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  • What if... (Dekuverse)
    882K 8.3K 42

    After the events of the school festival, class 1A was in class until they were transported somewhere to face a hooded being. Many were scared until the hooded figure took action. *I do not own any videos, images, the MHA universe, or any other crossover that may appear in the story*

  • DKD - Dark Knight Dragon
    88.1K 6.6K 37

    Odio, abandono, muerte, guerra esas y mas cosas he tenido a lo largo de mi pequeña y corta edad..... para mi ya todo eso era normal y nunca le di importancia, siempre creí que estaría así asta mi muerte......pero...... nadie sabe que la vida de muchas vueltas..... un día estas ABAJO y otro estas ARRIBA!!!.

  • Ouroboros
    68K 993 12

    This is an Izuku Yagi story and the inspiration for this story is from @Hexcss Izuku Yagi is a boy born in a world ruled by females. This is because about 200 years ago females developed this special powers called quirks. These powers were able shift the balance of power completely. Men are now considered less than se...

  • The soul reaper hero : Nozarashi
    12.4K 222 4

    Izuku Yagi was an outcast due to his quirkless nature. He was shunned and hated for something he couldn't control. In a last ditch effort he asked the number one hero if he could be a hero. Getting the same answer as everyone else he snapped and broke. Not feeling the need to live in a broken world he jumped off the b...

    56.5K 2.7K 8

    e sufrido mucho mi mamá me ignora igual que mi hermana todos en mi guardería se burlan esepto mi mejor amigo bakugo y me anima a cumplir mi sueño de ser un héroe, aun que no tenga un quirk el me apoya, ase una semana me en contraba en el bosque llorando por que mi familia ya no le importo mucho hay conosi a cuatro su...

    Completed   Mature
  • The true hero
    5.7K 92 6

    Todays hero's will do anything for there own greed or fame. Nobody sees it, everyone tells me that being a hero is cool but they don't see how some are using the society as their playground and bullying the weak. Well I'm sick of it I have the power and I'm going to us it to protect the people.

  • I am going to rise
    1.2K 41 2

    All of the girls in the world have quirks. Everyone think that are to weak get and when get get one it's Usually weak and never strong. Until one boy received something even better than a dumb quirk.

  • Badass Izuku x harem
    196K 1.5K 14

    If you read the story by cesspoolkiller and my other story then your in for a ride because I am both writers. Both my accounts were hacked and that's why I haven't been updating. So get ready for the best story you have ever read

  • The promise
    32.1K 507 7

    What if deku still quirkless but still want to be hero so he's train himself so hard to become stronger. this is my first fanfic i'm write this to practice my grammar and writing skill so please feel free to point out wrong grammar or wired thing.

  • The death of villains
    42.1K 411 15

    Izuku is betrayed by everyone he loves and then they beat him give him a life long scar and send him to prison

  • The Dekuverse (On Hold)
    522K 4.5K 25

    I kidnapped the Bnha characters and brought them to my theater to show them the mutiverses of their class 1-A Cinnamon roll Deku.

  • Izuku X Female Characters One-Shots
    575K 5.2K 70

    Note: I don't own any characters I'll wrote in this fic. All rights to the owners. So, I decided to write an Izuku X Female Characters One-Shots because I wanted to, and also got inspired on some One-Shots I read. There will be characters from different Anime, so yeah. There will be genderbends as well. And all One-Sh...

  • My Mom A BDSM Hero (Massive Rewrite)
    116K 1.4K 6

    We all read some fanfic where all might is Izuku's dad which is also known as dad might. but let's switch things up a bit, in this fanfic Kayama Nemuri aka Midnight is going to be Izuku's biological mother. See how this version of Izuku with his very on quirk handle his life living with the R-rated hero. I present to...

  • Empty tomb
    11.9K 150 4

    Izuku was cheated on by his girlfriends from class 1-a and then was betrayed and kicked out of U.A. He had lost everything let's see how he will get through this ? I do not own My hero academia, venom , seven deadly sins, and mob psycho 100, The flash Inspired from true love by Ashley-Xiao-rose-21

  • The rider
    70.7K 1K 15

    during one night uraraka ochako is almost murdered until a roar of a bike is heard and her murderer and her see a man with a flaming skull and then the man that tried to murder uraraka is being dragged down by chains into a pit deku is the only male and its actually a quirk and not a spirit

  • Multiversal Crisis
    3K 68 4

    The Multiverse is Vast but there is One catalyst that is responsible for all the changes and states of all the Universes , Izuku Midoriya. Some are Villians , Heroes, Quirkless , Psychic etc. But they all have one thing in common , they all change their societies , for better or for the worst . Some by saving , some b...

  • Bnha reacts to Alternate Deku
    283K 3.1K 14

    People of Bnha reacts to alternate multiverses of their sweet little cinnamon roll I do not own Bnha or any of the pics.

  • The Snow White Cinnamon Roll
    38.6K 454 10

    (Deku X harem) first little thing gonna make it up as I go Deku is the first male to ever get a quirk and has been through a lot, will he forgive the ones who've hurt him or will he push them away (No art is mine and I don't own MHA)

  • Deku the green lantern
    13.9K 247 5

    This is my first au fanfic so basically what if allmight was izuku's stepfather and he had a sister which had mixed combination of one for all's power to create shockwaves and his mothers small telekinesis and she could make shockwaves with her mind but it requires massive amount of mind power she had to train her bod...

  • prime ( Adopted alexander halsen) slow adding
    1K 7 2

    the map to find is izuku and not sam in this story but he is half cybertronians but transformium in his bloodsprem

  • Brothers of Truth and Ideals
    13.2K 195 8

    In a world where only females have superpower called quirks to do extraordinary feats, the male population has dwindled down to a startling 10%. Twin brothers abandoned at birth for being male, watch as they make a come back. *This IS a harem story, Lemons Will be present at some points in the story*

  • A second chance ( Bnha fanfic )
    195K 2.1K 20

    Izuku Yagi is treated as a pathetic waste of space and gets rejected by his favorite hero. He decides to run away where he's stabbed to death. .. Read to find out more.

  • The great Deku pool
    2K 42 2

    Hi you beautiful bastards Dekupool here and welcome to a world that something. Just read it plz. I'll give you a cookie. And there's a lot of references and 4th wall breaking.

  • The girls ace
    134K 1.6K 8

    Deku gets heartbroken,deku gets rest of girls, deku is now the ace of girls This is a refresher I wanted to try out to refresh my imagination

  • Multiverses
    15.8K 135 5

    Well, well, well. We have an author that can alter the very world certain characters live in, and some BNHA characters that look in need of some fun. Guess what that equals!!!

  • Glitch Deku (2) - OP Deku AU
    18.7K 262 4

    A whole different universe. A whole different plot, and a whole different author. Same quirk as in Glitch Deku.

  • Izuku the Amazon King
    129K 3.1K 33

    What started out as a pleasant field trip to the Bahamas turned into a nightmare quickly for the members of UA and their chaperones. Stranded and unable to get home, Izuku and his classmates/loved ones are trapped on an island inhabited by Amazonian warriors with strange powers. Things become worse for Izuku when he r...