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  • May-December | ✓
    610K 34.6K 32

    After filing his company for bankruptcy, Kyle's wife leaves him and his three-year-old son. Now a forty-two-year-old divorcee with no parenting skills or money, Kyle decides to move back to the small home town he grew up in. He should have lost all hope in love and romance, but there's something about Chaska, his son...

  • My Type of Socializing | ✓
    525K 33.5K 32

    Adam is a Neet. He never leaves his apartment unless he absolutely has to. He holes himself up, only giving attention to his comics and cartoons. However, things change when a noisy party animal moves in next door and becomes a pest. Adam is given no other choice but to confront his neighbor. A series of events pushe...

  • Sugar Baby ✔️
    763K 44.5K 36

    Xavier has always been an unapologetically provocative man with minimal morals. As a secret agent working under an alias, seduction has always been his weapon of choice. He has a single weakness, his colleague and 'partner-in-law', Grayson Shelby. He is forced to swallow his unrequited love and manipulate everything...

  • Listen, Obey
    2.1M 118K 50

    Ethan tries to leave one life for another: probable death for a possible life. But what he leaves behind doesn't necessarily want to let him go. Shackles from the past bind his wrists while promises of a better life scare the hell out of him. How could someone possibly want him to be a part of their life and their fam...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Principal's "STRAIGHT" Mate (Manxboy)
    1.1M 35.4K 41

    All Rights Reserved Alex is the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack. However, he takes the job as the principal at Raven High School since his teen pack members can't seem to behave at school.He is gay and mateless at age 23. Zack is a senior at Raven High and the heartthrob quarterback. He's straight and a manwhore at age...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cole.
    321K 11K 33

    Ex-boyfriends of Cole Bradley, son of Global News Billionaire James Bradley, would say one thing about him, "He's Bad News!" But in a world where money talks, Cole gets everything he wants. Right at this moment, he has a thing for the new guy on "The Lightside News" segment of his father's program. Derek Sanders is in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving His Assassin
    1.2M 51.6K 48

    I am Re-editing this story! The word EDITED in capitals will be displayed when it had been re-edited. I always lived in the shadow and always will. I have no name and never had. I'm everyone and anyone. Each night I have a new master and he can call me like he want. I was once a Jonh, a thing, a monster, a no name...

    Completed   Mature
  • Symphony of the Words Unspoken (boyxboy)
    332K 15K 25

    Jasper Whalen wasn't looking for love. Sure, he had a few relationships here and there, but they had all been with girls, and for him that didn't count. He didn't think he'd ever fall in love, and he had begun to accept that. So imagine his surprise when he meets Gale Woods, a mute street violinist. Gale was everythin...

  • Enforce Me
    1.5M 71.2K 43

    (boyxboy/malexmale/manxman) Jaidan, Jai for short, is the Alpha's nephew. It's safe to say he's uncle's favourite man. However, Jai is an omega from the Eastern Forrest Pack, a pack of brownscale wolves, waiting for his turn to become useful to his pack; to find a wolf who is interested in him as a mate as all submiss...

    Completed   Mature
  • SoccerKing04? (BXB) (Watty Awards 2012)
    880K 28.3K 21

    When a boy seeks to approach his crush, he consolidates in the high school student chat room. Under the name Karmer8, an outcast boy speaks to the social hottie, SoccerKing04, for the first time in all his high school years! But, will SoccerKing04 like him back? And how come SoccerKing04 knows who he is, when no one e...

  • Empty Halls BoyxBoy
    1.8M 50K 30

    Meet Azel, a crazy, random, clumsy 17 year old with a completely oblivious personality. Meet Alistair, a simply perfect, beautiful, loving 17 year old with a completely confusing personality. Add in some best friends, bullies, heartache and love, and you'll have both of their lives.

  • Broken Little Mate
    1.6M 63.2K 48

    Book I: Graham Keller ran away from his hometown and never looked back, but with a new death starts a new fate. Keller will soon find out he can't run from his past or the wolves.

    Completed   Mature
  • The difficult life of Caine Mckay (werewolf-boyxboy)
    289K 11.6K 20

    Eighteen years ago Caine McKay was born. He was born as the first Black wolf in 400 years due to what people call a curse and a gift. After his parents are killed, he was sent to The Werewolf Academy for young spies. After they are attacked he runs away into the the Werewolf Protection Programme. After the discovery o...

  • Finding Mr. Perfect's Flaws (boyxboy) *Completed*
    940K 24K 26

    Hey, I'm Zachary. This story may not have a plot or any real reason for being up on this strange website, but it's my story. Me, with all my problems. I tried pretending to be straight, but I couldn't. Many people came into my life - Collin, the perfect quarterback who may or may not be gay and who I am obsessed with...

  • Hell's Angel: Book 2
    1M 55K 40

    On his first moon, Aden finds a white werewolf with red markings staring back at him in his reflection. He is definitely a sub but with a little extra fire. It's okay. Aden was expecting it. Titus, on the other hand, couldn't be happier. He takes Aden home where the pack is waiting. They are thrilled about the new add...

  • The Sound of Ice
    3.7M 190K 47

    Hockey player extraordinaire Cameron Beckett not only has to deal with the pressures of making it into the NHL and graduating high school, but also figuring out his feelings for the boy next door. ***** Cameron Beckett is the ace and co-captain...

  • His Bride to Be [M/M] (Slow Update)
    559K 26.7K 47

    Black ash clouded the night sky as my lungs burned. The gnawing fear licked my mind as we ran from our towards the village gates. Our only exit from the once safe haven. Flames gnawed mercilessly at the homes and markets that made our village home, now destined to ruin and ash. Shrieks of terror were heard, from tho...

  • Paws
    955K 63.4K 31

    Book 3 of the Cross-shifter Series. Life has always been good for Sam. He had it all. The huge house. All the hot one night stands he could ever want. Parents who could honestly care less about seeing girls stumble out the door at odd hours of the day and or night. Everything seemed perfect. Until he found out someth...

  • Personal Assistant (MXM - EDITING )
    1.6M 73.3K 62

    "Hello. My name is Serene Ochoa. I want to try out for the position of your assistant. I earned my Masters's degree in literature and-" "Did you read the requirements needed to become my assistant, Ms. Serene?" Nicolas interrupted. Serene cleared his throat. "Mr." "Sorry?" "Sir, it's Mr. Serene." The CEO looked up, st...

    Completed   Mature
  • You, Me, and All The Spaces In-between
    1.6M 65.8K 49

    Alyx Miller is a smart, quiet high school student with a raging attraction to Cash Smith: the wildly popular quarter back with model boy hair. When his English class anonymously swap their favourite books with each other for an assignment, Alyx discovers that maybe one of his classmates is a bit more profound than he...

  • Loving The Mafia Boss
    989K 31.1K 25

    Lucas finds himself being dragged away by two men while out for a walk after finding out that his father was in a lot of trouble and he was the only "thing" that could solve the problem. He didn't think that night would change his life forever and he would fall deeply in love with thee most dangerous man on earth. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Plain Sight (manxman) "Temporarily On Hold"
    432K 18.7K 18

    David's at the height of his career as a top male model. He's gorgeous, he's hot, he's who everyone wants. People look when he walks into a room, but do they actually see David? Or do they see the façade he's created, the successful, sometimes arrogant superstar. Elliott, the antithesis of David's persona is quiet...

  • Freak (Troyler AU)
    9.5M 223K 81

    What if you could hear them? The thoughts they deigned not reasonable enough to say out loud, the things not suitable for even a giggly teenage gossip conversation. Would it be a blessing or a curse? Troye, the unlucky teenager bestowed with this 'gift', thinks of it as a curse, with good reason. Do you know how hard...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rising Tide
    1.7M 20.7K 11

    Zale is a cry baby. He can't help it. He just gets so mad that the tears start flowing, which makes him even madder. It also doesn't help that the world is sinking. Unpredictably, the land shifts and entire cities can disappear under the water. Zale and his family thought they were safe, until the water started to ri...

  • Unpredictable Match (Interracial boyXboy)(Mpreg)
    2.8M 99.2K 80

    Disclaimer: This story is an mPreg story Cameron Alono Smiths is an innocent, sensitive 16 year old boy from L.A . After living in L.A his whole life, his dad gets a new job out in Brooklyn, New York and they have no choice but to move since things are getting hard. Cameron is scared because all he knows is L.A and w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rise Above ✓
    1M 41.1K 25

    There's something killing the alphas around Maviz, planet of the werewolves. Dallas Crane is the best and number one officer in the Peace Force and Investigation Team - he loathes that his omega status makes people want to walk all over him and so he takes it as a challenge to anyone on a higher status. Then he meet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Genesis [malexmale]
    2.4M 130K 57

    [Book 17] In the beginning, three demons came into being; Wisdom, Destruction, and Creation. With these creatures and many more to join them, the Source declared a prophecy. A prophecy dictated by the choices made by these three beings. A prophecy that could be the undoing of the universe. The war is near and Joxeia c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beowulf (BoyxBoy, Werewolf)(Book 1) COMPLETED
    1.6M 74.5K 53

    [COMPLETE] Beowulf is a 17-year-old who just wants to be a Boxer. He doesn't do relationships anymore, and he is homophobic. So what happens when the boy he meets in the bread and peanut butter aisle at Walmart makes him start to question his sexuality? Ridge is almost 18 and still mateless. When he meets his mate in...

    Completed   Mature