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  • Link & Champions Group Chat
    143K 1.8K 65

    This book stares Link and the Champions messing around in a group chat on Sheikah Slates. The timeline takes place one year before the Calamity, though I will incorporate a few creative elements that aren't necessarily linked to the actual timeline. I hope you all enjoy reading these silly stories! • Updated every wee...

  • Life in Zora's Domain
    123K 2.1K 189

    An AU about Mipha's and Link's life together post Calamity. I tried to have some fun with this story, taking it in different directions, developing Mipha's and Link's family, making up some adventures, and creating some connections to other Zelda stories. But the main theme is Mipha's and Link's love for each other a...

  • Haunting Shadow of the Past
    3.4K 123 29

    *Currently on hold might get picked back up but probably not any time soon... sorry* Calamity Ganon is on the brink of returning and all citizens of Hyrule are in a panic. Link has a new amount of stress on his shoulders ever since he pulled up the master sword and was revealed to be the chosen one that is meant to se...

  • The Sword and the Trident
    1.1K 26 6

    An alternate reality where Mipha and the other champions aren't slain by Calamity Ganon. One where Link never faltered and was never sent to the Shrine of Resurrection. One where Zelda sealed away the darkness and brought peace to Hyrule. What will the hero do now that his mission is fulfilled? (A Link x Mipha advent...

  • Grace and Love || Link x Mipha
    35.3K 390 20

    [3rd book is out!] Mipha and Link had been growing a strong relationship with each other before the Calamity struck. Will the Calamity be stopped and allow Mipha and Link to continue their growing relationship? .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* COVER IS NOT MINE~~Cr...

  • You Two Are Our Final Hope
    2.1K 158 20

    Link and his brother Travis both will over come challenges and fight calamity Gannon...will they save Zelda and all of Hyrule? Or will the evil Finally win... (Link x mipha (Meh oc) Travis x zelda)

  • My Pleasure(Link x Mipha)Book 1
    7.9K 111 20

    (Set before the great calamity) Mipha and Link start to grow feelings for each other but are too scared to say it to the other. But one night something happens that sparks a romance. (Disclaimers, the art on the cover isn't mine, the art in the chapters isn't mine, and obviously, none of the characters are mine).

  • Warpaint
    1.4K 31 10

    After the defeat of Calamity, the Champions are revived. Link struggles with the aftermath, collecting lost memories of those he cares for. [Link/Mipha]

    Completed   Mature
  • Breath of a Lynel
    18.6K 422 23

    A Gold Lynel found Link. Link found a Gold Lynel. What happens next was weird.

  • Breath of a Lynel II
    905 37 8

    A Gold Lynel's town is rioting. Can this Gold Lynel stop the revolution and keep the town under control again?

  • Heaven's Vault
    385 8 5

    A few days in Hebra Mountains will put Link, Mipha and Revali through their paces, bringing them closer as allies. (Pre-Breath of the Wild)

  • His Future Is In The Past
    17.1K 259 10

    Summary: With Ganon destroyed, the Champions gone, and Zelda crowned Queen, Link ponders his future and works to recover a past love. This story begins two years after the end of the game. This is a work of fan fiction using characters and events from the world of The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild, which is own...

  • Isosceles
    1.4K 27 1

    Tensions build between the Hylian and Zoran princesses, Zelda and Mipha, over Link's affection when the three of them travel out on a scientific survey. Who will Link choose? (Rated T for slight sexual themes)

  • The Scales That Bind
    1K 21 13

    Having kept their relationship hidden, Mipha is bound and determined to complete her duty to her beloved, Link, by creating his armor from her own scales, presenting it to him on her birthday. However, just before she's able to do so, the whole of Zora's Domain realizes that this Hylian might have brought something al...

  • botw group chat (Updating :D)
    5.1K 205 35

    A Fun and cringy Zelda botw book :D -Group chat -Memes

  • After the Calamity:Love story
    571 10 6

    After the age of Calamity,what will be happen?Mipha and Link get marry but what Zelda's feeling?Let's read the story than you will know

  • A Switch To Reality | Miphlink
    633 19 9

    After vanquishing the Calamity, Link, Zelda, and the Champions can finally relax and not think about their duties. Until the Sheikah Scientists Purah And Robbie find a mysterious object hidden deep in Hyrule Castle called a Nintendo Switch... The Switch holds many secrets: simulated training arenas, entertainment, and...

  • A Love Too Strong ( MiphLink fanfic)
    758 41 21

    A MiphLink-centric retelling of the story of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild set during the events of the Great Calamity and alternate events that unfold around it.