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  • ~Falling~ (dadzawa) ( Shindeku)
    62.4K 1.3K 20

    Izuku Midoria has always had the "perfect" life. his mom was kind and loving, his father had the perfect job as the #1 hero in Japan and even though he was always busy he still made time for Izuku. At least that's what people always thought... if only people had seen how "perfect" his life really was. Once he got feed...

  • Why did it have to end this way? //depressed deku//
    30.9K 859 9

    Izuku Midoriya.......let's say life hasn't been the best for him. Since the day he turned out to be quirkless his mom did not care for him....his dad left a long time ago. He was bullied by Katsuki Bakugou. He was kidnapped by the LOV....after he was rescued or rather caught everyone seemed to ignore him or hate him...

  • ᴛʜᴇ ᴍɪᴅᴏʀʏᴀ'ꜱ |Abused Deku AU|
    64.4K 1.9K 17

    Title: The Midorya's The Midorya family is a happy family, everyone in their little family is perfect. They never fight, cruse, or yell. Each of the Midorya's love each other and will never stop. • • • But that's only an act. ❕ I'm not going to update or touch this story anymore. It's poorly written so read with caut...

  • When your dad makes Endeavour seems nice
    192K 5.7K 22

    Izuku was a normal boy, going to the best school in the country, with a loving family and lots of friends. That was the cover. The true was that is childhood friend bullied him, and that is father abused him. About the friends, he's too afraid of telling them the true, cause nobody really ever cared about him. Conta...

  • Save Me...
    245K 7.3K 29

    He's depressed. He's alone with no one he could turn to or trust. He is broken. He was abused. Told that he was useless, worthless since she died. Told to kill himself by a man he believed was his father his entire life. So, he jumped. But.. He was saved.. Follow Izuku on his journey of happiness, heartbreak and so mu...

  • 「Help Me」
    33.4K 1.1K 19

    "I can help you." "Its all your fault!" "Why would you do something like this Midoriya?!" "She never wanted a worthless person like me as her child." "She told me everything Midoriya. Now, get out!" "I promise to always love you." "I'm sorry, Midoriya. I don't believe you." "Everything, will be alright...I promise..."...

  • Test Subject 003 ( Abused Deku AU - Dadzawa/
    59.7K 1.3K 9

    Izuku Midoria was only 5 years old when his farther had taken him to the lab... He didn't have much hope of escaping but with the help from one of the members he was able to be found by two pro hero's, who slowly discover what horrible things happened there.... ⚠️WARNING⚠️ THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN: .abuse .mention of ra...

  • Experiment (BAKUDEKU) (COMPLETED)
    95K 2.3K 19

    Izuku is kidnapped by some doctors and they experient on him, turning him into a permanent girl. - this book is literally the worst out of all 3 of my bkdk books lmao i gave up halfway through this one im so sorry

  • Transgender, FTM, Izuku Midoriya (Book Two)
    27.2K 950 24

    As the days go on, so does the hunt to find Izuku. As Izuku struggles with finding himself after having no memories and his so called best friend Dabi tries to fill in the blanks for him, but none of it feels right. The UA students try to balance out looking for Izuku and their future of heroes. Katsuki and Kirishim...

  • Abused Deku (DISCONTINUED)
    86.9K 1.2K 13

    This includes ⚠️Rape⚠️ ⚠️Abuse⚠️ If you don't like this I suggest that you dont read this (Also I would like it if you could point out my mistakes)

  • That One Clod Winter Day (kirideku story)
    37.6K 631 15

    don't like the ship then don't read it!! this story well have some bakudeku but mostly kirideku well there's like half a page of bakudeku the the rest is kirideku soooooi 🏮well have smut🏮

  • BakuDeku || Omegaverse
    568K 12.5K 28

    This is a omegaverse AU [Fantasy AU] --------------- Omega || usually sold to rich and higher class, they are mainly bred with alphas, they have heat cycles. Male and females are able to get pregnant by a alpha Alpha || A tough breed that is usually bred with omegas, they go through a rut period to get to mate with a...

  • (Bakudeku) my omega (omegaverse)
    321K 5.5K 9

    In class everyone has to take a test to know there second gender. Everyone finds out their gender but they also find out that they have to share dorms?! What happens when deku goes into heat? I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. IF YOU DONT LIKE BAKUDEKU DONT READ.

  • My Master/Mate
    170K 4.4K 12

    read it...tododeku btw todoroki is a bad, sexual,rouge alpha and midoryia is a caring, shy, nice omega...lets see what happens cuz why the hell not

  • a date with the devil
    275K 2.6K 20

    Bakugou. Deku. what can go wrong..or right. will bakugou and deku date who knows. characters included. °Todoroki °bakugou °deku ° aizawa • mic And now shinso ~ CONTAINS SMUT~

  • Mine!....(bakugou×deku)
    220K 3.9K 42

    (This story is under editing so alot of the chapters do not make sense but never or less its a good story) this is a story about about katsuki bakugou and izuku midoriya and how over a journey together and apart they still find themselves together. This story does include alpha and omega

  • Can we be More than Friends? _- Complete -_
    32.6K 1.1K 22

    When Bakugou finally asks out his old childhood friend out, Izuku meets his friends. As everyone was happy for the new couple, they began to hang out. Izuku hits it off with Kaminari but, they soon realize that they have feelings for eachother. How will this play out? _- KamiDeku -_ _- No quirks -_ _- Complete -_

  • The Merman from ashore-Mermaid AU(Bakudeku)
    83.7K 2.4K 22

    Izuku Midoriya has been raised by sea creatures and only remembers bits and pieces to where he's from. Izuku decides to go on a journey to find the answers to where he really belongs. Meanwhile on the surface, Katsuki Bakugo works for one of the top scientists in the world and yet, he works as a life guard. One day...

  • Beware the Sirens | BakuDeku [HIATUS]
    27.2K 1.1K 6

    One day, Bakugo stumbles upon a young and injured siren. Despite the warnings about how dangerous sirens are, he helps him anyways. Years have passed now since Bakugo saw the young siren that he helped on that faithful day but they'll soon meet again after a group of pirates take over his ship and steal his treasures.

  • Izuku's hardships
    14.5K 163 9

    This is a story where Izuku meets all might and gains One For All a few years before the time he gets it in the anime (Artwork isn't mine, all characters belong to studio bones and Kohei Horikoshi) I can't spell his name properly sorry

  • Call Me Your Master | KatsuDeku | Villain AU ~DISCONTINUED~
    99K 2.4K 14

    Katsuki Bakugo. I haven't seen or heard from him since we graduated high school. Some say he's become a highly wanted criminal. Others say he's become an assassin. Neither one of the groups are wrong. I would know, he's my 'Master'. [highest ranking: #16 in bnha]

  • MizuTori's IzuMomo Week
    26.6K 542 5

    (I couldn't find a good cover. I'll work on that) Back on AO3, there's an IzuMomo week set up by TheKitsune. Here are the finished prompts. Day 1: Cuddles Day 2: Quirk Swap Day 3: Snow Day Day 4: Encouragement/Doubt Day 5: Holiday Traditions

  • BNHA | Yandere One Shots
    163K 2.5K 66

    REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! _______________________________________ Just some silly old one shots, idk why you ppl still read them Very rarely updated, like yall can't even comprehend how rarely this thing is actually updated ♡

  • yandere BNHA scenarios
    116K 1.4K 24

    Hello! And welcome to the H.E.A yandere experience! We hope you enjoy your experience with us! And have a lovely time darlings!

  • yandere mha x reader oneshots
    57.7K 609 19

    most of these are gunna be yandere character x reader but once in a while I might do a character x yandere reader. I don't do lemons so don't ask please and thank you. this obviously includes yandere content so if this triggers you just don't read it. ill do requests if you want but for now I'm just gunna do some popu...

  • Yandere Zawavember
    125K 2.4K 32

    31 oneshots of Yandere Aizawa for the 31 days of November Obviously ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ Read at your own discretion

  • Yandere Platonicember
    93.9K 1.8K 33

    31 oneshots of Platonic Yanderes for the 31 days of December Obviously ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ Read at your own discretion

  • !black rabbit! vigilante izuku/rewrite
    248K 8.6K 37

    I didn't expect this to get attention read if ya want ^^

  • Burned {Dabi x reader}
    181K 5K 14

    WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS TEN PLEASE STOP ASKING ABOUT THE FUCKING LEG I ALREADY KNOW I FORGOT ABOUT IT. Also this is my worst fic yet so I'm very sorry if you read this :o) Y/N Midoriya is Izuku's older sister and pro hero, Pyro. Y/N also teaches at UA highschool as an assistant teacher in class 1A. She meets a man that...

  • Teacher Son (Tododeku)
    31.4K 770 3

    Izuku is way different from the manga, BxB Tododeku