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  • Sanders Sides Agere One Shots!
    9.6K 267 9

    The title says it all! Requests are open and rules are in the first chapter!

  • Demus: Pet snakes and deodorant sticks
    17.7K 568 8

    After a fight Remus finds out that him and Dee have a few things in common. In this story I call deceit Dee so that's who I'm referring to when I say Dee The awesome picture for the book belongs to muffin_the_random. Go check their stuff out I love it

  • The Universe Lies Docile in Your Eyes
    240K 8.9K 29

    Izuku had it all until it was ripped away from. First his mom. Next his freedom. Then his eyes. After it all, he was thrown to the street. Fortunately for him, a certain sleep deprived hero and two toned boy came into his life and changed it for the better. UPDATE: New cover done by Scinn-Tilly! Thank you so, so, SO m...

  • Virgil's World
    96.8K 3.5K 42

    Virgil had been alone that not even the light sides checked up on him. Until he hears a whisper that is calling to him. Virgil doesn't know what this is until he created a world of peace. Is this Virgil's destiny? What happens when Thomas and the sides find out?

  • An Anxious Mind (Analogical)
    70.6K 3.2K 22

    It's not exactly the most popular love story, but it is still, indeed, a love story. A love story between a very odd combination of persons, but which love story isn't? However, these aren't exactly people who fall in love, more like two very different personalities being the intellectual Logic and the angst-filled An...

  • Cityscape Heros
    37.8K 1.6K 23

    All good superhero stories have their heroes and villans. This story is no different. First off, our heroes. Roman Noble, Patton Dire, and Logan Samuel. And then our villain, of course, who could forget? Virgil Holmes. But when a fight between our heroes and our villain goes wrong, and something happens to Virgil, how...