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  • Online Crush | Taehyung [√]
    3.9M 220K 57

    "This photo is from seven months ago and you heart reacted yesterday" "..." "You're a stalker aren't you?" When a girl finally gets noticed by her online crush but things don't go as they were supposed to. Warnings: social anxiety, toxic characters Highest: 2 in fanfiction! [COMPLETED]

  • Met In Detention || KIM TAEHYUNG
    5.3M 216K 73

    "Hey, Rose. If you go in your room by yourself, in the dark, the monsters will come get you." Lilia blurts, smiling like a witch. "Why did you tell me that? Now I'm freaked in my own dang house." "Then go to Taehyung and he can protect you if any killer comes and wants to stab you to death." Jimin says and points to...

  • "𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐩" ✓ | 𝐣𝐢𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 | 18+
    917K 23.9K 31

    Jimin was the most popular stripper in town and Jungkook was a rich ceo, what happened when they both stumbled across something sexual? They met when Jungkook went to the 5 star club because of a cheating incident he discovered THIS HAS A LOTTTTTT OF SMUTT I WARNED YOU IT'S TECHNICALLY 18+ Warning 🔞: -inappropriate...

    Completed   Mature
  • Insta Love//ᴊɪᴋᴏᴏᴋ
    142K 4.8K 28

    [social media au] "Hey there" "Uh hello?" "Can we be friends?" "Sure" In which Jimin is a model and Jeongguk is a kpop idol. Top: jjk Bottom: pjm follow me on my IG: ggabbriellee_ my twitter: _hoesuccc Start: July 13,2019 End:

  • only mine //ᴊɪᴋᴏᴏᴋ✔️
    725K 21.6K 57

    Park Jimin a very cute, handsome and sexy boy who is very jolly and sensitive. Jeon Jeongguk the hottest playboy of all with his friends Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung Jungkook saw Jimin and smirked. Top: Jeon Jeongguk Bottom: Park Jimin Other ships: Namjin Vhope Yoongi & Jihyun (Jimin's younger brother) fo...

  • My Hot English Teacher - Jikook
    43.2K 1.1K 6

    "Oh please Mr.Jeon please give me a better grade on this assignment I'm begging you"- Jimin "I'm sorry Jimin but your essay just did not meet my expectations"- Jungkook "Oh please Mr. Jeon" I say while I walk towards him slow and suductively and sit to straddle his lap going an inch closer to his lips with each word...

  • SEX ED (jikook)
    785K 30.1K 55

    Jungkook is a high school teacher.. thing is he isn't a normal teacher he specialises in a certain subject that being... ed Little does he know a certain student wants to test his knowledge in the field...that being... ...Park Jimin Hey everyone this book is dedicated to my boo mayo she is my life and I love he...

  • Good boy (jikook)
    314K 13.7K 28

    •Social media- visual novel- NSFW pictures/scenes Slutty and mean park Jimin is saved by nerdy introverted popular gamer Jungkook after almost drunkenly getting hit by a car. Jimin finds himself falling for the boy. Knowing he wouldn't be Jungkook's type at all, Jimin lies, schemes and hides to be the good boy he kn...

  • My Dm Daddy(Jikook au)
    290K 9K 28

    ChimChim is a famous Instagram star because of his sexy body while Jeon. Jeongguk is famous for his hot body but what happens when the two starts talking and getting to know each other?

    Completed   Mature
  • Camera Roll | jikook
    191K 11.5K 22

    In which jungkook finds interesting photos of jimin in the older's camera roll, the same camera roll that causes a lot of trouble, for a lot of people. Warning/ there is Crossdressing so if you're not comfortable with that, then don't read.

    Completed   Mature
  • Bless Instagram {} Jikook
    1.1M 35.9K 83

    Jungkook is extremely popular on Instagram. Jimin is just an everyday boy. Jungkook comes across Jimin's Instagram and falls in love quickly. I know I keep coming out with new books. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I just keep getting ideas!

  • Attention (Jikook) Sequel to School bully
    26.6K 936 15

    Jimin and Jungkook live together along with Yoongi and Namjoon. Jungkook and Namjoon are cops so they don't have much time for their lovers, Yoongi gets into a lot of trouble and is known as M.Y. since high school. What would happen if Jimin tries to be like Yoongi and Jungkook finds out his reason? Warning: smut, vi...

  • School Bully (Jikook)
    166K 4.5K 16

    Yoongi and Jimin are new transfer students at Bighit High school. Yoongi gets into a Bad boy popular group called BTS. Jimin gets bullied by BTS and also gets abused by his mother at home, Jimin is the quiet, good kid at school. But what will happen when Jungkook from BTS falls in love with the quiet and bullied boy...

  • The mistake (jikook)(smut)
    203K 48 1

    Jimin has been bullied in school and abused from his parents but what happens when Jeon JungKook aka the schools golden boy becomes his only friend Let's see how this goes Smut Selfharm Bullying (Credit to the people who made the fan art)

  • :*:extra messages:*: *jikook*
    38K 1.4K 6

    "i showed u my dick pls respond." "uh...who is this?" "oh shit. wrong person my bad." i spiraling short love story between two boys through text messages :) *:・゚✧ jikook *:・゚✧

    553K 35.2K 43

    What happens when you phone sex... The wrong person? [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Love of a Dancer | Jikook [RETURNING]
    2.1K 165 21

    Jungkook attends a ballet performance that his girlfriend is participating in, unlike some people he didn't mind going to see a ballet show it actually calmed him down in a way. During the entire night he tried to push his focus onto her but he couldn't keep his eyes off of a boy who was dancing in the background. Wh...

  • Black & Pink | Jikook
    83.5K 3.8K 26

    "The bus isn't the only thing I'll be riding." [Started] 06/8/18

  • third wheel - jjk + pjm
    68.2K 4.4K 18

    in which jimin is lonely and his friends decide to get him a new boyfriend, which just so happens to be jungkook, who is also single ; jikook

  • My dirty little roommate [Jikook]
    46.3K 1.5K 14

    "Nice to meet you, roomie. What's your name?" "I'm Jeon Jungkook, the best pornstar there is!"

  • 彡☆Summer Camp ☆彡 [CLOSED]
    67.4K 2.7K 22

    Jungkook wasn't really the best kid, but maybe Jimin can change that at summer camp.//"Straight" Jimin ends up falling for Jungkook and he falls for Jimin also. - contains smut - fluff (slow updates sometimes) short chapters [started: 11/13/18 ongoing.]

  • jikook recommendation book
    92.2K 541 38

    jikook recommendations : -authors are included ( make sure to support and check out their other stories) -if you have any suggestions for me to read, comment or message me

  • Love(?) Its Revenge
    39.7K 5.1K 6

    [Kookmin - Jikook] I got you by extreme way... Warning: - Boyxboy - Nsfw - Mental Illness - Noncon - Fullofsin

    Completed   Mature
  • Again - jikook
    198K 10.2K 26

    I want you, who stares at me. I want you, who wants me, Again.

  • beating heart 『 jikook 』
    293K 15.4K 45

    ❝ i love you to hell and back ❞ started: 2017 ended: 2017

  • Just One Wish (JiKook)
    340K 16.4K 61

    Fanfiction (Angst) A wish that will change Jimin's life forever. "I made a wish about you instead of my usual wish."

  • Love Property | Jikook ✅
    451K 20.9K 105

    [completed] Jungkook doesn't mind to experience pain, as long as he can feel the love of Jimin.

  • ✔️Fire & Ice || Jikook
    469K 30.7K 34

    Two young men are strident enemies and polar opposites. One possesses the power of fire while the other controls ice. Jungkook has been chasing down his enemy for years, tracking him down and always just a hair behind. "There's no way you can escape me again." "Oh yeah? Watch me."

    Completed   Mature
  • Exchange Student - Jikook {on going}
    149 15 4

    Park Jimin, The school's exchange student gets bullied by the school play boy Jeongguk...what will happen if Jeongguk sees the real the Park Jimin ;)) CLICK READ TO FIND OUT!! :3 Started: 07/01/2020 Ended: ----

  • Insanely Sane •| Jikook |•
    58.6K 1.9K 9

    "J-Jungkook, I-I'm sorry I did'nt know he will hug me... " Jimin tried so hard not to cry knowing he angered jungkook and he is gonna get a punishment. "I don't care!! He fucking touched you! He hugged you for christ's sake, he touched what is only mine!! "He angrily growled, his black eyes now turned red due to the...