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  • PS Funny Written update
    8.3K 1.2K 15

    Expectation on next week Pandian Stores!

  • Kelvikenna Badhil?
    1K 70 1

    A comedy OS Based on Pandian Stores episode 386 aired on July28,2020! Epi synopsis: Dhanam is back and the entire family is happy about it. What if they had a gameshow when she was away to see who loves her the most?! Here is a FF- 1 part 1shot for the same.

  • Kathirum Kasthuriyum
    1K 133 2

    Now that Kathir is on a roll bonding with Mullai's fam, he takes up an impossible challenge- To bond with athachi!

  • Kathirukku ennaachu?
    1K 117 1

    After watching the restart of PS post lockdown, all of us feel Kathir has changed A LOT!! Kathirukku ennachu- Author figured it out finallyyyy!!

  • Drabble(KM)
    9.9K 462 5

    One shot about cute couple km

  • KM gems :
    6.5K 383 3

    A charming and an endearing incident happens...

  • 💜KM Kutty stories💜
    10.6K 1K 10

    Kutty stories of our 💜kathir mullai💜

  • Short and Sweet KMFF
    18.4K 1.4K 12

    Short and Sweet Story of KM (KC) 😍❤️💮🌞

  • KathirMullai MicroFiction
    4.2K 362 4

    A Series of Drabbles related to our Beloved KM

  • Yedho oru paatu en kaadhil ketkum...
    2.4K 209 4

    Isn't it beautiful when certain songs transport you to a different time period?! 🎼Yedho oru paatu en kaadhil ketkum Ketkum podhellam sila nyaabagam thaalaattum🎼 A collection of multiple "One Shot" stories to push you into nostalgia if you were a typical 90s tamil kid😄

  • Pandiyan Stores Fanfiction
    7.9K 615 8

    this fanfiction creation based on kathir and mullai life. their marriege is unexpected incident. they hate each others from the begining. somehow they understand their characters and started to express their love slowly. so this fanfiction is continueing thier love scene and gonna show how they will start thier marrie...

  • KM Mini Bites!!!!
    118K 8.9K 47

    This story has small mini bites of KM... Definitely yummy, crunchy and tasty...

  • Ficklet (KM)
    22.4K 1.8K 17

    One shots of km

  • One Shots Series (KM)
    47.8K 4.7K 55

    ❆ One Shots based on songs ❆ Features Kathirvelan and Mullai from Pandian Stores

    15.5K 847 8

    Just a WHAT IF story! Inspired by writers like #KathirMullaiHighlights n #MysticalWanders

  • KM - OS
    16.1K 725 7

    One-scene stories of KM. Modified from the original KM scene :)

  • KM One Shots❤
    13.5K 825 5

    Short and sweet One shots on our Kathir-Mullai KM❤