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  • The Pop Star Turned Metal - Ereri
    5.5K 242 5

    Levi's a famous singer in a now growing old punk-metal band, who grows a certain crush on the new pop-star - who also happens to be the one awarded of being the sexiest male in the country of the year. (First uploaded in 2016)

  • Demon x human riren
    82.5K 2.6K 13

  • ONE ʙʏ ONE 𝟸 : ᗩᗷᑌᔕᗴ ᗩᔕƳᒪᑌᗰ
    6.3K 317 32

    Eren had lost his mind, becoming paranoid of Levi, sending him to Rose Wall Asylum. The staff and patients are all cruel, but something darker heads their way to pick them off ONE BY ONE. Warning: contains themes that some find disturbing. ♜♖♜♖♜ "Do you love me enough to stop murdering?" ♜♖♜♖♜ "Mon amour, you're reall...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sunflower 🌻 Depressed! Eren x Levi
    34.3K 984 11

    !ON HOLD! Modern AU Eren has no family expect for his only his two friends, Armin and Mikasa, and things aren't better when he gets bullied. Despite this fact, he gets through the day with a smile on his face to hide all the sadness and sorrow inside him. Levi most popular guy in school with his friends, Erwin a...

  • Don't Think About Escaping {Riren} [Yandere!Levi X Eren]
    229K 4.6K 13

    Levi walked down the stairs to where the chained boy was kept. 'You're NEVER going to escape from here.....' [STORY CONTINUED BY @shot_of_jager_]

  • Blind(LevixEren)[Still in progress]
    19.5K 994 11

    (Levi x Eren, Yaoi) (You have been Warned) *Take Notice: Because of what happened in Eren's past life, he is no longer able to see, in his present self.* When Levi gets lost in an unknown city, he finds himself wondering into the Red Light district. Finding that he would not be able to get home anytime soon, he decide...

  • Checkmate (Eren x Levi)
    102K 6.3K 26

    Illusio. A world where playing games means life or death. 18 year old Eren Jaeger is chosen to compete in the annual King coronation game where only the best of the best get to challenge others for the title of King of Illusio. There he comes face to face with the current King Levi Ackerman and loses a game to him in...

  • The Beginning of the End ☠ •ereri AU-apocalypse• (boyxboy)
    284K 20.2K 166

    Eren Jaeger was ten years old when the infected took over and destroyed his normal life. The boy had to deal with so much as the years went by, his mother dying, his father experimenting on him. Now he's fifteen years old and called 'Humanity's last hope' his father gave him a dose of chemicals that made him immune. A...

  • His Highness's Lover
    99.7K 3.2K 55

    LOVE IS BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND PAINFUL❤️💔 King Levi Ackerman is the cold and ruthless king who rules the Sina kingdom. He later falls in love with innocent commoner Eren Yeager who is a doctor following his father's footsteps. Despite having a fiancée, Petra Ral who is the daughter of noble Levi falls in l...

  • Castaway - (ereri/riren)
    220K 10.5K 75

    A school trip goes wrong when the plane crashes in the ocean and the group washes up on an island in the middle of nowhere. Eren and the other students and teachers of Shinganshina High must try to survive alone on an island for an unknown amount of time. Will they be able to survive? And if they are rescued, will t...

  • Aberration Into Affection (Ereri/Riren)
    54.1K 2.2K 25

    12 women from all around the city compete for the hand of Levi Ackerman, and to withhold the name of being the Princess. Something goes wrong in the process, a male is accidentally entered. Just when everything looks like it went downhill, Levi learns that maybe this was his "best mistake".... - I don't own any Attack...

  • Forever Mine [RIREN] {✔}
    185K 7K 11

    Eren is a single parent omega who owns a tavern in his home town, shiganshina. He struggles to keep both his son's and his true identity hidden from his ruthless mate who he has escaped from. But it seems like Levi isn't giving up on tracking them down. Tall!Alpha!Levi x Short!Omega!Eren [[I don't own snk or any of...

  • Part Of Me (Ereri / Riren)✔️
    325K 15.2K 60

    When you are born, you are born with a necklace. Attached to this necklace is half an object or symbol. Your soulmate holds the other half on their necklace. When you are closer to the person, you get warmer, the father away you are the colder you get. Eren Jaeger, a sad 19 year old with still no warmth in his body. H...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Promise [Riren/Ereri Fanfic]
    64.9K 3.5K 28

    Weeks into his Freshman year at Paradis University, Eren Yeager gets chosen to pledge the elite Alpha Rho Omega Fraternity and comes face to face with his PledgeMaster, Junior student Levi Ackerman. His attraction at-first-sight turns into an obsession that could ruin his chances with the Fraternity, or lead to so muc...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Loving Machine
    168K 9.7K 41

    Omegaverse! Omega!Levi and Alpha!Eren. (Currently editing for a better read!) The government had untold secrets. One of these secrets is the project named: The Fighting Machines. These are few people that were experimented after they were born to serve the government during wars. These humans were equipped with extrao...

    Completed   Mature
  • Year 2077 (Eren x Levi)
    18.1K 725 29

    The year 2077, Shiganshina City, Tokyo. Technology had advanced a lot throughout the ages and has certainly changed the way humans live. Especially when a new product was created by none other than Grisha Yeager. Half-human, half robot. What happens when Grisha decides to gift his son with his very own cyborg? R-Matu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poker Man
    271K 10.9K 30

    Poker Man is the most Infamous and diabolical criminal mastermind in the world of crime; striking fear into anyone who even hears the name. He got his signature name from the way he never shows any emotion, and how he became one of the most richest criminals out their by doing what he does best: playing poker. He's ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Doctor's Orders
    53.3K 3.1K 24

    Levi isn't made to handle kids. It's not his expertise and is one of his least favorite things to do in the world. So, when he gets distracted babysitting his nephew and he falls down the stairs causing a mad dash to the hospital for an abrupt surgery, Levi honestly wasn't surprised, just mildly annoyed at the inconve...

    Completed   Mature
  • Damn cat
    273K 9.9K 49

    Levi rarely gets a day off. The day he finally gets to rest Erwin decides to take everyone to a far away cafe. On his travels he was met with what he thought was a dead cat, but it turned out to be a dying cat. Hanji forced him to care for this creature, to which after a while he soon became fond of. But this cat was...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine Alone /Ereri/
    25.9K 859 14

    Two yakuza families have been enemies for centuries but two people Levi and Eren breaks the hate between them and becomes friends. However as the time passes their friendship grows into something more and the secrets will be discovered....

  • Pained Heart
    120K 3K 16

    Plz enjoy the story! Eren is an omega and Levi an alpha. what happens when this alpha finds his omega and mate whom he's never met lying in a street in a box unconscious.

  • My Beautiful Brat Maid
    109K 3.6K 24

    Levi Ackerman, one of the famous noble family feels boring in his life, until his uncle brings a cute boy named Eren. Love at first sight, he confesses to Eren, but unfortunately he rejects him. Ashamed with the rejection, Levi teases the cute boy to be his private maid and punishes him if he denies it. What will happ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Why? (Depressed Eren X Captain Levi)
    53.8K 1K 21

    Eren was having a war with depression, Eren became depressed after finding out what his comrade thought of him. It triggered him to do the unspeakable and even put a smile on his face to confuse others. Levi notice something different about Eren but shoved it aside thinking it was nothing but teenager hormones. Levi...

  • If you wish upon a star. Eren x Levi
    236K 8.1K 35

    This fanfic takes place in modern times, therefore no titans. Eren is going into his 1st year of high school. Eren finds it a little hard fitting in. He finds it even harder when he realizes he has fallen for a troublemaker. How will his friends react? Will they leave him? Will they support him? Read to find out! This...

  • Suicidal Thoughts | Ereri/ Riren|Depressed!Eren x Teacher!Levi
    124K 2.9K 18

    Eren Jaeger lost his mother since he was 5. Ever since that day, Eren's father, Grisha Jaeger, has been abusing him. He lost everyone. His mother, his best friend, and his step sister. He was about to kill himself until a new teacher came. Will he be able to save Eren from his miserable life? "I didn't do it.."

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me or Leave Me [Ereri/Riren AU]
    291K 12.2K 38

    Levi Ackerman fell in love with a certain turquoise-eyed brunet since the first time he laid his eyes. For a year, he's just loving him from afar. But one day, this brunet asked him if he could court his sister. What will happen to his unspoken feelings? " It's funny how the ones who can make you happy are the ones wh...

  • Blood Stained Past (Suicidal!Eren X Levi)
    51.4K 1.4K 6

    Levi, a 18 year old student in Legion High, has a girlfriend, Petra Ral, a sassy, uncontrollable, ugly on the inside, popular girl. One day, a new boy transferred into his school. His name was Eren Jaeger, a 17 year old student in Levi's class. He is said to skip a year because of his excellent grades in Grade Nine. L...

  • After the Glow (Sequel to The Glow/Eren x Levi)
    95.9K 4.8K 19

    The sequel of The Glow. This book follows through the ups and downs of Eren and Levi's married life.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Glow(Eren x Levi)
    747K 34K 46

    In this AU, when you find your soul mate, your chest will glow for everyone to see. Eren Jaeger has been under the torment of Levi Ackerman throughout high school and now they are in college together. How will they react when they find the one they are meant to be with is their worst enemy?

    Completed   Mature
  • In Cloudy Waters (Ereri/Riren)✔️
    113K 6.2K 24

    "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind" Eren gets through each day by having his world be described to him. Nothing is better than having everyone, even the ones you love and trust, treat you like a fragile nuisance. Until one day a transfer student shows up, unaware they'll be shoved into each...