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  • Hiraeth: Longing for you
    229 59 8

    After the experience of loss of someone important, Hiraeth, a 29-year old, is finally able to face her fears after 3 years but when she sees that person in New York again will see be able to get through her downfall or will she lose from the demons of her mind? Does she wants to live through those horrific memories ag...

  • His Demoness
    488K 54.6K 65

    When Xu Zhijian becomes a full-fledged demon hunter, he is given a talisman to summon his familiar. However, he ends up calling forth the sleeping 'Demoness' and finds himself bound to her without a choice. Days go by and he begins to discover that she isn't like how the rumours describe her to be. Together, the pair...

  • Piano Keys | Kim Taehyung | ✓
    3.5K 477 14

    ✔ [featured on Wattpad's Short Story and Kpop and WattCliches profiles' reading lists.] ↠ ▮▯▮▯▮▯▮▯ ↞ The familiar black and white keys which we spent the summers and winters of our childhood with; those piano keys with which she played countless songs as I watched her, mesmerized by her; those piano keys which ho...

  • Trifecta: Ice [Complete]
    30.4K 2.5K 51

    Elise is a werewolf living in an isolated town in the Canadian wilderness. Prompted by fear for those she loves, she sneaks out to an ongoing battle and ends up inadvertently cursed to live as a thrall of a neighbouring pack leader. Elise gradually learns to cope with the overwhelming fearful control of the magic, wh...

  • The Final Cycle: A Zodiac Story
    46.2K 1.3K 47

    In the beginning, there were the Great Gods and their creations throughout the five Realms. But with beautiful worlds comes endless corruption and betrayal. To retaliate, the Great Gods created 12 beings to protect and serve them against their mortal enemies. Every time, the final battle between good and evil reaches...

  • The Legal Kills {ON HOLD}
    1K 239 22

    She glares at me and grits out, "Yes without that, might I remind you, where would you have been right now, Wilson?" "You are going to hold that over my head forever, aren't you Davidson?" "Yes. Because I deserve that credit don't you think?" She smiles sweetly but there was nothing remotely sweet about it. "Yeah. You...

    444 87 31

    Arina's life turned upside down when she's cuffed to a pole in an abandoned factory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A team in the crime department of South Korea is tasked in another case. The disappearance of an idol. Only to find another person was involved with the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tribrid Queen - Book One
    5.4K 181 11

    BOOK #1 of the (TRIBRID SERIES) PS: This is not a fanfiction of any sort. This book is completely based on my imagination and every thing such as places and characters etc, are my creation. HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in original fantasy #8 in Queen ...

  • 3 Paths to Love
    6.2K 698 69

    Three omega brothers, Taeyong, Seunghyeon, and Myungsuk, set out to navigate three very different life stages. Taeyong saving a marriage, Seunghyeon opening his heart, and Myungsuk learning what it takes to be happy. They each embark on their own love stories with three exceptional people: Kim Daehyun, Nam Kwangsun...

  • Vlaurentia High
    245 19 14

    „ Could be changed is Destiny, but fate not." . . Born as a Silver Soul who appears once in a millennium, Arrheyl is cursed to live the life of her past self, destined to live a life full of suffering if she ever meet her fated one. The only ailment to the curse is by becoming one with the Golden proportion, the one w...

  • Kreed
    224 51 23

    ~No one ever said your guardian angel had to like you~ Kreed's name had always been ironic in life. He never believed in God until he was staring him in the face. Faced in a courtroom of God and his angels, he is sentenced to life in hell. When Kreed pleads for a second chance, God offers him the rare "communit...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Crescent Moon Pack
    1.2K 126 20

    This is the story of Mia Winters. The one who lost everything. The one who was treated in a way no sane person would treat anyone like. The one who almost gave up on her life. Yet she rose from her ashes. Strong and filled with fire, just like a Phoenix. But was she truly saved? She believes that she is yet another o...

  • Teasing Your Wicked Heart
    176K 13.1K 41

    [Reached # 2 on Regency and # 1 on Austen] After the death of her father, Lady Sarah Jane is passed around her inheriting cousins and uncles as the tolerated ward no one wanted to care for. Years later, when the last of her relatives passed, and with the threat of dissolving the Rosenberg title looming around the corn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust me, Kitty
    1K 107 34

    [EDITING] Book 1 in the Trust me -series Just as Kathryn Summers thought her life in Santa Monica was finally going well, everything suddenly changes. Her boyfriend Mikey starts to disappear mysteriously. He is seen in strange places, with strange people, doing strange things. No matter how much Kathryn tries, Mikey w...

  • Mystical Mutant {Editing}
    5.4K 2K 80

    After a great war wiped out the Elevanas and the Glorindians, the last survivor fled to earth. Seventeen-year-old Fiona Cinderblock learned the way of humans, she got admission into Dian high school in Magnolia. Fiona tried to keep a low profile but her incredible skills exposed her every time. She rejected potential...

  • Gideon Drake and the Fire Within (Harry Potter Sequel/Spinoff)
    9.3K 907 54

    *AMBYs 2022 Winner* A brand-new story set in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World of Harry Potter 🧙 Find out how the magical world and fan-favourite characters have changed since Voldemort's defeat, in this modern-day tale of magic, family and friendship. As a baby, Gideon was found at the centre of a mysterious magical ac...

  • Dragon: Myth of the Bermuda Triangle (Novella #1)
    5.4K 535 22

    |7X FEATURED · AMBYS 2023 SHORTLIST| Twelve-year-old Will is a dragon. He's a member of the Water Clan that thrives in the Bermuda Triangle. His parents abandoned him seven years ago and never returned, leaving Will with just a magic necklace and the Ocean to guide him. Alone on a tropical island, his world will chan...

  • Four Players One Lover ✔
    2.6K 232 6

    "I'm a jerk, but you stole my heart" ---->Derek "I'm a better person when i'm around you" ---->Halsey "I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself" ---->Nicholas But what shocked me the most were Alec's words... "I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want...

  • The Gazelle (A Rapunzel Retelling)
    115K 11K 80

    When the war brings a young enemy soldier to the ruined palace Tabeya calls home, the truth about her past emerges, chasing her into the desert, where she must elude her vengeful guardian for the sake of her freedom and her forbidden love. ***** In h...

  • Tales From Sin City (Completed)
    271 44 13

    Prologue : "We all lived in one city, we shared the same sky, we heard the same cacophonic sounds everyday. But we have different stories. Maybe the city took from us more than it gave, or maybe we lost ourselves amid the process. Who are we? We are like you" said the charachters to the readers ...

  • IZANAMI- Tales of Death
    466 109 11

    Orphaned at five years, she is made into a beast. She has the rage of a Demon and an insatiable bloodthirst! She is destruction! She is Death! She is a goddess! She is Izanami!!! ***** Izanami is a Shintō creation god who became the Japanese goddess of death after she died. Her name, Izanami, means ''the female wh...

  • Shades Of Love
    2.8K 686 18

    It's a poetry collection that narrates a love story. One with a tinge of all the Shades Of Love!❤️ 💕💕💕 Slowly, she's fallen deep in love with a man who was an absolute stranger to her. The sad part is, he's unaware of her feelings!! There seems no ray of hope... No chance of them meeting! Pathetic! Isn't it? But wa...

  • The Grey Necro
    1.5K 232 47

    A child is sick of the abuse they suffer every day, so they finally stand up for themselves and end up getting sentenced to death. How will they survive? With aid from the dead, maybe? In a world where Demons rule the night, how will a young Necromancer beat the Demons? Our young necromancer tries to reach their goal...

  • If She Knew
    21.8K 3.7K 61

    [The Wattys 2021 Shortlisted Finalist] One case, two detectives, three friends, and a thousand emotions. Sometimes nothing is a coincidence, but then again, everything is. After the mysterious deaths of Amyra Valdez's eldest Uncle followed by her own father's, incidences suggest that she is the next. Amy doesn't ha...

  • The Prophecy Of The Black Day
    1.4K 452 39

    Haunted by the evil queen of Rodia, Selene Feather's early life on earth was constantly filled with tragedy. At age 8, she watched her mother get brutally murdered and thus lost all the memories of her magical background prior to that day. Raised by her strict aunt Tianna, Selene grew up believing she was unremarkable...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hero of Draylis
    275 44 9

    A special lake hidden in plain sight. A dying magical world in need of a hero. A girl who has no interest in anything related to fantasy. Summer Bennett's parents decided to move far away from the city and into the small town of Bisbee, away from bustling neighborhoods and the noises in her previous city. At first...

  • Shadewylf
    14.4K 1.6K 55

    Thirty-Four has been awaiting his Pelt all his life. All across the wolf world of Sylvera, others wield magic of all kinds, and he longs for the ability to channel his own power. All around him, mysteries begin to unfold. With eyes watching from the shadows and secrets kept just out of reach, he feels more helpless th...

  • Cheated [PJM]
    35.9K 931 29

    *C O M P L E T E D* •Park Jimin Fan Fiction• *V E R Y S H O R T S T O R Y* "We used to be happy... but all good days passed and replaced with a bad one.." -Sequel: Second Chance- Warning: Read at Your Own Risk. I wrote this during my premature era of writing. Meaning my writing style and grammar here is so bad... T...

  • Contraindication
    1.7K 261 39

    [WATTYS 2022 SHORTLIST] "Hello again, Pizza Boy?" I glanced up at him with a smile. The blood was rushing out my head but it didn't bother me. "Are you back to make another attempt on my life?" "Shut up," he fumbled, absolutely petrified. "I-I hate you!" I laughed as we were both red in the face; one more sticky then...

  • Forever -Dramione
    29.6K 921 38

    "Because unlike you, I didn't break my promise." "I had to! I had to do that because if I hadn't, you would have suffered." "Tsk, tsk. Joke's on you, idiot. In case you hadn't noticed, I am still suffering, even if it's been years." Hermione Granger came back into his life when he had least expected her to. She nev...