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  • Howling Wolf
    7.6K 5.8K 18

    Howling Wolf is a superhero fiction story that tells the gripping tale of Ella Johnson. A normal teenager who was determined to protect the world from the evilness of the Demon Wolf after being possessed by the three spirit wolves, which gave her incredible powers. The sword of the three wolves, which was created by...

  • Then There's Us (boy×boy)
    903 489 12

    Williams Kay is your typical 17 year old closeted queer who is from a religious family. After "the incident" with Daniel- the guy who almost ruined his life- Williams builds up a wall. But what happens when Brandon crosses paths with Will? Would he break down his wall? Little did Williams know, Brandon was about to c...

  • Bloom
    220 22 4

    It seem impossible for Harold to find his mate. As a werewolf, who traveled a lot and for a long time, it would really seem impossible. He had been to many places just to find his mate and only come across with his mate in a dreadful situation. Harold is happy that he found his mate but there's only one thing a proble...