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  • Call Out My Name. [Emily Prentiss + Jennifer Jareau]
    7.1K 223 10

    Emily Prentiss just started working at the BAU. Upon meeting everyone, she locked eyes with the beautiful blonde, Jennifer Jareau. Will she fall for her? Set in season three. Will isn't an issue and Henry doesn't exist. Hotch is married to Haley, and they have Jack. [criminal minds - jemily]

  • Aurora [ Jennifer Jareau x Reader ]
    87.5K 2K 19

    After joining the BAU and becoming close friends with JJ, Y/N finds herself falling for her closest and best friend, all while trying to deal with a personal issue that's causing more trouble than she wanted it to cause. WARNINGS: SMUT, DESCRIPTIONS OF CRIME SCENES, MURDER, SEXUAL ASSAULT, ABUSE. I do not own the Cha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Golden Girl
    2.4K 51 7

    Jennifer Jareau, JJ, has always been the "perfect" girl. She graduated top of her class, athletic scholarship, and is the BAU's beloved liaison. When she meets someone who makes her question everything, even her sexuality, the golden girl's life is turned upside down. I WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE UPDATING THIS ANYMORE

  • COMMON SENSE . jennifer jareau
    5.4K 222 5

    Jennifer Jareau was sure she would never see the woman at the bar again. Having poured her heart out to her - and thrown up in the back of her car - she was uneasy even thinking about the concept of seeing the woman again. However, luck isn't on JJ's side, but - then again - neither is common sense when she sees Anna...