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  • Soul Surfer - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) COMPLETED
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    Louis loves surfing , he really does , until he doesn't anymore . When he was eighteen he was attacked by a shark , which caused him to lose his leg . Ever since he's been afraid of water ; he doesn't surf anymore , or goes anywhere near a sea , no pools for him , hell , even baths freak him out a little . He just can...

  • larry stylinson // One Shots
    63.2K 969 17

    i dont know yet probably fluff/hurt/sick/sad fics || also Larry isn't a secret relationship unless it says in the beginning. There are some stories that might trigger you (like self-harm). I added a trigger warning at the beginning of those. Please tell me if a story needs one, honestly I'm way to unexperienced in lif...

  • Larry Stylinson -Imagines
    607K 15K 52

    Self explanatory . Don't expect any sexual content in my works , any of them . Fluff only , with a side of angst . Enjoy x

  • Larry Stylinson oneshots
    769K 14.7K 127

    Just a bunch of Larry oneshots, no need for a summary really :) (I will be taking suggestions from readers.) Highest Rankings: #1 in kindasad #1 in louisxharry #16 in Zayn #7 in Niall #4 in Liam #5 in harryandlouis #1 in ls #11 in stylinson #72 in onedirection #12 in Louis #1 in ot5

  • One Direction Memes
    40.5K 3.8K 200

    some of my favourite memes :) cover by @-Angel4ever-

  • Larry Stylinson Oneshots
    14.5K 183 17

    The titel says it all. Lots of Larry, lots of fluff, romance and cheesiness. Also: smut

  • Larry Stylinson One Shots
    52.6K 877 17

    Mostly just fluff, NO smut so if you want that go somewhere else

  • Larry Fluff
    376K 7.8K 28

    Harry is the possessive and protective boyfriend. Louis is the adorable and innocent boyfriend. Could the fluffy one-shots not get any better.

  • Larry Stylinson oneshots
    4.2K 77 12

    a hot mess of oneshots I write when I'm bored things to know: - this will be mostly be Harry centric - protective Louis bc yes - soft Harry bc hes baby - my writing is horrible just be warned - a lot of these are short cos I'm lazy :) cover art by me <3

  • fluffy larry oneshots (°5°)
    3.9K 70 5

    the cover has no relation to the book whatsoever but i put it because i love this human so much i cri. and hes soft so... anyway, fluff and kisses and hugs are all in this story/book. Enjoy!

  • Maybe More
    4.5K 142 10

    The golden boy of the school, Harry Styles, has a fluffy little secret. He's in love with the kitten boy who lives with them. How will he explain it to him and how will everyone react to him being in love with Louis? #1 in kittenlouis Keep the comments kind and about the story xx NO SMUT. PLS I AM A CHILD OF GOD

  • Pink Bows (Larry Stylinson mpreg)
    5.6K 158 9

    "Yeah okay so." He's already rambling again. "Remember when I was sick and I went to the doctor and..." He begins, Harry nods so he continues. "Okay well...I didn't actually have the flue." He admits and watches as Harry's face becomes confused. He opens his mouth to speak but then closes it. "You're scaring me babe...

    Completed   Mature
  • A "Happy" Life - Larry (Mpreg)
    455K 14K 30

    Louis and Harry. Harry and Louis. The world's favorite gay couple. They were living their lives to the fullest along with their bandmates and each other. How much could this 'happy' life last after Eleanor's appearance? What is going to happen when Harry's world turns upside down? When a little bump makes its way in h...

  • Louis Tomlinson Sickfics
    310K 5.4K 57

    I will do any requests! Have to be Larry and has to be Louis sick!

  • I See You (Larry Stylinson Au)
    783K 26.3K 26

    Going into a new school Harry is determined to hide the fact that he was born blind as long as he can in fear of being judged. When he meets Louis, the schools football star, he's skeptical to tell him his secret, regardless of Harry's growing feelings for him Credits to 123AJE on quotev

  • Two's Company
    408K 11.6K 17

    In the space of five minutes Louis life has turned upside down His mum is getting married to her boyfriend James, he's moving house and he's getting two new hot, gorgeous older step brothers Harry and Edward. Louis doesn't want a bar of any of it, he doesn't want new older brothers or a new dad and he especially doesn...

  • Sick- and Hurt Fics
    17.2K 251 11

    Louis Tomlinson Sick- and Hurt Fanfictions - one shots / short stories - larry as a couple or bromance - send in requests at any time

  • Trust me with your dreams
    316K 8.4K 19

    Louis is a 16 year old boy who is abused by his Father, his older brother Liam is trying desperately to get Louis out of the abusive situation, but it's proving difficult. Harry is a 24 year old Mathmatics teacher who has just started teaching at Louis School. Harry knows Louis is hiding something and just wants to he...

  • larry stylinson | instagram
    500K 12.2K 57

    a story of a actor and a singer falling in love in the form of instagram posts. a larry stylinson au WARNINGS: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

    273K 3.4K 118

    Instagram love. Follow the boys' journey. This is a work of pure fiction- out of respect for each of the boys, I am in no way claiming any of them are in a relationship together. This is for my own and others entertainment. Credit to the original creators of any and all images that I used throughout the book.

  • Deafening Silence (Larry Stylinson)
    876K 35K 102

    Harry was assaulted on his fourteenth birthday shortly after coming out, which ultimately resulted in the loss of his hearing. When no one was brought to justice for their wrong doings, his family made the decision to move away and escape their hometown. That's when Harry met Liam and Niall. The two overly friendly bo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Words - [deaf!Louis] Larry Stylinson [AU]
    440K 18.7K 24

    [completed] No one likes going to a new school. But when Harry meets Louis, deaf, beautiful and insecure, he finds that he doesn't mind school too much; it led him to Louis. © HiAndOops 2013

    Completed   Mature
  • They dont know you like i do
    8.5K 369 6

    harrys a badass punk who has a softspot for louis

  • We've Got You
    365K 9.2K 18

    Harry, Drew, Scott, Edward and Jax are all emergency room Doctors at London Public hospital. They are expecting a quiet night on shift but what they get is anything but. Louis lost his parents at 14, he's been abused and neglected by his foster parents for the last two years. Fate brings him to Harry and the boys, wh...

    198K 6.6K 16

    Louis brothers report him missing after they can't get hold of him for 24hours Harry Styles and Charlie Stone, detectives of the teenage homicide and missing persons division, are long time friends of the Tomlinson's and take the case. Angst, Fluff and Drama ensured

  • just because he's different :: l.s.
    317K 11.2K 25

    "What? Who's that?" "Louis Tomlinson. He's such a freak." Or where Louis Tomlinson likes pink frilly things and Harry wants people to accept that. P.S. This was written a few years ago when I was a dumb little fuck and couldn't write for shit ENJOY :)

  • BabyDoll~ l.s
    294K 8.8K 31

    What happens when the wide world famous star falls for a feminine boy?! Harry Styles. A boy who likes to dress in a pretty clothes that makes him feel beautiful and boost his confidence a bit. After being told by many how abnormal it is. He tries his best to ignore those comments. But sometimes it's just too hard! Lou...

  • You're Mine
    568K 14.6K 25

    Louis lives with his four older brothers in London, his parents died when he was 8. Edward and Harry Styles are a couple and very close family friends of the Tomlinson's. Things happen and Edward and Harry want Louis, Harry's work becomes personal and Louis needs all the boys to protect him.

  • Reunited l.s.
    130K 3.3K 7

    It's hiatus. Louis misses Harry.

  • larry fluff ~ one shots
    403K 7.6K 49

    just a bunch of larry one shots. just fluff, no smut. harry is protective and strong while louis is small and innocent. ~~ open for requests ♡ hope you enjoy (slow updates)