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  • Chasing Dreams
    735 161 22

    He's an idol and I'm just a fan. Is it possible for this IDOL to fall for me? I'm keeping my ring finger empty for someone who doesn't even know my existence. Does it make sense? It sounded ridiculous and impossible but I want to give it a try. Being just a mere fan doesn't satisfy me. I want to become someone. I don...

  • Scandalous Affair: Oliver Valez
    756K 19.8K 49

    Scandalous Affair #1 "Isn't the forbidden fruit the sweetest?" Liberty Kings is an alluring woman with her hourglass body, ombre blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes. She can hook you with just one look. Liberty wishes that she can get anything she likes as easily as she got men's attention. But reality sucks; it will sl...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Other Guy Inside
    95.5K 4.7K 35

    FICTITIOUS PSYCHOLOGY SERIES #1 One night, Kean Jay Garcia, a reputable lawyer, committed a crime and was witnessed by the sole heiress of Galliego Group Corporation, Louisa Linda Galliego. To keep his reputation clean and untainted, Kean was willing to do everything; this would include keeping Louisa, the only witnes...

    Completed   Mature