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  • Doctor ~ G.Blythe [1]
    806K 25.1K 104

    When Kate moves to Avonlea from Australia, she isn't particularly impressed with the small farming town, but when she meets a boy that fits her like a jigsaw puzzle, will she want to go home again or will she make sacrifices to stay with him? ! "You got a name, Doctor?" I asked the chocolate haired boy as he smirked...

  • Lady ~ G.Blythe [2]
    44.9K 1.3K 20

    Finishing school wasn't exactly where Kate expected to end up, itineraries surrounding tight corsets and tiny teacups now rule over her life, and it can't be further from what she wished to be doing. Mr and Mrs Prewett have an unrealistic idea of the perfect daughter they wish to have, already having made arrangements...