dos personas para proteger a Fairy Tail durante 7 años. Sólo hay dos miembros de Fairy Tail para tomar el control y dirigir Fairy Tail hasta que regresen. [One-Shot] [5417 Palabras] Traducción del fanfic "Left Behind" de "ValinNight" https://m...

  • Traicion Inesperada, Resurgimiento De Un Demonio...
    83.1K 2.8K 10

    Natsu Es Traicionado Por La Mujer Que Ama Y Deside Dejar El Gremio He Irse Para Olvidarse De Todo Su Dolor... Los Personajes Y Derechos De Autor Le Pertenecen Al Gran Hiro Mashima

    21.6K 970 9

    Que pasaría si Natsu fuera inmortal y en vez de unirse a Fairy Tail fuera un criminal de máximo peligro

  • The true hero
    5.7K 92 6

    Todays hero's will do anything for there own greed or fame. Nobody sees it, everyone tells me that being a hero is cool but they don't see how some are using the society as their playground and bullying the weak. Well I'm sick of it I have the power and I'm going to us it to protect the people.

  • I am going to rise
    1.2K 41 2

    All of the girls in the world have quirks. Everyone think that are to weak get and when get get one it's Usually weak and never strong. Until one boy received something even better than a dumb quirk.

  • The Demon child
    12.6K 204 8

    I'm bad so yeah... Izuku has something that people are scared so they tried to kill him but fail. Now what is he going to do.

  • #Izuku X Fem todoroki#
    56.9K 2.7K 10

    Espero que les guste es el "Remake" de la historia de mi Amigo/Sensei Sebastian espero estar a la altura de lo que el logro y nada mas uwu Tkm Bros

  • [My Tentacle Academia] (18+)
    46.8K 561 6

    [In this AU, All for One and his partner Dr. Garaki has created a different type of Nomu, it was a tentacle type Nomu, one that holds more quirks than others and continued to be succeeding in being the master piece of All for One, this Nomu has a monster form and a human form, and the human form name, was Izuku Shigar...

  • Izuku, The God of The Rainbows and Creation. (On Hiatus)
    49.3K 577 24

    In this story our cinnamon roll, izuku midoriya was told by everyone he looked up to and loved that he could not become a hero since he was quirkless, broken, lost, depressed...until he meets.... Ahah ah, you will have to read it to find out more. Thanks for reading if you do <3

  • izuku vigilante (izukuxharem)
    122K 7.8K 14

    está historia se me ocurrió de rrepente no c 😅 -izuku con quirk (2 quikrs) -habran fems -melissa tendrá el ofa -va a aver algunos estudiantes de la clase 1A que no van a estar (seamos sinceros algunos son inservibles):v -sus padres lo abandonaron (creo que me gusta que izuku tenga un mal pasado :v) Obviamente Boku n...

  • Izuku and The Conqueror ( Completed )
    143K 1.4K 15

    Izuku is cheated on by her girlfriends ... Just read not good at this stuff.

  • El Harem De Natsu.
    182K 7K 19

    Natsu x Harem,nada más que decir.

  • El Impresionante Secreto Dragneel (Natsu x Harem)
    69.1K 2.8K 14

    Todos conocen sobre lo infantil, hiperactivo, alegre y protector que es Natsu, pero nadie sabe que el tiene un secreto que nadie ¡NADIE!, sabe, incluso Happy no conoce ese secreto de Natsu. Pero ¿que pasaría si accidentalmente Wendy, Lucy y Juvia siguen a Natsu y descubren algo que no creían del Dragon Slayer?, ¿que h...

  • Solo nuestro amor (Terminada)
    109K 5.5K 24

    Mama como se conocieron papi y tu? - preguntaba con inocencia Siii quiero saber como conociste a mi papa¡¡¡ - dijo interesado Buenos niños nos conocimos en la niñes y bueno sera una larga historia

  • The hero scorpion
    3.8K 79 5

    Izuku yagi was bulled by his sister and some of her friends for being quirkless. After years of torment he finally died , is what he thought but little did he know what awaits him

  • Izuku Titan hero
    6.2K 97 2

    Izuku midoria. Pro hero and a lover to many. Holder of many secrets, like he is the titan hero as well who knows what other secrets he holds. the world is always full of a new mystery so join me as we find midorias secrets...

  • What a Tragedy
    119K 4.2K 22

    Izuku has lived his life alone since the ripe age of four. Or at least he wishes he was completely alone. His mother leaves him to the streets to pursue better opportunities and he wanders around looking for a home. He finds one, but it's not the kind he wants. Years later he walks through a portal under the control...

    Completed   Mature
  • [Under Re-Write] Izuku Yagi the sin of pride
    283K 3K 23

    Izuku Yagi son of Tonshinori Yagi also known as All Might the number 1 hero and inko Yagi who was known to be psychic the number 4 hero. izuku was known to be an optimistic boy who was always looking forward for a new day and a bright future but things took a massive turn when at the age of 4 when Izuku and his sister...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Phantom
    284K 5K 41

    Izuku Yagi scratch that just Izuku after being abandoned by his parents for being quirkless witnessing the death of the women he considered to be his mother now walks the path of the most feared vigilante in the world. "I am the justice that you tried to run away from." "I am the architect of fear." "I am The Phantom ...

  • Jack Of All Girls
    362K 4.7K 60

    (This is a story in which Izuku is a part of a harem) 『The only gender bent peeps are Todoroki and Bakugo』 Izuku Midoriya, a 16 year old boy aiming to be a great hero like All Might, the number 1 hero. But in his childhood he was bullied by his friend which is Kacchan which she tells him that he was a quirkless douc...