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  • Corrupted Lies : A Prinxiety Fanfic
    62.1K 2.8K 17

    Everyone thinks the sander sides dont have a past , that thier life started when Thomas was born ...but that is not true ...Anxiety had a rather miserable past because he was himself ...fragile and weak after the incident ..Anxiety appeared when Thomas was in middle school ...nobody seemed to understand him ..but he...

  • Chemical Imbalances --- Prinxiety (Prince X Anxiety)
    25.5K 961 5

    Anxiety needs help. Like, a lot of help - as in he's drowning in a sea of his own self destructive thoughts just to keep Thomas afloat and no one can tell the difference because that's Anxiety for you. But Prince notices. He notices and he gets concerned and that's when he decides to do something about it. {TW for se...

  • pale || prinxiety
    934K 37.6K 30

    ⚠️ C O M P L E T E D ⚠️ i used a pale shade of foundation for a reason. it hides a lot. it hides the red cheeks either from blushing, or when the skin gets irritated from tears. [Highest Ranking: 16th August 2017, #148 in Fanfiction]

  • Shade Boy ~prinxiety~
    181K 7K 30

    Anxiety. The bad guy. The disorder. The sarcastic asshole without a care in the world. Boy where they wrong. *-*-*-*-*-* (Tw: suicide and suicidal talk, implied and explicit self harm, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, abuse, self hatred, implied and explicit rape and sexual assault) (Just don't read this if you'r...

    Completed   Mature
  • [PRINXIETY] Shine and Be Mine
    158K 8K 24

    Cover art made for this book by @lunivox ! -- [Prinxiety][Fluff][Angst][Gay] Sanders Sides puts on Phantom of the Opera at their High School. ---- And AU where the Four Sanders Sides Aspects are all physical seniors in High school.

  • In The Middle (Prinxiety)
    150K 4.7K 40

    No one really knows what Anxiety's deal is. But there seems to more than meets the eye. None of these images are mine. #3 in Prinxiety-08/11/2019 #1 in Prinxiety-08/12/2019 #1 in Thomas Sanders-11/30/2020

  • The Bad Guy (a Prinxiety fanfic)
    131K 4.2K 17

    (Completed) Virgil feels hated by everyone, especially Roman. But when Thomas starts taking anxiety pills and it slowly kills the suicidal Virgil, a prince comes and rescues him... Rated M for explicit content

  • Prinxiety caught (Finished!)
    190K 6.1K 101

    these characters are not mine and i was inspired by the wattpad book caught cutting. i Will be making a diffrent virsion of that but I wont be writing the exact same thing. I was inspired by alot of diffrent books so there just putting that out there right now this is a au to be clear i dont ship thomas sanders with t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hidden From Love ~A Prinxiety Love Story~
    3.5K 141 16

    Roman and Virgil have feelings for each other but, they are to scared to confess their love for on another. During this time though, Virgil stays up in his room hiding away from the other sides. He only goes out to get food but that's very rare.. I do not own the characters, they belong to Thomas Sanders. Thank you an...

  • Breathing | Prinxiety
    114K 5.5K 18

    "It's ok, just look at me, ok? Breathe, yeah, just take a deep breath. You're ok. You're gonna be ok." ok so little warning bc a few people have had to stop reading part way through, this book contains sensitive content. completely uncensored, detailed angsty shit so please if it'll affect you be careful reading this...

    Completed   Mature