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  • AURADON ACADEMY: School For Angel Of Protection
    690 22 4

    Metanoia Series 2: Auradon Academy (School for Angels of Protection) In the world of Metanoia, there is a land called Auradon that is known by its defensive mechanism, the infinity silver wall, and the giant sphere barrier of unseen magical protection cast around the whole area to make their living safe and free from...

  • ADALEA ACADEMY: School For Warrior Angels
    691 79 12

    Adalea is a land of the toughest creatures existing in Metanoia, the place of the strong, winged creatures molded to become the protector of their own race. The warrior angels from the core of the sun, the Adaleans. Rest among the seven races of Metanoia, the bold, venturesome, stout-hearted, vigorous, and brawny chil...

  • CIMMERIA ACADEMY: School For Angels Of Destruction
    12.2K 655 40

    METANOIA SERIES #05 She is Nemain, the daughter of the favored goddess of war, Morrigan who ruled Cimmerians, one of the six races settled in Metanoia . Morrigan has high expectations in her daughter from the moment she gave life to her in their world. She wanted Nemain to practice using the black magic, the skills in...