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  • The Batman Imagines.
    2.4K 33 2

    Imagines of Robert Pattinson's Batman :D I'm so in love with him omggg Started March 4th.

  • Texting vampires and werewolf
    34K 1K 17

    Just stupid conversations that Jasper emmet Jacob and Edward have as best friends

  • Can't Be Helped
    68.4K 1.3K 15

    Jacob was brutally beat by the pack and it's leader when they found out he was gay and imprinted on Edward. Seth tried to stick up for him but they just beat him too. Edward saved them and kept them at his house where Bella is no longer there for particular reasons. When Jake and Edward have sex for the first time, so...

  • Robert Pattinson Smut Collection (Robert Pattinson X Reader)
    36.3K 277 27

    Robert P smut. Enjoy. 💋

  • All I wanted was you..
    69.5K 1K 74

    I disliked my life what it took from me. what it let happen to me. I didn't want anyone anymore. not after what happened. beside my bestfriends, I didn't want anything else. I was okay with that But...he...he said I was special....the most special thing to him. and started to change everything. Belinda Morgan shut ev...