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  • When Best Friends Kiss
    9.3M 304K 64

    Alex and Liam have been best friends their whole lives until a drunken kiss leads them down separate paths. As time passes, they must face truths they never expected. ***** Alex Camejo and Liam Santos have been thick as thieves since they met at age...

  • Mask of Celibacy | The Aces Trilogy (Book 1)
    124K 13.4K 44

    In the late nineties asexuality is all but ignored as an orientation. Jess doesn't understand her complex array of emotions or why she finds it so hard to relate to her fellow classmates. Catholic high schools and churches simply don't address the issue, and the internet is still nascent. Jess can't tell anyone the t...

  • Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories)
    29.3M 897K 128

    The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways

  • Never told you
    5K 2.2K 35

    Curious girls should not try to solve mysteries because sometimes it can unchain the secrets of their own lives too. What else can go wrong..... ....except everything? Coincidences are not always coincidences. There is always two sides of a story. Read to witness the most tangled romance thriller. #bingeworthy #highes...

  • Gone
    2.6K 835 35

    "The moment you'll open your eyes, I'll be gone." #swoonworthy #highest rankings : 1 in tragic romance 5 in leukemia 3 in filicide

  • Soul Of The Darkest Hour
    7.3K 2.5K 20

    Do we want to escape the realities of our lives if there were only pleasure and happiness, not horrendous lies? Some say an abundance of darkness is what makes us appreciate a trickle of light. There was meant to be a balance not a pit of chaos in this world of ours. This is the collection of my internal conflicts, t...

  • Twinkle vague
    165 30 3

    Just a bunch of poems I write at midnight while reminiscing about the cute scenarios that happen in my everyday life.

  • The Boyfriend App
    1.6M 16.5K 3

    *Wattys 2018 Winner / Hidden Gems* CREATE YOUR OWN MR. RIGHT Weeks before Valentine's, seventeen-year-old Kate Lapuz goes through her first ever breakup, but soon she stumbles upon a mysterious new app called My Dream Boyfriend, an AI chatbot that has the ability to understand human feelings. Casually, she participa...

  • Song quotes
    202K 8.2K 28

    Song quotes that I find inspiring or relatable by some of my favorite artists. I will literally listen to almost any type of music so there is a chance there will be at least one artist in here that you will know.

  • For Him » Poetry
    69.3K 3.4K 100

    - la douleur exquise; (n.) the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the attention of someone unattainable. _ This is a poetry sort of book, I guess you could say. Each part in this book, has words that come from someone, whose heart has been through what it's like to desperately need someone, but have to painfully never...

  • Funny text conversations
    486K 24.9K 39

    New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 Wanna laugh then you've come to the right place!! funny text conversations.

  • Attack of the F*ckboys
    6.1M 300K 79

    (FHS#2) You better watch out, you better not cry, and you better not fall cuz the f*ckboys just waged a war against Filimon Height's one and only sorority.

  • Yo Mama Jokes
    26.5K 702 6

    A collection of yo mama jokes from yo mama so fat to yo mama so poor!!! I promise it will be the most hilarious book you've ever read.Your face will look like this when your done reading

  • the sable spy
    226K 8.2K 33

    When Saian spy Cassalyn Diao stumbles upon a treacherous scheme too big for her to handle alone, she has no choice but to seek help from old allies. Even if it means facing Marcus Dalton again. ***** Cassalyn Diao is used to making enemies of all kinds...

  • The Diary Swap | ✓
    311K 13.9K 17

    Meet Cassie Flizz, the outcast. She's the girl that no one ever knows, no one ever notices and no one ever talks to. She wears band tees, oversized hoodies, ripped jeans and beanies as her daily outfits. Then meet Ash Anderson, the bad boy. Leather jackets, dark wash jeans and black sneakers. He's like a lone wolf...

  • Billionaire's Disastrous Kiss
    9.6M 506K 59

    When Hailey Evans, an aspirant employee of the marketing department in one of the most wealthiest companies in the states finds herself in trouble with the arrogant, cold hearted CEO Ian Kingston, she pulls a trick no one has ever done. And in return he gives her a disastrous kiss that turn her world upside down. One...

    Completed   Mature
  • eunoia | poetry
    1.9K 534 43

    ❝eunoia❞ • beautiful thinking ❝Sometimes all we need to do is shift gears Into beautiful thinking Shake ourselves free of fear And follow the happiness string❞ Highest rankings- First place in Wattys India Poetry 2021. #29 in POETRY out of 270,000 stories. FEATURED on WattpadPoetryIN. © 2021 Manya

  • Villains Get Lazy Sometimes [BL] ✅
    1.7M 101K 48

    Lazy Touma suddenly wakes up in a BL novel as the Villain, Nakamura Shin. "..." Fuck the villain role, let me sleep. A grumpy cat-like person wakes up as Nakamura Shin, the Villain of a BL novel called "Sweethearts Since". His role was to bully the protagonist because Shin was in love with the male lead. It a was sim...

  • BTS Memes
    21.6K 3.4K 60

    Some memes to make you laugh And bring A cute smile on your face. Because Laughter Is The Best Medicine Cover Credits Goes To @Seokjinfication