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  • I Will Make You Mine (On-going)
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    R-18 || SPG || MATURED CONTENT He already have her, But he lose her. Idiot! She's mine, but someone will gonna have her soon! Who cares? Not me. I'm going to have you, again. ----------- Date started: March 29, 2021 Date finished: -GimmieFries

  • Captured Hearts (On-going)
    55.8K 2.4K 68

    |WARNING: SPG| R-18 | MATURE CONTENT INSIDE| Ang pag-ibig ay katulad lamang din ng isang kamera. Sa isang pindot mo lang, titigil ang oras sa loob ng larawan na nakuha mo. Sa pag-ibig, kapag nakita mo na ang minamahal mo, titigil ang mundo mo. Sa kamera, kinuhanan mo ng litrato ang magandang nangyari sa buhay mo, na...

  • One Night With My Boss (COMPLETED)
    1M 18.4K 40

    |WARNING: SPG| R-18 | MATURE CONTENT INSIDE| Too much liquor, can really take out your mind from yourself. That's what happened to Zoe, he got drunk because of her what-so-called lovelife problem. When she woke up in the morning, everything was blurred. Not until she can clearly see her boss beside her, sleeping peac...

    Completed   Mature