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  • Sayori X Reader
    43.6K 721 30

    yes. just yes. thank me later. Although based upon Doki Doki Literature Club, this book has a lot of its own original ideas. In the world of Vuoterra, power is sourced from the ribbons you recieve at birth. These ribbons are randomly assigned, but for humans from Earth to not only have a ribbon, but to also make it to...

  • Hold You Forever - DDLC {Natsuki x MC}
    250K 2.8K 42

    More than ever, the literature club is thriving. Sayori managed to swindle another member to their cause and it couldn't have been more impactful to some. Soon, friendships start to develop, and bonds start to bloom. This DDLC story goes on an alternate route after a certain point in the original game; a more lighthe...

  • "The Impossible to Possible" (Monika x reader)
    95.5K 1.2K 29

    (Your full name/ Y/F/N) is a normal high school boy in S.E.A Academy, he got interested in DDLC and tried playing it, when he opened the game and finished it, but he did something that no other players would do...

  • Out of the Clubroom {Monika X Male Reader}
    400K 5.7K 65

    Book 1-Modding your game just to hang out with the virtual girl of your dreams really has its consequences doesn't it? {Warning:Contains some disturbing elements like deaths and suicide,Read with caution} {-I don't own DDLC, besides the OCs, All characters and inspiration are credited to Dan Salvato and his game.-} __...

  • Natsuki x (M) Reader x3 (Doki Doki Literature Club)
    117K 971 27

    #1 At #DokiDoki and #Natsuki ! SPANISH VERSION AT @DuckyGod 'S ACCOUNT! This is a Natsuki x Reader for all Natsuki lovers, knowing there are soo many Natsuki lovers, here is a story with just you and her! or is it.. a natsuki x reader from ddlc / doki doki literature club. I do not own the cover photo, rights to the r...

  • Write Through My Heart | DDLC X Male Reader
    136K 1.4K 33

    After the death of his mother, he was left devastated for it and tried to find his way through living life by himself. One day, four familiar girls appeared in his life and made it better. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ This is my very first book, so sorry for the grammar errors in advance...

    Completed   Mature