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    Manik-Nandini, Cabir-Navya were two couples madly in love with eachother. what will happen if destiny plays a cruel game on them and both the couples get separated? what's the reason? insecurity! after 13 years, they meet again but, Manik and Cabir doesn't know that they have kids which are the symbol of their love an...

  • Khoya Hua Pyar (Lost Love)💖
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    This story is combination story. This story is not my own this story is started by @bhummmii122 you can go through this ID and check out(story title are same) that part which started by @bhummmii122 I just love that story and I want that story to be complete and The readers want to be story to be complete its has been...

  • Connected by Blood♥️✨💫♥️
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    He left her but gave a part of his soul to her unknowingly ,'Their kids' he never wanted to see her again but what if his replica came in front of his eyes without knowing about his reality he feel some kind of a strong connection with him... "they are not connected by destiny ,they are CONNECTED BY BLOOD" well I am...

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    Story of talent hunt when aliya druv and navya asked manik to choose between fab 5 and nandini And manik chooses fab 5

  • hamari adhuri kahani
    26.7K 1.4K 14

    Manan life after talent hunt

  • Manan Meant to be
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    Manik and Nandini are in a relationship. But due to some misunderstanding they got seperated. but destiny get them met again after 5 years. Will they reunite or will fight with each other???? Astory filled with mistery, love, fight and friendship.

  • Manan - My Babies
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    Manan Story. Manik's and Nandini's Life with their new born babies.

  • Manan TS:Mistake(Completed)√
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    The story is all about mistake.but by whom?mistake happens by situations not intentions.

    Completed   Mature
  • MaNan: The agony of love
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    The agony of love is hard but we passed it.

  • Again One day...
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    "A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous, that it makes us forget the hundred lovable moments spent together... within a minute." "You may be out of my sight, but never out of my mind... I Miss You" It's a short story of Manan, who meet up again after a long separation... One day, with all courage n might...

  • Manan:Broken Friendship Healed By Love
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    What happens when the obes who are the reason for living, friends for life blame you for spoiling their lives and carrers ???

  • "SOULMATES" R WE??? [Completed]
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    Hello all... This story is second part of ya ur my soulmate... I hope u all will like this manan ff... This story is about their incomplete love story and the little princess of their life MANINI...

    Completed   Mature
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    Two family have come together for an alliance of their children.Will manik and nandini be able to lead a perfect life.

    Completed   Mature
  • Manan SS- Hey Daddy!!! Meet My MOMMY..(completed)
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    Manik is looking for His Daughter mother??Will he be able to find about his daughter mother and his wife or not?? Peep inside to know about his struggle to find his peace. Stayed on 1st poition in ongoing period of writing in march and april'2016 Position 4 on February 4 ❤

  • Blended (#MaNan)
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    Blended : Meaning combined Peep in to read more on how parenting is a joy of life. Note : This is the first time I'm writing on this type of content , please bare with silly things that you would experience in the story.

  • Manan Humesha forever
    419K 13.6K 19

    This story continues after fab 5 winning the talent hunt. How due to insecurities Manik's friend ask to choose between Nandhini and them. who Manik will choose? **republishing** ** update will be twice in a month **

  • 🖤 A NEW START ( SEASON : 02) 💛 ( COMPLETED ) ✅
    64.6K 5.7K 21

    🖤 It starts after the leap of 3 years from Season 01 ended. All this story original updates are on Wattpad so I would request everyone to read it on wattpad itself and not on any other mirroring site. If you are reading this story on any other platform then you are very likely to be in a risk of Malware attack. If y...

  • MaNan's Kiddo (Book 2)
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    Being a parent is difficult and so is being a good child. But how will you judge a family who never satyed together? They love their daughter but were never by her side and restrained themselves to make her a part of their world And she lived in a world where she was told how everyone loves her? How she is so special...

  • MaNan FS: Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo!
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    A story... written by heart..

  • Is He Mine? - MaNan OS
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    Peep in to read the Lovely OS!

  • Will their Love win over Destiny? (ON HOLD)
    66.1K 2.9K 17

    O N H O L D INSEPARABLE SEPARATION Is it so easy to forget your true love, your life, your everything? Is it so easy to leave everything behind just for your sake of love? Nandini died while giving birth to Ahana 3yrs back. Manik is still living in that pain of losing his life, his everything...

  • Ek deewana Awaaz Ki ( Completed)
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    A story of two kids who wanted to know the love story of their parents to make them together who are seperated by fate but destined to be together ....

  • Loved but not forgiven ✅
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    A journey of MaNan where they love each other but they can't forgive.... When you choose your happiness by making a mistake you bear the consequences

  • you are a Devil 😈
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    innicent but strong girl nadani and rude arogent monster devil by mind but soft and caring by hart. what happened when destiny play game and they meat and fall in love each other one day.

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    Hi friends new gift for u all this story is collaboration story with my friends Rashi, Noor and Me Hope u all loved it..

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    "Don't you find, it is important to share with me?" She knows hiding this news from him is her mistake but her intention is never hiding and kept him in dark but situation makes her to do so and she don't know how to explain to him. Though she knows she is at fault, her ego doesn't allow her to say sorry and stand st...

  • Blissful life
    2.1M 153K 182

    the description is given by my readers The story is best . It conveys the importance of relations .As we see how the relations are breaking I.e once the marriage is done there begins fights btw family like they don't want live with entire family. And the best part I loved is parents love to there's baby . I.e manan...

  • MaNan Ff: MISTAKES✅
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    He is the boss. She is his employee. He did a big mistake in his past but he wants to ammend his mistake now. Will she forgive him? What was his biggest mistake that the epitome of patience left him?? To know the answers peep in to the story. This is my second story. Hope you will like it... Word count: 20,400

  • love
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    manan are married and have two adorable kid's but the thing is nandini not loves manik ,she loves her college lover advith and manik loves her a lot and hope one day she will love him but when

  • Manan Parenthood
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    A story of our Manan Parenthood