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  • Picture to Burn (Taylor Swift) B1
    638 226 20

    Hallie Taylor's parents fell in love as children but she hasn't been so lucky on the romance front and now 15 she is desperate to find a love that is half as exciting as theirs. Out the blue she meets Liam... A year older than her and a dare devil boy who will show her what it really feels like to love at the expense...

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing Wounds (Completed)
    3.7K 1.1K 40

    Set in modern-day Nigeria, Adaora and TaraOluwa are mother and daughter set to go down a journey of healing wounds. Tara's ex-best friend partnered with her former crush to sell her to human traffickers. The memories of her short time in hostage before her successful escape still haunt her. On the other hand, Adaora b...

  • Whimsical Perfection
    726 86 42

    ***FEATURED BY @adultfiction (27/08/2021)*** As he came closer, pressing me further into the door, my breathing quickened. But I wasn't going to let him take all the satisfaction from this torture, so I attempted to keep a straight face. "You're bonkers. This was a one time thing, how dare you come here asking for it...

  • Bliss
    3.4K 471 34

    Two weeks. Two weeks of sun, sand and stress-free fun. At least that's the package Lizzie was sold. Little does she know, the package was a dream. A sweetly wrapped lie fed to her by those she trusts the most. There will be sand, sure. And sun, lots of it. But stress-free? Well, with Isaac in tow, that's pretty much...

  • He Loves Me....Not
    1.4K 501 11

    It is easy to know if you're in love. Or is it? Love is a beautiful emotion with many twists, turns and divots. At last when you think you've attained it, you feel the anguish, misery and disturbance that overtakes you. Then, it becomes clear-he doesn't love me! Your emotions will take you on an adventure as you ponde...