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  • puzzle » teen wolf [s.s]
    1.2K 36 5

    All Teddy Bryard wanted to be was normal...or at least, her definition of normal anyways. But once she becomes involved with one member of the pack, her life will never play out the way she once wanted it to. [teen wolf season 3] [stiles stilinski]

  • Scared to Death ✧Liam Dunbar✧[Book 1]
    1.9M 47.7K 39

    Love is all a little girl is supposed to feel. Never should she feel blood trickling down a cut on her cheek, a wound inflicted by her own father. But, most of the time, the latter is all Charlotte Lahey felt. That is until her brother, Isaac, got the bite, thrusting her into the world of the impossible. The town sh...

    329K 10K 33

    It all starts with a bite. A bite turns you. A bite is considered "a gift". But not to Alexandria Chase, a newly bitten werejaguar who struggles with her past and her current unknown ability that puts her as the number one target of a hit list, a dead pool. A dead pool that puts a price on all of the supernatural cre...

    Completed   Mature
  • Desolate ▿ Teen Wolf
    78.3K 2.5K 35

    You would think she would be used to it by now. Always being thrown aside, sent back to the beginning where no one knew her name. The thing is, this time she wasn't ready. She was just recovering from a terrible disaster occurring in her previous location, and now she was being forced to move on again. She wasn't rea...

  • Sage ▸ Stiles Stilinski [Book One]
    3.7M 89K 44

    "You do realize that I'm supposed to tell you when you're throwing yourself into a dangerous situation and that doing this will probably get you killed, right?" "I don't need you to take care of me, Sage." "Says the werewolf that fell into the floor." Sage Connelly was notoriously known for the fire that killed her...

  • Broken Kiss (a Teen Wolf story)
    237K 5.7K 35

    Broken Kiss - a Lydia Martin-Peter Hale story. Peter Hale was mad with the need for vengeance when he tore into Lydia Martin, awakening her latent banshee abilities. He was desperate when he used the power of his bite to force her to resurrect him. Now that he's in control of his mind, she's the one bright thing that...

  • Before the Storm ▸ Scott McCall (1)
    843K 24.8K 20

    Ella Foster wasn't one to believe in the supernatural. Little did she know that her unbecoming was a long time coming. (e. foster | book one) (tw | season two) (cover by amanda)

  • Blue Moon » Stilinski
    20.8K 653 16

    [BOOK TWO] Sequel to Midnight Scarlet, which I strongly recommend reading before this. (Updates will be gradual as I have time)

  • Midnight Scarlet » Stilinski
    252K 5.4K 31

    [BOOK ONE] Aubrey Jenner isn't a normal fifteen-year old girl― in fact, she's as far from normal as you can get. She's a werewolf, destined to be with another. But when a human that knows too much about her world comes into the picture, how can she stop herself from loving him? *Note: This book is based on the upcomi...