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  • The Male Lead Gets Lazy Too [BL] ~On Hold~
    419K 15.1K 20

    Noah died by being pushed off the roof and got reincarnated into a novel as the second male lead. The person who almost everyone hates, Kaito Suzuki, Kaito: 'Ugh, what do you need?' Male lead: "Nothing much, cupcake. Now go back to sleep.' Kaito slowly dozes back to sleep while snuggling up to the male lead. Mal...

  • Stone Cold
    30.3K 1.5K 20

    A fgod story. This is not canon and many, if not all, of the characters will be ooc. When Dream starts noticing the little hints that maybe not everything is as it seems with the bad sanses, he sets out to investigate and soon enough, figures out the truth. When he tells Ink about it, he discovers Ink had already know...

  • The Hidden Half-Blood Prince
    279K 9.6K 34

    Betrayed by all of his friends, Percy flees to England and adopts a new family and culture...of wizards? Join our favorite hero as he survives his new days as Percy Weasley, a well behaved ministry official stuck up. If you intend on commenting, do not use swear words, thank you! Please be a bit more creative than usu...

  • Small but mighty
    28.9K 1.3K 20

    Rei isn't at all a motherly figure. she hates childish and annoying people let alone children. she isn't a saint and her record isn't the cleanest. shes horrible at taking care of others let alone herself. and in general she prefers to be alone. so why the hell did her so called friend force her to go out into the mid...

  • Avatar: Life of a warrior
    1M 24.3K 62

    Soldaat also known as Sol. She is the daughter of a chief in Africa. She was the head warrior of her tribe. She has taken on many challenges in her life. She went to college in America where she was the number one student. She excelled in everything she did. But when two men dressed in black appeared in her villag...

  • Expressionless Mute (Reader Insert)
    37K 982 7

    (Transformers Prime x Mute!Reader) ɪ ᴅᴇᴇᴘʟʏ ᴀᴘᴏʟᴏɢɪᴢᴇ ꜰᴏʀ ᴍʏ ɴᴇɢʟɪɢᴇɴᴄᴇ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜɪꜱ ꜱᴛᴏʀʏ ɪꜱ ʜᴇʀʙʏ ᴅɪꜱᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇᴅ. 𐌔𐌁𐌄 𐌀𐌁Ꮭ...

  • Siblings In Everything But Blood
    906K 23.3K 24

    She first saw him when she was 22 years old, and injured on a mission. He was 10 years old, and visiting an aquarium. Percy Jackson looked into Natasha Romanoff's weary but determined eyes, and decided to help her. And so, he pulled a lever, spilling his class and her enemies into a tank. That was not the last she saw...

  • Bit-ter Memories
    29.4K 1.3K 7

    You had to say, you really hadn't been looking for a job when you first entered the Adoption Center. Yet here you were, up to your knees in bitties. What's the worst that could happen? Cross posted on AO3, sporadic updates.

  • So What If My Best Friend Is A Decpticon ( A TFP Fanfic, Book 1 )
    150K 4K 25

    I smirked and rattled the chain to my handcuffs, the elderly man across the table sighed. I propped my leather combat boots on the interrogation table. Agent Fowler shook his head. " get them off " I smirked again and let them fall off the table. I mumbled under my breath. " What's that!" Asked the agent coldly. I loo...

  • I Don't Belong To Heaven... (Fgod Error)
    14.4K 594 4

    What if Error was really able to die. He ends up in Heaven and he doesn't think that he should be a Angel. Warning: No smuts at all. They might be cursing. Suicidal thoughts??? Slow updates. Gore.

  • Cats Eye
    12.6K 567 12

    You love Horror, Halloween, and oddities. You're the kind to wonder what a fairy skeleton would look like, or collect odd vases that look like anatomical human hearts. Doesn't stop you from also liking cute things though, like unicorns. And then you find him, the perfect combination of creepy and cute, the perfect fri...

  • Ben 10 the Justice Leaguer
    384K 8.3K 46

    Ben tennyson, saviour of the universe billions of times, stopped the universe from getting destroyed, and stabbed Vilgax with a sword carried by an old man who died. Many more things have occurred for the 16 years old boy, but that's for another time. The universe is now at peace....kind of, there are still bad guys...

  • Once Upon a Time.... until Error Showed up
    7.1K 448 7

    When Error jumped into the Void, he had been expecting death. Instead, he finds a second chance to live, and a family. Watch as Error and his family take Storybrooke by storm, no one is going to know what hit them. As the saying goes..... all Magic comes with a price. This is cowritten with @Nightstar246 go check her...

  • Mother of the Transformers
    208K 6.1K 63

    When Penny Drake finds a box full of metal robotic babies, she makes it her task to take care of the sparklings. Will she be able to take care of a bunch of adolescent children? Uses Transformers Prime bots and cons!

  • The Ghost Of Wayne Manor
    156K 7.2K 21

    Bruce Wayne is missing, and Wayne Manor is empty. It's the perfect place for a tired young ghost to settle down and earn the qualifications for his haunting permit. Unfortunately, he didn't account for the groundskeeper, and now he has to spend ten years learning the ins and outs of haunting. All while coexisting with...

  • The Human Colossus. {{MAY DISCONTINUE}}
    3K 55 5

    "Have you ever heard of a Colossus?" "You are nothing." "They are guardians for this world." "YOU HAVE ANGERED THEM."

  • Son Of Nick Fury (Percy Jackson x Avengers)
    1.6M 45.5K 44

    Percy Jackson fanfiction, Son of Fury. When Percy returned from his first quest, he came home to find his mom had been murdered by Gabe. (sorry, I still love Sally!) He was taken to an orphanage but met a certain man in the park who happened to be Nick Fury. Now living together, the pair get along well. Nick suspect...

  • A Small Error Has Occurred
    14.7K 427 11

    Discontinued. This story is shit and old. (Cover art by me) This is a reader insert where you take care of your very own error bitty. They might have said they're for 'advanced' caretakers, but this bitty is just simply too adorable for their own good. many thanks to the one who wrote the bitty handbook of whom has i...

  • help us
    10.5K 285 3

    three grillbitties are abandoned by their abusive mother and one snowey night everything changed

  • Phantom Files
    163K 6.3K 18

    After a tragedy, Danny decided to pursue psychology and become a therapist. After much consideration, he decides to take a job years after. What happens when he takes the internship at Arkham Asylum? What will become of the young Phantom when he meets all of the Gotham villains? Not only that, after their deaths, so...

  • Another place, Another time.
    35.2K 1.3K 15

    Error. Everything was taken away from him, his world, his brother, Everything. What he got after that was a life he never wanted. He earned names like Destroyer of worlds, murderer, and many more. He still protected them from the thing they never feared: Creation. He gave up a long time ago, but when he gave up on pro...

  • Mr. Erratum
    318K 13.7K 103

    Error can take it no longer. After centuries of Pain and suffering, Error no longer cares what happens to the people who caused him pain, and now wants to leave the place he has called home for all his life. Error, after being attacked by half the multiverse's inhabitants, tries to end his misery by falling into the v...

  • Time Miscalculation
    72.3K 2.8K 15

    After waking up in a 10 year-old body (with all his previous injuries), Error tries to figure out how it all led to that point. He didn't know where he was, he's not completely sure how he got there, and his memories were fragmented. Being taken in by the Gaster of that AU and finding out that his codes are integrated...

  • Path to healing
    72.8K 2.4K 19

    Error the forced God of Destruction end up in another multiverse. He will finally discover the happiness of friends, family and maybe more? It's not really an original idea but I hope I can make it entertaining ^^ Some dark theme like panick attacks and strong language. FgoD concept by harrish6

  • Fiadd NaJ (Error kid version)
    19.5K 937 5

    Mostly it's true that Error did have the willpower to get through literally torture and hell to get to his work. Which happens to be working as a mass murderer. So randomly swan diving to a new multiverse in a elaborate suicide attempt and disguising himself as a totally normal high schooler isn't anything new, right?

  • Venerate
    92.8K 3.8K 10

    Venerate: to regard with great respect; revere. Error wasn't sure what to do with himself. He'd expected to die in the Void, not end up in a Multiverse so much younger than him with a semi-immortal that seemed to be throwing a tantrum. Well, he was here now, might as well make sure he doesn't do anything too dumb. ...

  • Bitty AU x Reader (Indefinite Hiatus)
    28.9K 867 18

    (Y/N) is just a normal girl or that was what she thought before her friends dragged her into mama cry's bitty store now she's on a full blown adventure trying to navigate through the world of bitties she has just been sucked into ( (Y/N) is a female ) She doesn't trust other humans that easily though.(pistanthrophic m...