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  • Part of Me (Will Always Be Yours) - JinJoo AU
    3.9K 205 17

    JinJoo Camp Half Blood AU A story of how Yujin, daughter of Venus, a demigod from Camp Jupiter, became part of the exchange program between the two camps, unwillingly. There she meet other demigods, including the Head Counselor of the campers, Minjoo. Kim Minjoo, daughter of Athena who according to Yujin, can easily...

  • bloom again. // jinjoo
    61.4K 2.2K 21

    "I've already lost you once, I won't let you slip away again, I will never repeat the same mistake ever again." Kim Minjoo and Ahn Yujin are ex-lovers who claim to have already moved on from each other after four years of being apart. However, they met again. What if those old feelings for each other that were buried...

  • Association of Failures [Twice x Female Reader]
    59K 4.6K 34

    Based on the Japanese light novel "Classroom of the Elite" by Syougo Kinugasa. "Don't just aim for Class C." "Surpassing Class B isn't close to enough." "To make your dreams of a bright future come true, your only option is to overtake Class A." Y/n L/n has enrolled at a prestigious leading school where it's said tha...

  • You
    306 14 1

    Isn't it funny how simple decisions can change a significant part of our lives. Minjoo never thought that the moment she crossed the road and accepted that beer from Yujin is also the moment where everything changes between them.