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  • Madness combat oneshots and Scenarios (completed)
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    Completed   Mature
  • Eat Him Up
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    [yandere human lemon demon x male reader x others] To think, waking up to the sound of your window sliding open would result in this... A man, a monster, a demon-in your home, holding you for a ransom paid only by your presence. A close friend searches for ways to help, and a scar from the past gets a knife twisted in...

  • |A Shard Melody| Yandere Friday Night Funkin' Oneshots
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    "Love soldier, I want closure.." »»----- ➴ -----«« These are Yandere oneshots, If you are uncomfortable with the theme. Please leave the book alone, If not then have fun reading these stories. I also do not own any of the art nor character. If any creator doesn't like people shipping or using art. I'll take...

  • Yandere Object shows
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    You must be on something if you're here

  • biden x trump // triden😻😻😻
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    its the election day, will the democrats win? will the republicans win? or is it a tie? we'll find out soon. "enemies by chance, lovers by choice." ~~~~~~~ inspired by @joeysendz ' video on tiktok

  • You Were My Last Text (Jacob Sartorious x Donald Trump)
    14.9K 476 63

    -cover by me- Jacob Sartorius is a star and a singer. Donald Trump is the president of the United States and has a burning passion of building walls. Are they made for each other? (the answer is yes) fifth harmony and camila are also main characters in this story.

  • Koreaboo Diaries // Donald Trump
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    Donald Trump's life as a koreaboo through his diary.

  • Jackbox Culinary ᵤₙofficial Cookbook
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    Have you ever wondered what Felicia's tentacles taste like? Have you ever wanted to try some Zouple but you lack the interstellar ingredients to concoct one yourself? Have a sudden craving for some avocado toes but you don't wanna go to jail? Well i "Chef" Tania! ←(Real name by the way)(Aka someone who has never made...

  • Pregame Shuichi's diary
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    If you find this please don't open it, especially if you are Kokichi, or Kaede, and 100% if you are Kaito- Its mostly just,,danganronpa fanfics,,,yeah,,