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  • The Passions of Santos
    28K 554 5

    Prepare to embark on the greatest love story ever told as Santos, the President of North Ecuaduras, and Blanca, the daughter of a poor farmer, fall passionately in love. Together, Santos and Blanca must take on the high seas, fight evil pirates, reunite with long-lost relatives and more!  There will be murder, chaos...

    974K 10.3K 70

    Bagito...  Now a TV series in ABS-CBN, Monday to Friday, before TV Patrol. (NOTE: The story in the TV adaptation is modified for a better viewing experience.)

  • Cataindar
    827K 42.7K 66

    #1 for a month on the Fantasy-Action Hotlist. Wattys2015 Winner. Fourteen-year-old Luisa is focused on staying under the radar at her rough London school, relieved that the summer holidays are soon to begin. Exploring the ruin of an abbey at night, Luisa falls into the underground land of Cataindar. The catains a...

  • Wattpad's Dirty Little Secrets
    1.3M 62.3K 80

    "OMG your work is so fugly." "Can that bitch even write?" "She wrote what?" "Oh gurl, hold me back." "Have you even seen a story so bad, you just want to like, die?" "I'm the baddest bad bitch on Wattpad. Bow down bitches!" "Follow me, read, comment and vote on all the chapters of my story, or else I'll kill my family...