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  • The Spellbound Myth
    4.3K 208 17

    Percy Jackson; a muggleborn, a demigod, a hybrid. He's always been a fly on the wall, never being one to crave the spotlight. That soon changes when three letters arrive on one fateful birthday. After all, you can't hide from the spotlight if you're thrust into it. This is Percy Jackson's journey into conquering bo...

  • Percy Jackson, son of Voldemort
    479K 13.1K 21

    Perseus Jackson was left in an orphanage in London when he was just one years old until a man with cold red eyes and a snake as a familiar came and took him away. What will happen to the world's most loyal hero? will he create his own path? Or will he rule the wizarding world as the heir of lord Voldemort. #PLEASE BE...

  • [1] New Beginnings: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Philosopher's Stone
    360K 13.3K 31

    [1] New Beginnings: WARNING!! Story is technically complete but I started editing literally years ago then never finished so the beginning's a little funky! Percy Jackson was adopted at the age of seven by the nastiest family in the world: the Dursleys. He met Harry Potter, the most wonderful person in the entire univ...