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  • Break My Heart (Mew x Gulf)
    41.8K 2.5K 43

    Mew hasn't found an interest in the concept of love, not for a long time. He believes that love is an excessive thing, unnecessary and does not benefit anyone in anyway. But what happens when all his thoughts and beliefs start to change due to becoming involved with a certain someone, and they slowly start to change...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Fate's Color [(MewGulf)]
    41.5K 3.1K 15

    Gulf Kanawut has a very big secret that he wants to hide until the last day of his life Mew Suppasit has a very easy life as the second son of a wealthy famous family Gulf became an introvert because of his secret and is spending most of his days alone Mew is as always an open cheerful extrovert who loves being surrou...

    Completed   Mature
  • The world at his feet. - a MewGulf love story -
    7.7K 460 23

    Hi guys! So.. this is my first ff ever,please be gentle (: This is a story about love,about feelings left unspoken and the effect they have on our couple trough their life. We'll see different sides of Mew and Gulf,each of them expressing love in a different,unique way. We'll encounter true friendship too,maybe some...

  • twisted creatures
    196K 13.8K 91

    in a small town, there lives a pack of loyal and die hard werewolves that have stuck together for centuries they are all extremely close.there families for hundreds of years have stayed in this pack. type (16) did not think the way his pack members did. there was always something different about him. his members were...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hate | Love
    1.6M 24.2K 39

    Rank 1 - Mame Rank 2 - LBC Rank 2 - Tharn Rank 2 - Retelling Rank 2 - BL Rank 2 - TumTar (12/11/19) When a homophobic athlete bunks in with a gay guy as a roommate, things are bound to get interesting. Let's meet Type and Tharn, two distinct personalities that have virtually nothing in common. Or so t...

  • Lost Memories (completed)
    46.2K 2.5K 16

    A/N: I usually write fanfics about MarkJin and recently, I've been a big fan of these two Thai actors and a shipped couple, MewGulf! So I decided to write a fanfic for them. Any Waanjais here? If yes, i wanna say Hi to my fellow Waanjais! 👋 The concept of this story is purely fictional. If there are some mistakes, pl...

  • school days
    340K 16.7K 71

    mr suppasit is a 25 year old teacher who is rumored to be gay. He lives in a dull routine. mr. kanawut is a 19 year old student who Doesn't broadcast his sexual orientation. He also just lives day to day without much excitement. mr. suppasit ended up saving mr. kanawut when he was 16. since then mr. kanawut (gulf) has...

    Completed   Mature
  • Contract Marriage [TharnType]
    6.8K 326 5

    Tharn A billionaire business man who is more interested in earning money than anything . He is the type of person who thinks even if he wastes an hour then he'll lose millions of money. Type A doctor who is best in his profession and loves to serve people. He is kind and caring who comes from a doctor family. What h...

    10K 257 2

    Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat is an Elite Alpha. His family is a business magnate but he refuses to take over or work in their Company. He is currently an high school student and a part time model. His father allowed him to pursue his dreams in 2 conditions. First He must be successful in the path he choose. Second, He m...

  • Stalked (MEWGULF)
    31.9K 1.4K 14

    They were at the peak of their careers. Gulf Kanawut, a no name actor and Mew Suppasit, a rising star with a troubled past had gone from rock bottom to the top in the time loop of a year. And they couldn't have done it without the other. From strangers to soulmates, things couldn't be better for the two. But life has...

  • hate you, love you (a TharnType fic)
    20.9K 645 4

    Type never expected to fall for the CEO of a big shot music company and Tharn never expected to fall for a bratty university student. But here they were, doing exactly that. || based on the AU twitter post by 'pperths'!

  • I Know You (Completed)
    10.7K 538 2

    Kohm, Champ, and Techno have always been with Type. The four best friends, inseperable. They know him, what he likes, what he hates. What makes him happy. They know him. So why didn't they see this coming?

    Completed   Mature
  • Type Hesitated
    16.1K 447 6

    Part One - A one shot of Type's thoughts following his offer of one time sex to Tharn. Type recounts his plan to see where it went wrong. Part Two and Two.Half - ***NEW*** A two part shot to explore the events between "We are not having sex again" and "if it's for sex than Okay." Part Three - A one shot to fill in T...

    Completed   Mature
  • U belong wid me ROOMMATE💗
    49K 1.1K 40

    Two guys abruptly fall in love wid each other.Despite the fact that they were sworn enemies in the beginning they meant the world to each other in the end."I don't exist if I don't have him the sun doesn't shine the world doesn't turn" the feeling of one boy for the other💖💖

  • A Beautiful Love || MewGulf
    87.3K 2.3K 14

    - the alternative ending you wished for. the alternative ending to my Hanahaki Disease MewGulf AU "A Beautiful & Painful Love".