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  • My Silent Knight
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    It has been a year since the princess and her knight were able to reunite and seal the horror that was Calamity Ganon. Now, the princess wonders through her kingdom of Hyrule, attempting to help her subjects and return the kingdom to it's former glory. Through her travels, she makes sure to keep her silent knight clos...

  • Hunter and Apprentice; Fantasy Zelink AU (The Legend of Zelda)
    4.2K 390 14

    In this fantasy AU, Zelda is an alchemist hunter. She finds and harvests magical ingredients. (Think... catching a frog in botw, and her fascination with ingredients and their effects.) She also has light magic. Link is a new apprentice to a witch in a nearby village. (He's sort of a mix of Twilight Princess Link, and...

  • Zelink Oneshots
    38.2K 617 14

    Titles don't lie, therefore it says it all...😆 (I will take requests 😊) (I do not own the cover picture(s), all credit to the artist!!) :D

  • Deeper Scars - Modern Botw Zelink AU (11+)
    2.2K 74 5

    Quick warning! This content includes, PTSD, anxiety, and a couple graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is advised. When Zelda found out her father, the richest man in the country, was sending her to public school, Zelda didn't know what to think. At least her one and only friend Urbosa Naboris would be there. When Link...

  • Unforgotten Love | Zelink ✔️
    39.8K 658 39

    In modern day Hyrule, Link is an orphan who lives in an orphanage. Because he is meant to be the Hero of Hyrule, his bunkmates get jealous and bully him for it. When Link enters first grade, he befriends Zelda, the most beautiful girl in Hyrule, and eventually falls in love with her. The two become inseparable, but ev...

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    Another one of the greatest couples deserves shorts for themselves! ✨ I'll be writing what game they're from before I start each story! (Mostly Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Breath of the Wild) ✨ -MandaLink-

  • The Queen and the King (Continuing the story of "The Princess And The Wolf")
    21.9K 815 23

    It has been five wonderful years after the Twilight Invasion, four years after Ganondorf's second reign of terror. Link and Zelda lead their normal lives, and Midna visits often from the Twilight Realm. In honor of the five year anniversary of the ending of the Twilight Invasion, Zelda plans a grand celebration. On th...

  • The Wings of a Hero (OotxSsxMm) (Discontinued)
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    **Update*** I will be rewriting this story on my new account 👉 @littlecaprisunpouch. Thank you for your continued support. After Skyloft mysteriously fell into the earth, three goddesses created the beautiful land of Hyrule for their devastated sister. The four goddesses granted everyone with animal forms unique to...

  • The elites of Hyrule
    5.7K 302 23

    Ever since Link was a child he's been part of the elites of Hyrule. He's had the honor of going between worlds and learning about the people and the things there. When the king assigns Link to a special young girl he'll take on his biggest challenge yet....high school. Link regains his memories as he falls for her eac...

  • Woohoo! Botw Zelink one shots! =D
    14.9K 217 5

    This is the first thing I have ever written on Wattpad! =D *Smacks word pinyata* yay! I have a few ideas for the future, but I thought it would be best to start out small and simple. So here we are- one shots! I hope I don't bore you guys. Let's just see if I can do something right for once! =D Nintendo has custody of...

  • 30 Day Zelda Challenge
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  • Sunshine (A Modern Zelink story)
    538 22 1

  • I'll Miss You
    579 31 1

  • Gone (A Modern Zelink Fanfiction)
    604 13 1

    We all know Link can sometimes let his dark side take control, but this time, he goes too far...

  • I wish you were here (loz modern)
    11.2K 491 27

    Zelda has the biggest crush on Link, but due to a tragic event Link had to move away.. he was her best friend and she felt alone for a time until she met Midna. One day (as fate would have it) Link returns and dates his dream girl (that isn't Zelda) who turns out not to be his dream girl. Zelda has the pressure of s...

  • Tied to you | ZELINK AU
    4.1K 78 24

    "There is always a constant tightness on your pinky finger or thumb, it doesn't ever go away or loosen... That is, until you're near your soulmate." A zelink soulmate and college au. Semi apocalyptic? I just came up with this so if anyone else has done it... I don't know. Also I'm winging it. DISCLAIMER: There will...

  • Written in Ink| Zelink, Modern/ Soulmate AU
    5.5K 187 8

    Kinstones are no stranger to Hyrule but as life moved on Hylia wanted their legacy to live on. By infusing all inhabitants of Hyrule with her magic Hylia gave birth to a new type of tradition. Everyone has at least one moment when they quickly write something on their arm, but- What happens when it also appears on th...

  • Crimes In A City That Never Sleeps~[Zelink]~ {UPDATED!!}
    7.8K 264 11

    {~Thank you, boi-o's for helping me reach #3 in Zelink! ^^~} Wild, lives in N.Y., New York, and is, like his name states, quite the 'Wild Child'. He's always wanted to be a detective, just like his father was. When he hears his best friend, Twilight, will be becoming a police officer, he has to join in! But, once his...

  • How can I love
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    How can I love her if I barely know her he asks himself. This story is after the calamity, how Link finds his love for Zelda. Hope you like it. Please comment I love reading what ur comments say! Going to be very short maybe 4-5 chapters could be more could be less idk yet. -Lilly out

  • Silent love (Zelink story) -Disconnected-
    1.7K 51 8

    Link, a shy boy. Zelda,spirit broken. She takes her anger out on him, feeling he has everything. A silent admirer who can't express emotions well. Bond broken. Can it be repaired? Breath of the wild story before and after calamity I don't know how often I will post. -Lilly out -Disconnected-

  • I Don't Love You (Zelink)
    589 27 1

    Pretty depressing Zelda fic based on Skyward Sword. I normally don't do straight pairings but this came to mind so ye.

  • ZeLink: Au Revoir
    8.5K 394 18

    Zelda Fraysse, is a 21 years old businesswoman who is very highly respected in her small hometown, but in the bigger cities, nobody recognizes her name, she's just one in many. She encounters a classy man one day, who goes by the name of Link. After they get to know each other a bit more, turns out they have been both...

  • Damn You, Link (Zelink Oneshot)
    5K 116 1

    Zelda's best friend is the completely gorgeous and perfect, Link. His open and outgoing attitude tends to send her feelings on a roller coaster. Will she be able to handle it when they get a little too close? -Modern Zelink oneshot.-

  • Modern Love Zelink Fanfic
    7K 201 13

    Hello y'all This is my story of modern Zelink. I reallllllly like the other modern Zelink fan fic that others write so this is me trying write a good story. Zelda, a very kind hearted young girl. Link, the new boy to Hyrule high also kinda shy. What will happen when they meet? A friend ship, maybe more? The bac...

  • The muted hero (Legend of Zelda)(Zelink)
    28.7K 278 30

    The story begins when one day at hyrule high, with zelda hyrule...the most popular girl in school and the mute warrior named link. What happens when they collide? Can Zelda find the story of the muted warrior?

  • Facing the Darkness ~ Zelink Modern AU
    25.2K 306 25

    Highschool is a rough time for everyone. but for this kid, it's even worse hes faced it all. Death, Greed, Suicide. It feels as though no one is there to help him. But to add more insult to his life he found out he had to move. His mom got offered an amazing position all the way in another state. Not until he finds t...

  • A Lying Smile - A Zelink Fanfiction AU
    34.3K 672 35

    The school jerk show has a bad life. But who does he blame, no one but himself. A abusive life with his Dad link tries to find the smallest bit of hope. The school book nerd who has everything someone can want. Intellegengce, looks, friends, and family goes through a lot of things. yet the surprise of his life is one...

  • A Sacred Bond
    7.6K 170 14

    After a long, unexplained absence searching for his beloved companion fairy, Link finally returns to his home of Hyrule. Zelda has dearly missed her best friend. However, the weight of the crown, and never knowing truly why he disappeared, has left its toll. Zelda is not the mischievous princess she once was, nor is L...

  • The Hearts of Hyrule
    31.3K 942 15

    《This story takes place after The Heroes of Hyrule!!》 It has been a year since Link and Zelda have restored Hyrule Castle and the morale of their people. The plains are bountiful with flora and fauna, the evils of the world have been erased, and Zelda has risen from the ashes of her past to become the Queen of Hyrule...