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  • Forgotten Falls
    98.4K 2.8K 43

    Lila and James Pines had to make a decision to save their children, but only one could survive. Mabel Pines grew up a happy life with her Grunkles. Everything was easy for her and she had lots of friends but she's been having strange dreams about a boy who looks like her. A nameless boy lived a hard life as a slave...

  • Monster Falls
    141K 5K 49

    I was reading a bunch of Monster Falls books and looking at fan art. Then I was like, I should write a Monster falls book! It would be so cool! So now I'm writing it. Sooooooooooooo.... If your interested then go read! (I am REALLY bad at descriptions so PLEASE READ!) Ps: in this book. Gideon hasn't been caught yet, M...

  • Drifting Stars #Wattys2018
    12.9K 286 42

    "Dipper!" A frightened Mabel called. She felt herself drifting farther and farther away from her brother. "Mabel!" Dipper shouted back, attempting to reach for her. "Dipper, don't leave me!" Mabel cried tearfully quickly becoming a blur in the endless portal. "Mabel! Dipper cried back. He had been too late...Mabel Pin...