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  • Behind His Mask
    27.9K 1.4K 18

    You're a news reporter in Gotham when the Joker makes his debut. Willing to do anything it takes to jump start your career you decide to risk your life at getting the first scoop on Gotham's newest clown villain. Can you unravel the story he fights to keep hidden? When your morals are tested, how far will you be willi...

  • The Verdant Prince
    226K 10.9K 37

    Asgard- home of the beautiful. Home of the gods and goddesses of the Norse Tales. Buildings built in gold and quartz, the wealthy wearing lavish robes with silver and gold embroidery. It's the home you grew up in, the home in which you served under The Allfather himself. Trained since the tender age of 15, you are par...

  • 🌷 The Suitor 🌷// Loki x Reader
    198K 6.7K 18

    You and eleven other women have been chosen to be suitors of the prince Loki. Unfortunately, you have no interest in being involved what so ever. But when a servant with the most alluring green eyes quite literally bumps into you while you read your book, you find a friend in the least likely place. (And of course, th...

  • Never Hit a Maid ↠ Loki X Reader
    613K 21K 34

    Maybe giving some well-deserved talkback to Thor and getting punched in the face isn't always a bad thing, cause there is always gonna be a god of mischief to protect you. Loki X Reader Fanfiction. Starts before the events of Thor but travels through the Marvel timeline till after Ragnarok. Essentially you're going on...

  • The Weight of the Universe | Avengers
    342K 17.9K 52

    ▷Set in Infinity War and Endgame It's all been leading to this... Six Infinity Stones. Two groups of heroes. One Enemy. His name has spread nothing but fear through the whole galaxy. The only goal Thanos ever had in his mind was the balance of the universe- and he doesn't care how to achieve...

  • Shattered Hearts ◇ L. Laufeyson
    41.2K 2.3K 23

    SEQUEL to JEWEL THIEF [ LOKI x READER ] [ infinity war -> endgame ] ◇◇◇ "Y/N Stark and Loki, God of Mischief" is not something anyone expected. Now with her home planet of Earth under attack, Y/N must navigate not only battling otherworldly aliens, but also defending her love life to her family. As expected, things t...

  • Jewel Thief ◇ L. Laufeyson
    202K 8.6K 27

    [ LOKI x READER ] [ thor: ragnarok ] C O M P L E T E D ◇ ◇ ◇ When the god of mischief shows up uninvited to your home and asks you to check on his father, in a nursing home, you can't exactly say "no". Y/N Stark tells herself she didn't have a choice. But agreeing to help the trickster only launches her into an otherw...

  • A God and a Midgardian (Loki x Reader)
    370K 12.7K 24

    Thank you for #1 lokixreader!!! After negotiating with his father, Thor convinces Odin to allow Loki to assist him and the others in bringing peace to the nine realms during the Convergence. All seems to be going well until Loki meets a certain Midgardian. (Takes place after The Avengers) ~Slow Updates~

  • Cold,Cold Heart (The Joker Story)
    112K 3.3K 27

    “I have loved to the point of madness; that which is called madness, that which to me, is the only sensible way to love.”.

  • Oblivious ~ Superman Love Story ~ Completed
    728K 17.7K 52

    Meet Fae. She works at the daily planet is clumsy and as fragile as glass. Superman has been seen saving her multiple times, and soon he starts to appear even when she isn't in trouble. The press release a number of pictures of them together and brand her as superman's girlfriend. Fay doesn't know that that's...

  • Alter-Ego (Batman fanfic)
    20.8K 600 32

    It's been two years since Rachel was murdered, two years since Harvey fell to his death, yet the Joker still has an agenda with the bat. Unable to catch the Joker, Bruce Wayne finds himself adrift, consumed with being the batman and finding out that it is his true nature. There is only one person that Bruce doesn't fe...

  • Madness (Joker Love Story)
    156K 4.6K 36

    COMPLETE. "When love is not madness, it is not love." Alison Finch has just been given the most difficult patient she has ever encountered; The joker. Now the only question is, who will break first? // I've published this originally on Quotev under my user "Twisted Soul" but am republishing to expand my publishing h...

  • Emmeline [Joker X OC]
    24.8K 853 34

    "Let me go." I cried, struggling to get out of his grasp. Joker smirked. "Scared of me? Why?" "Because I can see what you are capable of. And I know you could do it to me as well." I whispered, trying desperately to move away from his nearing lips. "Oh I know I could." his lips stopped an inch away from mine and I fr...

  • surge | loki laufeyson ¹
    532K 20.3K 78

    "Then you'll have no problem with me taking you as prisoner." "Well, I'm making a pros and cons list in my head, and 'super villain who just attacked my city' is kind of a big one on there." Alexandra Clark has been capable of special things her entire life, but has only recently found out. With the help of a...

  • Stars Have Fallen - A Loki Love Story (Marvel/Avengers)
    526K 23.8K 42

    ' She breathed in deeply, picking up on a faint and fresh scent of mint on him. "Even if it's only me, is that enough for you?" Loki purred with a knowing smile, still hugging her tightly, "am I enough for you?" Pulling her head away from his chest, she looked up into his eyes. They were much closer than she'd ever se...

  • Proposition
    281K 8.5K 36

    Upon returning home from a job well done I find a letter waiting for me, one asking me to meet up for a possible job offer that would end up changing my life forever. Was the money really worth the drama that came with being hired as a surrogate?

  • When Darkness Falls - LOKI - Book One (Editing)
    236K 9.3K 53

    To save her kingdom, Athelia must put aside her savage life as the Daughter of War and do what must be done - even if that meant uniting her kingdom with Asgard through marriage to Odin's firstborn son. She just never expected it would be Loki and his lies that brought her to her knees and made her realize that there...

  • Found - Loki
    162K 6.7K 35

    After Loki supposedly gave up his life to save Thor from Thanos, the God of Mischief transported himself somewhere where he could escape Thanos's wrath. Ending up back on Earth, Loki realizes he is still mortally wounded from his bought with Thanos, and he is not healing like he should. Wounded, alone, and afraid of...

  • Out of Time ★ [1] ✔
    1.3M 60.3K 37

    Highest Ranking: #48 in Fanfiction (10/5/16) PREVIOUSLY FEATURED A tale of loss, fractured bonds, newfound friendships, and action-packed battles, Out of Time is a fresh Marvel fanfiction for all lovers of superheroes. What do you get when you cross a sarcastic redhead with a master time traveller? M...

  • ::X-Men:: In The Claws Of An Angel ::Wolverine::
    184K 5.4K 19

    26 year old Anabelle is a young woman just discovering her abilities as a telekinetic. She knows little about her mutation, or how to control it... She only knows that mutants are all over the news, constantly referred to as savage and dangerous. When Anabelle's abilities respond to her distressed emotions and kill he...

  • Falling for the Enemy || Captain America || Book 1
    3.9M 120K 55

    "Trouble is my middle name." ~ Lillian Nightshade is a metaphorical rock in SHIELD's boot, one that not only has a mouth snarkier and more sarcastic than the hypothetical (and entirely impossible) baby of Tony Stark and Deadpool, but has a certain knack for slipping from the authorities' grasp on a regular basis...

  • ✪ American Noise ✪ [Captain America]
    276K 11.3K 14

    Liz Dolan has put her life on hold for many reasons. Good ones, too (or so she keeps telling herself). Steve Rogers is trying to stumble forward with his life in a world that seems almost alien. When Steve moves into the Washington, D.C. apartment building owned by the Dolan family, John "Pops" Dolan continues trying...

  • Clint's Wings
    265K 8.3K 31

    A Clint Barton fanfiction. It's never a good thing when scientists of any nation try to tamper with the genetic make up of a human mixed with something NOT human. That's how you get hybrids... Like Katherine. That wasn't always her name though. She used to be called "Her" and "It" That was before him.

  • The Night We Met (Lumberjack!Steve AU)
    85K 2.8K 15

    Summary: The moment he walked into your Wintery, small town, you knew there was something different about him. Little did you know that the man you began to fall for wasn't who he appeared to be. On an unexpected, snowy night, the truth comes out and everything changes. Can one night alter the course of your entire li...

  • Recompense [Fólkvangr End, Book 1] [Loki Fanfiction]
    3.5M 148K 52

    A looming darkness has gathered, and the storm is headed for Asgard. Thor needs help, and more than that, he needs the girl raised on Earth. The Earth girl, and his imprisoned brother. Valkyrie Sutton is of Earth. Or Midgard. Or whatever. When Thor, God of Thunder, appears to take her to Asgard without much explanati...

  • Young God | L. Laufeyson
    1.9M 96.3K 67

    ▷Set before Thor: The Dark World and includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok A simple accident turned into a huge misunderstanding and that's what basically led to Aurora's imprisonment on Asgard. As if the situation wasn't difficult enough, she also landed in the cell next to the God of Mischief, L...

  • Yesterday's Demons (Loki)
    677K 22.6K 40

    Powerless, haunted by his demons, and exiled from Asgard, how is Loki of any power? Lyla, an esteemed member of S.H.I.E.L.D., enters his cell and notices something deeply hidden under his facade; suffering. Lyla has every intention to know this God more, but Loki intends on retrieving his powers and escaping back to...

  • The Ides of July // Loki - Book 1 ✓
    1.7M 91.2K 77

    Marvel Fanfic Awards Winner: -Best Plot -Best Loki -Best Male Villain -Toughest Character (Anna) BOOK ONE. The world has changed. After aliens invaded New York City and superhumans continue to emerge from the woodwork, society has been forced to accept that which it does not know or understand. Anna, a young...

  • All Hail The King // Loki - Book 2 ✓
    810K 47.5K 55

    BOOK TWO. After being manipulated and kidnapped by Restitution, Anna + Loki narrowly escape with their lives only to be separated by Odin. Stuck on Earth with Jane Foster, Anna finds herself missing the one man she thought she would always hate. ++++++++++++++++++++ Thor: A Dark World story. RATED PG-13:...

  • The Darkness Cometh // Loki - Book 3 ✓
    297K 15.7K 35

    BOOK 3. Trapped in Asgard after Odin's apparent death, Anna chooses an unlikely ally in her attempt to find Loki. While the realm is sealed from the rest of the Nine Worlds, her strange dreams lead her to the one place she'd never expect. To him. RATED PG-13: Violence and some strong language. © 2016. All right...