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  • Our Love
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    It doesn't matters who you love, if that person reciprocates your feeling. Sometimes being, or getting things to be legal, doesn't help with the problem. It's the acceptance we want, not sympathy. I am Shanaya Singhania, I am an Indian and a lesbian and this is my story. . . . . . #1 in romanticfiction - January 27, 2...

  • Saving His Life(Book 1:- His series) (boy×boy)
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    Rohan Nanda is the yonger son of one of the greatest Indian business tycoons, Ashok Nanda. According to Rohan's family, Rohan was "good for nothing" because he did not like the way of multimillionaires. Rohan always wanted to be free and do what he wanted. He wanted to spend his life like a normal regular person. He w...

  • The Consequences of Falling In Love
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    "That's like inviting death with open arms. Why would you do that?" "Was hoping to get saved by someone." In which two sworn enemies bear the consequences of falling in love with each other. -» all rights reserved to the author. Not edited. Featured on Wattpad India's Pride month reading list.

  • One Indian Love Story ✔
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    In a country where their love is almost considered forbidden, will they break the shackles and stay together? Completed ✔ Highest Rankings: #14 in Bangalore ❤ #6 in Kolkata ❤ #310 in India ❤ #399 in Pride ❤ #4 in lgbtqin ❤

  • Conan The Dandelion (Boyxboy) ✔
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    *COMPLETED* (27.12.2020) "What about you?" Parker asked. "I don't think I'm capable of love," I answered. "Did you get your heart broken?" He smirked. "Oh no, a lot of things are broken, but strangely not my heart. I have quite a healthy heart. It beats between 60 and 100bpm." I paused. "Except for when I run." Parke...

  • Trinkets
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    Mahika and Amoli can't stand each other, but that's not the only thing they have in common. Mahika treats Amoli like she's childish. Amoli thinks Mahika is a stuck-up prude. But Mahika's best friend and Amoli's brother are getting married, so they can't ignore each other forever. If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't...

  • One Shots (LGBTQ+)
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    A collection of LGBTQ+ one-shots usually written at odd hours of the night.

  • Indira [Completed]
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    [5 in #literasia, 14 in #lesbianstories] It was the twenty-seventh of May when it all began. In a single night, Indira Mistry gave her heart hope, wore it on her sleeve, got it beaten up, drowned it with alcohol, smoked it with cigarettes, poured it out and got it torn through and stepped on, all in the space of a few...

  • The Wrong Indian Flag | LGBTQ+[ON HOLD]
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    || Teen Fiction | Romance | LGBTQ+|| ||Ongoing I Sporadic Updates|| Shilpa Patel, an aspiring journalist, wants nothing more than to carve her own path in life. But it seems her parents are very determined to do otherwise, and before she knows it, she is engaged to Raj Mehta. It is not the worst of fates, she suppose...

  • Love-Love || OLD DRAFT
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    [THIS IS AN OLD DRAFT. Please read the rewrite that is currently up on my profile] ............ "Look, man, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to rob the bank but I'm broke and I need the money." "If you need money, go get a job!" "I have a job!" "A real job, not blowing up the city -" "This is a real job, Stormy. It keep...