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  • 𝐋𝐚𝐜𝐮𝐧𝐚
    214K 8.8K 23

    Platonic! Mcyt! Various + Nonbinary! Minor! Reader ∆Realistic Minecraft∆ _______ "Wait so, have a younger sibling?" "Tommy...leave them out of this." _______ Minors and bits=Platonic

  • Galra Keith
    287K 9.4K 35

    No one knew Keith was that strong, but he really was that, strong. "I'm sick of pretending!" Keith always yelled as he sagged below everyone in ... everything. After Keith is in an accident, Allura places him in a healing pod that gets sucked out of the castle when the galra attack. Keith is now presumed dead, but wh...

  • Listen before I go -Bakugou Angst
    17.2K 367 5

    Bakugou and Deku get into a fight, where Deku reveals to Class 1-A about what happened in middle school. How will Class 1-A react? What will Bakugou do? Will anyone help him?

  • The Survey Corps Ghoul (AOT X TG)
    15.4K 511 7

    With a flash of lightning and a sudden tug kaneki found himself in a forest. Clueless as to what was going on he made an effort to find the nearest residence of humans or ghouls. Though whilst on his mission for help he comes across a naked giant, shocked as its large form made its way towards him. Completely ravenous...

  • Wolf's den
    3.1K 151 9

    Kakashi, a newly released prisoner number #362, faced with the reality of his upcoming death, took it upon himself to ensure his survival using any means necessary. _______________________________ Naruto realistic AU.

  • This is Bullshit
    1.3M 60K 77

    After his death, Kakashi gets sent into the world of BNHA. He still has all his powers and memories, but no where to stay, which is nothing new to the ninja. After a few run-ins with EraserHead, the hero decided to take him in. This is Kakashi's Hero Academia! Kakashi is a little OOC but... uh... whoops? [Kakashi in B...

  • Bruce Wayne: The Fifth Marauder
    102K 3K 38

    The title talks for itself, sorry suck at discriotions. Oh and Bruce is Harry's distant uncle and was not able to take care of him for several reasons. The story takes place during Harry's third year. Warning: Superbat and Wolfstar I don't own Harry Potter and nor I own the characters from DC comics that are presen...

  • I hate you||mikasa x fem reader
    97.1K 3.4K 30

    y/n l/n had lived a pretty rough life in the safety of wall sheena, but her mother sending her to be a military policeman changes everything. - - upon arriving at the cadet corps, she first meets mikasa ackerman, the clingy sidekick of Titan boy during her time at the training, she bonds with her classmates and has to...

  • Moon's Daughter「Mikasa x reader」✔
    12.2K 431 20

    ❝The only beloved thing is something I lost only to fall down into nowhere.❞ Mikasa Ackerman is a young woman who moves on with her daily life. One night under the star filled covers changed her view of everything. A woman falling out of the sky claiming to he the "moons daughter". Her skin was white as snowflakes, t...

  • Kangst for the Soul
    180K 3.8K 23

    Oneshots about Keith!! Will mostly contain angst but I might add fluff if the mood strikes me.

    Completed   Mature
  • Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus General) Pictures and Comics
    4.4M 75.7K 203

    Basically, I will post pictures and comics about Klance (aka my favorite shipping in the series) from Netflix Voltron. I do not own Voltron, its characters and the pictures, as they belong to their owners. I hope you will enjoy it!❤️❤️❤️

  • These scars...
    49.7K 2K 14

    Discontinued: 12/25/20 ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ Have you ever gotten a mystery bruise or scar. Thinking to yourself as you find one like, "How did I get this?" The old folk lore tells that you are born a blank slate, and as your life goes on, you get scars, bruises, cuts; but your soulmate also gets these marks. Dipper did not believe...

  • Two Sides To Choose (Megatron X Sparkling!Reader)
    73.6K 1.1K 7

    You were just a newborn lucky you just happen to be born when the war started your sire Megatronus now known as Megatron. Had no idea that your carrier Orion pax known as Optimus prime had put you in an escape pod. And sent you to an unknown plant called Earth it was a smart move on prime's part. He knew if you stayed...

  • Underneath the Underneath
    125K 3K 15

    Hi! I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm what people would call the "Dead-last, the idiot, the happy-go-luck kid. But, That's just who I want them to see. I wonder how they will react when I tell them the truth. This will be fun.

  • Broken sun
    369K 13.3K 16

    Naruto was still being abused as usual and he has to take the insults from his comrades as well. He can feel the mask he put on so carefully start to shatter. It was killing him on the inside. He self-harms and no one could hear his cries for help. They all either chose to ignore it or add more pain and misery to his...

  • Harry Potter or Harry Wayne? (Complete)
    373K 10.9K 33

    This is a harry potter/batfamily crossover and is set in the summer Harry's 5th year. Patunia had found a diary of Lilly's that said harry wasn't James's but the son of a rich guy from America called Bruce Wayne.. having enough of harry, the Dursleys send harry to live with his father and his adoptive brothers, D...

  • Nice One West
    4.3K 80 7

    Wally has a daughter and a crush on a certain little ebony to hide from everyone he knows. Nice One West. Birdflash Later On (BoyxBoy, Don't Like, Don't Read) Past KidArrow Wally is 15, and Robin is 13 Child Abuse Warning //This has since been abandoned// All of my current works that *aren't* mildly problematic are o...

  • He's Back! But as our Den Mother?
    38.5K 1K 14

    After his "betrayal" to the team, they have come to the decision to kick him from the team. Nightwing decided it would be the perfect time to go solo. He picked a city similar to Gotham...Blüdhaven. After a few years, the League have a meeting to decide new members. The former Boy Wonder is the first on everyone's min...

  • Deathstroke's Shadow (DP/YJ)
    52.3K 1.7K 24

    Richard Grayson had lost his parents at the young age of nine years old. But they weren't the only ones he was to lose that night. His younger brother, Daniel Grayson ran away that very night, unable to deal with the sight of his parents' death. And that was the last time Richard had ever seen his younger brother... o...

  • The petals (Kamiida) (Hanahaki Disease)
    490 14 1

    💙Completed💛 Disclaimer No art is mine, I have found photos on Pinterest This is my first time writing something within the Hanahaki Disease AU and I haven't read much of it so be warned it may not be the best.

  • The Silent Bird
    8K 311 3

    After an encounter with the Joker left Robin mute, he has to learn how to cope with his newfound silence (Sequel to Grounded Bird)

  • A Ghoulish Assassination
    85.2K 2.2K 18

    Assassination classroom and Tokyo Ghoul crossover After escaping the CCG, Ken Kaneki found a place to hide, a run down old building at the top of a mountain. Little does he know, that it's actually a school.

  • The only male omega
    42.6K 821 7

    What will happen when bakugou katsuki is discovered as the only male omega in the world? Will all the alphas want to use him ? Or will he have a pack of alphas that want him to be their mate? Bottom bakugou / bakubowl Read to find out ⚠️ Mature ⚠️ Warning - rape - sexual harassment - boy x boy

  • happy ever after? (sequel to best friends....or more)
    454 11 4

    Jake and peter are dating like a happy life but what happens when Peter has to leave to explore the never seas.....will he return or will he never come back to the love of his life read to find out

  • Todobaku Angst
    87K 2.4K 23

    Hehe, get ready to cry? :) Todoroki is top Katsuki is bottom #1 in TDBK 11/23/19 #11 in Todo 11/24/19 (update #10 in Todo 12/6/19) (update #8 in Todo 12/9/19) #10 in Baku 12/6/19 (update #6 in Baku 12/30/19) #1 in BKTD 12/30/19

  • I Win (Naruto Abandoned / Betrayed Fanfic)
    147K 2.5K 10

    Naruto is slowly left behind by all his friends. First his team, then his sensei and slowly everybody else. I'm not so good at summaries. No AU with Minato/Kushina. This is just after the end of Part 1. Hope you enjoy :)

  • Batfamily secrets
    52.4K 1.2K 11

    In this version all 8 kids will be Bruce's actual biological children. Dick, Jason, and Barbara are triplets also Cassie, and Steph are twins. Dick, Jason, Barbara, and Damian will all be children of Talia Al Ghul Cassie, Steph, Tim, and Terry will all be children of Selina Kyle Now not only are they Bruce's kids but...

  • edits and art maybe some Memes
    406 13 12

    title says it all

  • ¦shinobi and wizards¦ Naruto & Harry Potter Crossover
    105K 4.2K 18

    After the events of the last school year, Dumbledore asks the Hokage for help to protect Hogwarts and Harry Potter. ! your stereotype Naruto and HP Crossover ! ! bl (Sasunaru/Narusasu) ! ! sideships (SakuIno, Drarry) !