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    virtues are for fools, darling.

  • DEAR YOU, | ✓
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    goodbye, my love.

  • Dark Places
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    [UPDATES ON FRIDAYS] It's been three years since Luz Melo left Portland, Maine... and Drake Medina. ☽ When her "borderline" alcoholic lifestyle in NYC falls apart, leaving her girlfriend in rehab, her grades trashed, and her scholarship revoked, the only thing left for her to do is admit defeat and head back to her h...

  • Sins On The Skin
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    "I want to defile you, destroy you, corrupt you in the most sinfully beautiful way. Break you until you're completely mine." "And then?" "Then I'll piece you back together, of course." He took another step in her direction, closing the distance between them. "Love can be holy." He said but the look in his eyes prom...

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  • Tainted Faith
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    "The rules for a Mafia wife were endless and strict. Once she entered into this life she would never be free. Women in the Mafia were first daughters, then wives, and then mothers; always under the control of a man, always expected to live up to their expectations." A woman who yields to no man, who cannot be obedient...